Michele Bachmann Demonstrates What She’s Learned at the Bachmann Institute

My goodness, Michele Bachmann was ambitious while she sensually demonstrated what she’s learned at the Bachmann Institute.  Perhaps therein lies the secret to her success…?  Can’t help but wonder if her husband, Marcuth Bachmann makes her dress-up like a little boy when she performs those skills?  

Really nothing more need be said.  No need for further blog commentary.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  But WHEN are right-wing anti-gay neo-cons going to learn that eating phallic foods in public screams photo-op?  Praise be to Jesus they’re all such dim bulbs.  They fall for it every time.  And Michele Bachmann DID, after-all, write the Dim Bulb Energy Inefficiency Act of 2011. 

5 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Demonstrates What She’s Learned at the Bachmann Institute

  1. Between this and Rick Sanitarium's Chocolate Ice Cream Gaff, it gives a whole new meaning to "getting a head in politics" Wow. Not sure I'd trust her to do even that "job" correctly!
    Though she does appear in the photo to have proper "porn star" technique going on!
    Hmm, Elect Michelle Bachmann, so she can felate our way to good foreign "relations"!
    (hope I spelled it right, this machine has no spell checker)
    It's pretty sad that the highest hope that the nation has for a progressive election is that the fair food the rednecks are eating will give them all a coronary before the elections.

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