Christie Kreme is the Only One Swallowing the Bridge Traffic Survey Story

Christie KremeChris-Christie8Chris Christie is the only one buying the bridge traffic survey story, (but is he really?). For a blustering bully who doesn’t mind denigrating anyone publicly–and has a reputation for micromanagement, it’s difficult to swallow the idea that the governor of New Jersey had no idea about the origins of the bridge traffic scandal that looks suspiciously like political payback to his non-supporters.

Trans Hudson TunnelOne would think that an astute politician like Chris Christie “might” be smart enough to avoid this kind of scandal in the first place–but power does stupid things to otherwise smart people. I’ve never trusted Christie. And while I applauded his performance following Hurricane Sandy, the vast majority of his other managerial decisions have been (in my opinion) suspect. From failures to take sorely needed Federal money for everything from construction job projects to education funding, this is a man who has very odd priorities. Hurricane Sandy however served as a very useful political distraction technique for a man with a particular gift for alienating people.

0129-Chris-ChristieAll that aside, it’s more than suspicious when a control freak like Governor Christie has no idea what his top aides and government appointees are up to. Point of fact it doesn’t add up–either he’s lying and trying to tap dance his way through a cover-up–or he’s incompetent when it comes to selecting and managing his staff. Neither are particularly flattering scenarios.

FatChristieDuring Christie’s marathon press conference where he wore-down the press until no one else had any questions, I had the uncomfortable feeling that “the lady doth protest too much.” I did on the other hand notice that he’d lost weight. The true test of whether or not he’s lying will come if we see him gain it all back again. That’s when you’ll know how much this story has damaged his credibility and his chances of being the GOP presidential candidate in 2016. New Jersey politics, like politics in general, are a corrupt and constipated mess. And Chris Christie, like almost all other politicians has an enormous appetite for power and control. Generally speaking, seeking excessive power and control is the first warning sign of a megalomaniac with a gigantic personality disorder. What was particularly interesting, was watching recently “resigned” Christie appointee,┬áDavid Wildstein repeatedly pleading the fifth on seemingly softball questions like “where were you most recently employed.” It’ll be interesting to see how Christie (ahem) chokes back this bridge too far.

– Disassociated Press, 1/10/2014

2 thoughts on “Christie Kreme is the Only One Swallowing the Bridge Traffic Survey Story

  1. Christie may be the only one able to swallow this BS “Bridge Survey” story, but then, he always could swallow anything. Hmmm. Just noticed: Bridge Survey = BS. I see a pattern here.

    • There are a lot of patterns with Christie–most of them involve greed and bullying–not to mention bullshit. If he survives this, you’ll know he has a pact with the devil.
      – B

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