Beholden To All the Stupidity Money Can Buy


StateOfTheUnion3obamaNew1bI have no qualms with any of the things Barack Obama had to say in his State of the Union Address–I just don’t see much of it ever coming to pass unless the nation is smart enough to vote out as many Republicans and Teapublicans as possible in the 2014 midterms. I’ll leave analysis of the president’s words to the pundits who’re paid to blather on about such things. But clearly Obama is in an untenable situation dealing with the worst and most dysfunctional congress in living memory.

RandTeapotThe only thing that will ever save the sanity of America will be the total undoing of the Republican Party as it currently defines itself. (Providing they know how they define themselves.) It’s not that there shouldn’t be an opposing party. And it doesn’t matter if the opposing party calls themselves Republicans or some other name–it just doesn’t do anyone any good if the opposing party more accurately resembles an intestinal obstruction than some other more constructive “movement.”

BoehnerGavelAmerica needs jobs. America needs infrastructure repair. We need sensible trade agreements that don’t further injure American workers. We need immigration reform. We need full equitable rights for women and minorities–but none of those things have any place in the fractured Republican agenda. The Republican party is in such a state of chaos that they were unable to present one unified response to Obama’s State of the Union Address. It took four disparate and odd individuals presenting a jumble of exhausted and hollow words that can no longer be categorized as ideas–because the Republican Party has NO IDEAS. I have ONE message to convey in this post–and ONE message alone: Show up at the voting booth in the midterms this year to avoid a repeat of the colossal mess that happened in the 2010 midterms when “stupid” became the new “smart.” If intelligent people do not put our collective interests in the forefront in the next election, this country will never move forward, and we will devolve into a second rate world power beholden to all the stupidity money can buy.

– Disassociated Press, 2/29/2014

2 thoughts on “Beholden To All the Stupidity Money Can Buy

  1. “All the stupidity money can buy” a more truer description of the current iteration of the GOP I cannot imagine. Once again, Beihl you have shown yourself to be one of the greatest sages of the 21st Century. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Mark. The midterms frighten me. People don’t take secondary non-presidential elections seriously, but the noisy minority of bigots DO. And that’s when our worst governmental setbacks take place. Case in point—the disaster caused by Teapublicans in the 2010 midterm elections. Vote the fools out of power. Easier said than done, but we need to vote as if our lives depend on it. Because it’s true.

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