Mastering the Art of Blaming Obama

Cult of ISISiraq-explosionHistory exists to serve as a road map to guide us into the future. War, while unsavory business, is a sad but inevitable part of history. War represents a portion of history humanity rarely seems to learn from. But let’s get serious, no one pays attention to history, so we’re doomed to repeat it. War creates profits for some, and unspeakable horrors for others. The profiteers however, have an uncanny way of always coming out on top while everyone else suffers.

Mideast IraqAt the risk of sounding sarcastic, haven’t things turned out just Jim-Dandy in Iraq during the past decade-plus, since President Bush and Puppet-master Cheney marched us into those desert sands? The previous maladministration handed the United States an unforgettable history lesson if we pay attention–“IF” being the operative word. Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, that nation has been in an endless state of medieval turmoil, fulfilling Colin Powell’s prophecy: “you break it, you bought it.” However, the current spin is: They broke it and then blamed it on the guy in the checkout line behind ‘em.

en-destruction-in-iraq2A new terrorist insurgency group called ISIS has overtaken Iraq and much of Syria threatening any hope for peace in the region–as if there ever was any. ISIS is not to be mistaken for the ancient Egyptian Cult of Isis. And here we were hoping for a more sensual kind of orgy–springtime fertility rights would have been nice, but no, the world is reaping a harvest sewn by The Bush Administration. The Iraqi oil fields surrounding Baghdad are burning, major Iraqi cities have fallen and Iraq’s entire infrastructure (that we bought and paid for–while our own rotted)–HAS BEEN UTTERLY DECIMATED. Well now, wasn’t that American blood and treasure well spent?!!!

imagesMeanwhile the masterminds of the world’s largest Middle-eastern gas station robbery gone wrong, have been sucking the air out of the airwaves playing The Blame It On Obama Game. Bear in mind these holier than thou statesmen lied to Congress and led us into an illegal war, thus bleeding multiple nations dry of peace and prosperity–all in the Holy Name of Oil and global free enterprise. History be damned, and witnesses be silenced. Cheney in particular sees the ISIS insurgency as an opportunity to blow gas out his pie hole as if he were a genuine elder statesman and patriot. The Bush/Cheney Legacy is planning on redeeming itself by blaming the fire they lighted, on the successor to whom they handed the lit powder-keg. It’s important to remember that a vast number of the American people have short memory spans and minimal powers of logic–but few have any appetite left for war. However, that doesn’t prevent people from believing sideshow barkers on noise radio giving voice to a variety of extremest opinions, even when those viewpoints are rush-limbaughconsistently self-contradictory. (If you want an example, take-in five minutes of Rush Limbaugh if you have a stomach for bile.) The simple and irrefutable fact is; had we not invaded Iraq in the first place there would be no ISIS insurgency. There would be some other form of bedlam, because that’s what the world has come to expect from the fractured Arab nations who can’t get along with themselves, let alone other cultures.

Who is Isis?The catastrophe in the Middle East is now perceived by right wing talking-heads as Obama’s fault because he ended America’s involvement in our longest running war too soon. While this may be stating the obvious, we wouldn’t have been in the nation’s longest running war if two powerful and shortsighted oil men didn’t lie their way into the conflict under the pretense of spreading democracy in the Middle East. Remember how Iraq was going to thank us with open arms and repay us with cheap and plentiful oil?

Iraq__s640x427American politicians (mostly Republican hawks) have armed our enemies, set up puppet regimes (like the late Saddam Hussein’s) and then acted surprised when those rogue nations and their psychotic leaders have turned against us. We even toppled a democratically elected regime in neighboring Iran, and again were stupefied when the nation fell into the grip of religious extremists. All of this took place long before President Obama took the oath of office.

obama3Human beings are a collective catastrophe, and a mortal threat to their (our) own well-being. Cross-culturally in every corner of the world, humankind is rarely ever overpopulated with deep thinkers. We are a greedy, violent animal, and quite possibly the worst possible stewards for the planet. But that doesn’t make everything into Barack Obama’s fault. History is a linear continuum–and when you start a war in the Middle East, you can expect that conflict to drone on for a thousand years or more. While America’s response to the current violent outbreak in Iraq requires Obama to respond responsibly, the multiple root causes are not his fault. We now have 300 troops back in the region, which is nothing like the 2,500 troops initially deployed by George Bush with countless more that followed.

TS-Nic6339856When it comes to blaming Obama it’s necessary to overlook the 4,500 dead American soldiers, countless wounded and the hundreds of thousands additional human casualties caused by the conflict Bush and Cheney started. Instead focus on the four Americans who died at the Benghazi Embassy–that really inflames the Republicans. You need to also overlook that the Republican led House of Representatives struck down a measure that would have increased funding for securing American Embassies abroad–and instead, Blame it on Obama.

18gw0zg0xka4qjpgWhen Obama withdrew our troops from Iraq, he did so in accordance with a timetable masterminded by Bush and Cheney, an agreement which the nation was committed to upholding. In adhering to the withdraw agreement, it became Obama’s fault and was highly criticized by Dick Cheney. Meanwhile, George W. Bush was too busy painting mediocre pictures of Bichon Frise’s and views of his feet in the bathtub (as if anyone really wanted to see that!).

53816193387299490490noWhen blaming Obama, it’s important to buy the bull-pucky that he wasn’t born in America. You need to overlook the absolute congressional constipation engineered by Republicans. You need to turn a blind eye to a conservative leaning Supreme Court who just today limited the president’s power to make recess appointments when the White House and the Senate are controlled by opposite parties (which is a presidential authority that dates back to the dawn of the republic). But when blaming Obama, it’s important to confuse racism with patriotism and progress with walking backwards blindfolded. In closing, only time and history will reveal what actually will be blamed on Obama. But until then, blame it on Bush, and meanwhile, go impeach yourselves, right-wingers.

– Disassociated Press, 6/26/2014

2 thoughts on “Mastering the Art of Blaming Obama

  1. (Four dead in Benghazi, not six)
    One thing that is also hard to ignore about the withdrawal from Iraq is that IRAQ demanded that we withdraw by a set date. Bush tried to force them allowing us to keep a permanent presence there, but they flat refused. This from the very puppet government we set up.
    To his credit, Hamid Karzai did the same thing in Afghanistan, which is why we are treaty bound to leave THIS YEAR. These are agreements arranged by BUSH AND CHENEY with Secretary of State Powell signing off on it, negotiating it. And they have the Grand Brass Balls to blame OBAMA on this shit sandwich? SMDH.

    • I could have sworn it was six in Bengazhi. I’ll double check it and make the correction. It was definitely four dead in Oh-High-Oh. But we didn’t learn from that debacle and war either. At least we’re consistent.

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