A Lot of Things Are Going Dark – While Some Are Glowing in the Dark

A lot of things are going dark today – Wikipedia for instance.  Google has voluntarily censored their own logo.  Stores are going dark too, but that’s more due to economic desperation.  These are unusual times.

Mitt Romney if elected president intends to shut-down the pornography industry which will of course result in it thriving to even greater heights, as  nothing sparks interest more than censorship and prohibition.  Americans aren’t a people who take well being told what they can or can’t do.  That said, it amazes me how Republicans ramble-on about personal freedoms, but they’re all about monitoring what other people do with their gonads.  All that aside, the current controversy concerns legislation before congress in the form of 2 separate bills addressing intellectual property on the internet. The Online Piracy Act — designed to prevent individuals from lifting words, phrases, music and imagery from off the internet.  News flash — Pandora is already out of the box.

My WinnieToons are creative collages taken from a variety of sources and cobbled-together with a number of different images – some original material and some from online clip-files.  Will I be prevented from doing this in the future?  The effects I create with the sources from which I draw bear no resemblance to the individual elements combined to create the final effect once a WinnieToon illustration is completed.  In fact that is in essence the way arts and culture have evolved from the beginning of time.  Someone has an idea.  Someone else expounds on it.  Another person improves on it — and on and on and on it goes…

Much of the problem stems from the entertainment industry who seek to protect profits from films and music which gets swapped and pirated over the internet.  There’s an argument to be made there, but mostly it’s about money and not creative ego.  We all remember the Napster controversy – where all those poor little rich people having their songs swapped for free leaving them slightly richer, and having to live off their already obscene fortunes.  Face it, post-internet life will never be the same.

When asked for her opinion on the subject, Winifred P. Jumpingbean was quoted as saying XXXXXXXXXXwwwwweeeeXXX. On the other hand, Duck D. Duck voiced a different viewpoint with her reply XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   While Beihl saw the points being made by both Duck and Winnie, he expressed another side to the controversy by stating XXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXXXXXXX This differed dramatically from Dick Cheney’s thoughts which while frightening need to be shared: XXXX XXX
XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXX XX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXX I think you’ll all agree Mr. Cheney’s words are indeed the most frightening and in desperate need of bleaching sunlight.  Beyonce had no comment.  And the Kardashians were unable to be reached for comment, except for the one who looks like a smacked prize-fighter, but no one cared what she had to say.

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