Conservative a Dirty Word?

SisterSarah'sVitriol copyPalinDuck1a2b“Conservative”—The New Dirty Word

by Beihl

Sarah Palin recently declared while chewing a mouthful of tinfoil, that “water-boarding terrorists is America’s way of baptizing them.” Palin can neither harm nor hurt herself, she can only make money. And such is the gospel of the Christian Right.

That said, liberals do not have all the answers.

BUT: Yes, “Conservative” has indeed become a dirty word. It’s the new “C-word”, thank you Sister Sarah. For years conservatives have bandied about the word “liberal” as if uttering it were something obscene and beneath contempt. For an equal amount of time I’ve observed the stinging disconnect between conservatives chastising the struggling poor for their inability to be rich—while congratulating themselves on their overachieved abundance of gluttony—frequently in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Land of Our Fathers.

CWinnie&DuckExplain footballIf you haven’t noticed how conservative leaders consistently block every pathway for the working poor to join the dwindling middleclass, then you’re in a coma or under a spell. Right wing pundits preach the godliness of obscene wealth to a slack-jawed FOX News viewing audience watching their TV sets from behind a mountain of debt—only to go out and pull leavers for politicians who stab them in the back—but since there’s always sports on TV, no one notices.

A bovine electorate is a bone-headed electorate. While FOX viewers were being tossed sacrilegious red meat equating holy baptism with unholy torture—Sarah was doing what she does best, and delivering one-liner sound-bites devoid of substantive ideas on how to best address the nation’s genuine problems. For instance, Sarah got enthralling applause from the knuckleheads in attendance when she paraphrased NRA honcho, Wayne LaPierre by saying “The only way to stop a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke.” Sarah must be craving rapture—and soon. Both her comments about ‘baptism-by-water-boarding’ and a ‘nuke-for-a-nuke’ are in direct violation of Christian principles, but that sort of thing never stoped that hypocritical media whore from only opening her mouth to change feet. Besides, in the right wing world, sexual indiscretion is a far greater sin than death, torture or mass destruction. Unless (of course) it’s the Palin family popping-out unwanted and unplanned babies. Then it’s a public teaching moment that they, themselves don’t quite learn. Rampant procreation is like a hobby for the whole Palin family. And Sarah’s getting damned rich touting her confusion at the expense of an easily persuaded following. Her fifteen minutes is up, but no one told her.

polls_2142gjl_1943_378270_answer_1_xlargeA startling number of the nation’s populace seems to possess a barely rudimentary grasp of how they’re being manipulated into supporting the very people who keep them downtrodden and debt-ridden. No, I’m not talking about the black guy in the White House: (note to FOX fanatics who need everything spelled-out for them).

11palineryThe genius of the GOP machine has always been their ability to win the propaganda war through convincing gullible voters that everything, which brings them harm, really is in their long-term best interests. Take for example, the last decade-plus of war for (failed) profit, and the blemish it left on our national character. Think of the countless severed human lives. But somehow magically through the spirit of the Lord, religious America (largely synonymous with the Christian Right) has embraced war with impunity, ignoring the declared fact that Christ stood for peace. AND did not carry a concealed weapon. Or any weapon for that matter. They JUST—DON’T—GET—IT. They cannot or will not grasp the message of their own messiah.

However, religion as a distraction is becoming less and less effective with an increasingly liberal populace. More people are finally catching onto the fact that there’s no payoff forthcoming for anyone who isn’t already a member in good standing of the GodHatesFacts2millionaire/billionaire club. So flush that down your gold plated toilet, Pat Robertson, because you can’t take it with you—but integrity follows you beyond the grave.

The traditionally preferred political tool used by right wing conservatives has been the second-rate sword of sexual “morality.” This pursuit was ripe for manipulation—back when sex scandals trumped the larger definition of ethical conduct. You need only look at how easy it was for Congressional Republicans to cast slings and arrows at Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs—up until it became public knowledge how many conservative congressmen were forced to resign when their own sexcapades were revealed by Larry Flint. (Everyone from speaker-hopeful, Bob Livingston to then Speaker, Newt Gingrich was forced from office in a flurry of hypocritical disgrace.)

CheneysBlackHeartWhile America will always be fascinated by a good faux-morality scandal, people are starting to come to terms with the REALITY that death and destruction—caused by wars declared under false pretenses—coupled with unbridled greed and environmental rape—for profit—and paying upfront to suppress voter rights—are far more egregious morality crimes than sexual indiscretions between consenting adults. (All other wrongheaded conservative “values” notwithstanding—the list IS after all, endless.)

breedingrunIn summation: Go out and have an affair. It’s good for your country, and good for your health. Liberals be liberated. Have an affair with a republican if nothing more suitable is available. Get into some wild bipartisan action with a dirty talking “conservative.” RememberSIN is way more satisfying when committed by (or with) guiltier parties. That includes political parties. No wonder the Palin family reproduces like a basement chinchilla farm. Filthy conservative guilt was baptized into their DNA.

– Disassociated Press, 5/1/2014

2 thoughts on “Conservative a Dirty Word?

  1. Every time I see that picture of Caribou Barbie aiming an AR-15, I just want to shoot back. GODDESS how I hate that bitch. She and her TeaPotty morons buds are lowering the IQ of the whole USA.

    • I try not to look at her, but as she’s still everywhere at once like a locust plague, it’s impossible NOT to have her cross my field of vision. But Sarah performs a very useful public service—she unfailingly points out how vapid and useless the right wing has become. She is a parody of herself and her followers. And that’s something good. Hehehe.

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