Sally is a Cannibal Whore Who Works the Bus Station

Sally's reviewsSally recently got a hold of my iPhone and made a movie. You can’t turn your back on that girl. She’s always up to something. I have little to say about this post, but will allow Sally to speak for herself. She’s expecting there will be Oscar buzz. She even has her acceptance speech written: “On behalf of the Academy, I’d like to eat all those little people sitting out there in the dark.”

Here’s is Sally’s first film effort and it has the critics bewildered.

“Simply terrible” says The Times Picayune. “It looks like it was filmed with a brain damaged iPhone”.

“Disturbingly mediocre” wrote the Wall Street Journal. “It made me lose my appetite for corporate crime”.

Best of all, the New York Times headline reads: “Be Sure to Hold Your Tongue. Sally’s Film Induces Epileptic Seizure.”

All high praise indeed.

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