If You Don’t Vote–Don’t Complain About the Outcome of an Election

Workin the polls11teaparty1People are busy. They have things to do, television shows to watch and time to waste as they see fit. That’s all well and good, but elections don’t just happen during presidential years. Elections happen EVERY year. So many of the really disturbing impediments to progress sneak past the general population during off-year elections, primaries and midterms. 2013 is an off-year, and while there are very important high profile gubernatorial races in some of the states like New Jersey and Virginia–many other states are voting for candidates in less widely watched matches for elected offices that don’t get the media attention higher profile run-offs enjoy. That however, doesn’t make those elections unimportant or without consequences.

AP609338614431-e1381755593889The deterioration of sanity known as the Tea Party took root during off-year elections, and grew to become fully disturbing blockages of progress during the following midterms. This is because a vast majority of people don’t pay attention, and therefore don’t feel compelled to turn out for the less “sexy” political match-ups.

WinnieToons entry for this week is very spare, due to my being spread a bit thin at the moment–well, that–and I’m working on a more complex blog essay that I’m not yet ready to publish. The only message I have to impart today is a very simple one: If you don’t vote, you forfeit your right to complain. It’s too easy (and inaccurate) to blame everything on the president or the dunderheads in Workin the pollsCongress–not that there isn’t some truth to those opinions. but if your government and your sense of fair representation through government runs counter to your best interests–go ahead and complain–but only if you’ve taken the time and effort to turn out and vote. Otherwise, you can keep your opinions to yourself, because you made a conscious decision to silence your own voice.

– Disassociated Press, 11/4/2013

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2 thoughts on “If You Don’t Vote–Don’t Complain About the Outcome of an Election

  1. Hey Bill. Congrats on surviving yet another media circus/election cycle. Now another begins. I am sitting here ticked at my fellow Tacoman’s who’ve voted down labeling GMO foods (thanks to something like 2 BILLION dollars spent by Monsanto, Bayer, Dow et al, and a whopping total of $600 donated by local citizens.)
    Also, while bitching about how terrible the roads are, how many potholes, unsafe bridges etc, they voted down a bond measure that would have cost the average taxpayer a staggering $64 per year, over five years, to repair the roads. My Fellow Americans, you are fucking MORONS!
    I am starting to feel something in common with some of the whackadoodle wingnut Tea Morons, that we should be digging an underground shelter. Of course, I’d stock it differently. Instead of guns and bibles, it would have Spam and cannabis. Wish I could just raise my own chickens, rabbits and veggies, and tell the world to go mind its own business.

    • It was a LONG day last Tuesday. People are punch-drunk by the time the polls close. The polls here in Philly are open for 13 hours not including set-up and break-down time. We had exactly 125 people vote. In my neighborhood, as far as I’m concerned–only those 125 people have any right to complain. You’re right about wanting a “safe” place to escape the lunacy. Sadly, I don’t think any such place exists.

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