Lesbian Couple Leave Each Other Standing at the Alter

Barack Obama in Vera Wang.  John Boehner’s Gown from Filene’s Basement.

With gay marriage suddenly in Vogue – it was bound to happen – a lesbian couple left each other standing at the alter.  

On Monday night the president of the United States delivered an important message to America.  No one was listening, but that’s immaterial, because the temptation to channel surf during a presidential address off into the abyss of escapism always trumps the need to learn what the public really needs to know.  Rather than anyone taking the time to grasp the historical reality of our tax issues — those issues have been stealthily and inaccurately tied to the debt ceiling.  It’s brilliant yet evil GOP propaganda – and it thrills people once the ballgame is over.  

Fear sends a thrill that always gets the blood flowing.  Distorted information gives shallow thinkers an excuse to bask in fear and hate our light-skinned African American president who’s telling us the truth.  POX News eclipses truth in favor of GOP distortions – the lies this past Monday were delivered by John Boehner with his face full of Light Eqyptianne Bronzing Creme.  Boehner knows he’s no intellectual match for Obama.  Boehner knows he’s in over his head as Weeper of the House.  Meanwhile beer-bellied Joe Six-Pack and all the other ill-informed voters in this nation are interested only in who won last night’s ballgame.  POX News offers-up select clips of Obama out of context – only to make the major story about a 6 minute sound-bite of John Boehner attempting to form whole sentences.  They don’t know what he said.  HE doesn’t even know what he said, but it was delivered by a white dude who’s name they can barely recall so it must be true.

The Debt Ceiling has to do with paying our national credit card bill – in other words, what we purchased in the past – mostly during the years PRIOR to President Obama taking office.  Bills which are now due, and we need to increase our credit limit (the debt ceiling) to avoid defaulting not only on paying-back our borrowed funds from foreign banks, but also sacred promises made to our elderly, disabled and war veterans to name a few.  The debt ceiling is one thing.  Raising the taxes on the over-privileged is a separate issue.  Combining the two is another fear-mongering fantasy designed to frighten the average working-stiff who will NOT be effected adversely by returning the tax-rate on the wealthy to pre-Bush sanity.  The tabled tax cuts, should they ever be repealed, ONLY effect the the 400 families controlling nearly HALF of America’s wealth.  Republicans are very simplistic in what they want.  They don’t want their taxes raised because shared sacrifice doesn’t dovetail well with the GOP sense of entitlement and inherent greed.  America boasts 311 MILLION people.  400 families (A.K.A. – the non-starting so-called “job creators”) sit on that wealth while American jobs are sent overseas.  In the average American’s day to day reality, joblessness holds fast, home foreclosures are at an all time high and future generations will not enjoy the standard of living their parents experienced.  That’s where eliminating the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy (in caps) will actually trickle-down to benefit real people.

Everyone who’s IQ either equals or is exceeded by their shoe size faithfully follow POX News for the stimulation of being frightened half to death by fabricated terrors that will likely never come to pass.  GOP/POX doesn’t want you to know what the real dangers are.  The real danger is downgrading America’s triple-star international credit rating.  It won’t effect the wealthy.  They’re insulated and doing just fine.  It will however dramatically diminish the quality of life for working AND non-working Americans during these difficult economic times by raising interest rates — the burden of which falls squarely on shoulders of the middle class.  Americans ignore the New York Times as being too liberal, (a.k.a. too highbrow to be trusted in-spite of it being written at a 6th grade reading level) because somewhere along the line erroneous word leaked-out that ‘progressive’ was a dirty word while ‘conservative’ means ‘status quo.’   People fear change.  In case you haven’t noticed, the status quo sucks.  Is anyone really happy with the way things are going other than the 400 American families who don’t understand poverty?  There are children in America eating cat food.  Don’t even try to call-me-out on this I’ve been to the projects, and I’ve seen it first hand.

Obama bent over backwards to meet, accept and swallow concessions he does not in his heart want nor does he agree with.  As soon as the republicans get everything they want – they walk away from the table so as to drag the process on and on and on.  If the economy is still tanked in 2012, the plan is to blame the black guy.  This does not smack of seeking the common ground that’s good for all the nation.  So pundits dredge-up all these sports and trite metaphors hanging them out in the air like a stale farts.  Trite phrases like “moving the goal posts” or leaving each other “jilted at the alter.”  In case you haven’t noticed, marriage is a competitive sport.  

Take a deep breath everybody.  The lunatic fringe simply can’t accept the fact that the first genuinely brilliant American leader this country had had in decades is a black man.  Get over yourselves, he’s a white man too.  He is all of us and his vision is vastly superior to anything the in-bred Brittany Spaniels of the Republican caucus have to offer.

We have a mixed race president.  Get used to it, cooperate with him and let the grown-up gentleman lead as we elected him to do.

10 thoughts on “Lesbian Couple Leave Each Other Standing at the Alter

  1. Well said! But I'm afraid the Mupert Rurdock clones at POX Faux-News have already won the day. If the NYT wants to capture increased readership it will have to lower its material from a 6th grade reading level to a Pre-K level. Americans today are just plain stupid. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. Stupid is a cement-headed refusal to learn anything or to continue acting as if one has never been exposed to the basics of a topic even after having been so exposed. Again, Americans are stupid!

  2. never before has the issue of raising the debt ceiling been a topic of public debate. get down off your soap boxes, g.o.p. members, and stop posturing because the mendacious acrobatics you're performing make you all look like you have spina bifida. this extended game of blame-the-black-guy is disgusting.

    • Of course I’m pcjeudired against Tea Party people — because the whole lot of of you are willfully ignorant and in the last two years have done tremendous damage to our nation. Do you realize that the course the TP has followed (paralyzing the government since taking over the House) is the same as that of the Communist and the Nazis in Weimar Germany? They wanted to paralyze the government too, and one party succeeded.I’m sure your a nice guy. I’m only reacting to your original comment. I will not keep an open mind about utter absurdity. That’s what Tea Party beliefs are — utter nonsense and absurdity driven by hatred, fear, and racism. I am done pretending to take you people seriously. The Republican Party has quite obviously destroyed this country and the Tea Party is the final nail in the coffin.And you know that’s true. You know it.

  3. I second what both said, and throw in the hypocrisy of hating the "black guy" while spraying on a deep enough level of fake n bake tan in a can to be darker than he is!
    The sad fact is, someone got the idea that since they had the majority of the votes, they should hold up what MUST be done as hostage to the social attack on the middle classes their rich overlords demand they do. THAT is what is tying the budget to the debt-ceiling increase. Class warfare all over again.

  4. Inquiring minds want to know, Biehl, unlike Republican minds. personally, I think anyone having a representative sign a pledge in contravention of his elected tasks is guilty of treason and should be dealt with accordingly (seeing as, technically, we are in war-time)

  5. My list of people who need to be dropped alive into an active volcano is growing exponentially — That includes Grover Norquist and all computer hackers and virus writers. I furthermore want these offerings to the angry fires to be televised nationally. I am PISSED off on a variety of levels.

    Even as I write this, the House of Representatives is voting on re-naming post offices because Boehner doesn't have enough votes for his lame-brained Debt Ceiling Bill.

  6. That is as pathetic as the vote to repeal the legislation requiring higher efficiency ratings in light bulbs because we all know that CFL bulbs are such a threat to liberty. (THEIR words, not mine)

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