Vote Early and Often – But Don’t Expect to Get Away With It…

The deafening Republican silence of crickets is barely audible across the land with regard to the subject of ‘corporate welfare’ – but bring-up the subject of social safety nets, and the they’re all in a cacophony of uproar.  I’ve long been of the mind there are many different kinds of people in the world, but when forced to generalize — it comes down to only 2: The greed-motivated vs those with generousity of spirit.  Organized religion has nothing to do with where any one individual falls on which side of that issue.  I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture – but I suspect it’s nature.

Newt Gingrich’s thinly veiled racists comment during the FOX debate saying “Barack Obama is the greatest food stamp president in history” doesn’t take into account that Newt’s own party are the ones who landed us in this economic mess.  There’s a tremendous surge on the part of ‘red-states’ to see to it young people, seniors and minorities are stopped from casting their 2012 ballot by any and all means – fearing it will lead to the reelection of Barack Obama.  There has been a corporate takeover underway in the United States of America for decades, but only since the collapse of the middle-income economy have people started to notice.  Once they step away from the boob-tube, the most expedient thing for the ill-informed to do is blame the man in charge without giving a thought to what went-on before, and how we got ourselves into this mess.  So CUT Social Security, CUT food stamps CUT Pell Grants.  But keep the rich wealthy at all costs my little oysters…

A number of states are now fighting the Federal Government in court to close imaginary voting loopholes with the covert goal of preventing seniors, who’ve been alienated by the GOP Medicare-slashing rhetoric outlined in the Paul Ryan budget.  Those same proposed voter ID laws are meant also to prevent progressive young people from casing a vote — but above all, Republicans don’t want to see African Americans and Latinos casting decisive votes that might propel Obama to win a 2nd term in office.

The new laws being proposed by states like South Carolina, Texas, Michigan and Kentucky among others, want to require very specific photo ID’s which are virtually impossible for many seniors and minorities to obtain.  College ID’s are not being accepted either, although they once were.  A 93 year old black woman in Kentucky who has voted, and done-so legally for decades is only one of a number of people being denied voter ID’s in Kentucky.  The League of Women Voters is trying to combat this targeted discrimination over the coming year by providing transportation and legal advise to people endangered throughout the nation of loosing their precious right to vote.  I wish them the best of luck.  It isn’t unusual for minority seniors to have been delivered by midwives — especially in rural areas where no birth certificates were ever issued.  I have an an aunt (Caucasian) who discovered she was a year younger than she thought because of unclear record keeping some 85 years ago – but when she turned retirement age was unable to collect her Social Security until the following year — she WAS however permitted to vote — but as I said, she’s white and incidentally, a registered Republican.

I’m the majority inspector of my voting district here in center-city Philadelphia, and I have never witnessed any kind of voting irregularity.  For the most part those of us working the polls have gotten to know by sight and name, a remarkable number of voters in our district.  When a new voter arrives, there’s notification on the sign-in book informing us to ask to see an ID.  Many people volunteer to show their ID even when it’s not required.

James O’Keefe, best known for producing misleading and fraudulent documentaries to bolster his wing-nut conservative paranoia recently attempted to pull-off voter fraud in both Iowa and New Hampshire, and discovered it wasn’t so easy as he thought…  Now the little punk faces potential jail time for his ill-advised experiment.  We can only hope he gets a sentence stern enough that it strips him of his right to vote ever again.

Turn-around is, after all, fair play.

My advise is to register to vote NOW — and to be on the safe-side by doing your level best to obtain proper identification.  We don’t want to see a repeat of the shenanigans delivered to us when George W. Bush was handed the helm, allowing him to steer the ship of state into financial dry-dock.  We’re in recovery mode people — it simply isn’t going to happen as quickly as you might like — and not at all with ANY of the current batch of Republican contenders should we be so cursed as to see any of them win the White House.

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