Robber Barons Are So Un-stylish These Days.

The art in the J.P. Morgan Library conversing among themselves.

Robber barons are so un-stylish these days.  

Anonymous money always finds it’s way into politics – always has, and probably always will.  That’s not what our founding father’s had in mind, but it is what we’ve deteriorated into thanks to ‘Citizen’s United’ – which is not to be confused with citizens united (lower-case.)   Switching gears, large groups of people crammed into small spaces equal hygiene issues.   Mayor Bloomberg wants to clear-out  Zuccotti Park for health reasons to clean-out and disinfect the space.  

On one hand, admirable…

…on the other, those people he wants to clear away don’t have health care any way which is part of the reason they’re they’re protesting.  Even if those folks did have health care, they couldn’t afford the co-pays.  I’m being continually clobbered by bogus invoices from an historic Philadelphia hospital for a copay following an ER visit.  It’s a large copay.  Bear in mind, they would not treat me until after I’d given them my COBRA card AND subtracted money from my debit card.  (Never give cash to a hospital or doctor’s office.)  No matter what you pay or HOW – they still charge you again any way. 

J. Peirpont Duck, robber-baron.


But back to issues at hand.  No one I know has any money – that said, fashionable restaurants and sidewalk bistro’s are booming.  So is Tiffanys.  Luxury items are flying off the shelves at chic-shops… so WHAT the hell is going ON…?!!!

It seems to me there are two kinds of people in this world – and I’m not referring to the rich and the poor – but rather to those with or without a conscience – or if you prefer – those with our without social awareness.  Conscience and awareness, or a lack thereof has nothing to do with wealth – that’s a mere stereotype – good character is not so easily pigeonholed – that’s why people across the social spectrum, both rich and poor support the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement.  

Mayor Bloomberg, (generally speaking not a bad man) is, nevertheless either frightened or pressured into dispersing the protestors in Zuccotti Park.  Protestors are “assured” they can return once the park is disinfected and made pretty for the shiny-shoed executives who have to look-down on those lowly serfs – but once protestors are allowed to return, they will not be permitted to pitch a tent, let alone lay down.  Everyone is ordered to remain standing at all times.  Obviously this is an attempt to circumvent the courage of the protestors – the very same technique Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker tried in order to reclaim the state capital building in which he currently squats (for the moment.)

J. Winifred Harjes, J.P.’s partner in crime.

Legitimately angry people, repeatedly wronged reach a breaking-point.  This protest represents a genuine breaking-point – a breaking point which would be in the best interests of wealthy Wall Street tycoons to pay to respectful attention-to.  The middle-class is the buffer-zone between the wealthy and the despair of the impoverished.  Shrink the middle-class and the comfortable upper-crust enjoys a far more fragile margin of safety.  Civilized society is what is at stake – personal greed be damned.  Besides, pay attention: Both “Christians” and “Jews” alike – charity and generosity-of-spirit are the foundations of your linked faiths…  

…unless the almighty financial powers that be, have lost sight of such minor details in their pursuit of greed – and “faith” is merely a quaint tool used purely for the purpose of distraction.  Beware, people are hungry.

3 thoughts on “Robber Barons Are So Un-stylish These Days.

  1. "Faith" is the tool used to scare the ignorant into following the riches fear tactics. It is the moral equivalent of "let them eat cake." Many portray Marie Antoinette saying let them eat cake as evidence of her lack of connection to the plight of the poor. (For those who forgot, she is said to have said "Let them eat cake" when advised the peasants had no bread, when she asked why the peasants were rioting. In fact, it never happened) The original "let them eat cake" was from a comment when she told the ministers to give the peasants the rich folks cakes rather than the bread they lacked, not just a blithe ignorance of their plight, but, she was misquoted, and one of the few of the aristocracy who cared.
    The real fear factor should be that the separation between the rich and the poor is an ever widening gulf bridged by an ever more tenuous bridge. That bridge is the middle class. When that bridge fails, as it surely must if things do not change damn soon, the storming of the Bastille will not be far behind. When that happens, woe betide the rich, for there are thousands of poor who think as I do. I am a pacifist by nature, but I have a thin veneer between my nature and mother nature. When pushed, my inner dragon comes out. And my inner dragon has NO shred of civility, compassion, or mercy when faced by those who push me to that extreme. What the Right is sowing the dragons, tigers, hawks, eagles, dogs, wolves, bears, what have you, that lies thinly buried by many poor Americans will be let loose in the quiet halls of leisure and privilege. When that happens, the toll on the rich will be frightful to behold.

  2. winnie vanderbilt and i don't understand why you poor people don't just work harder. everyone can be rich. didn't you listen to herman cain?

    love, ducky moneybags

  3. No, I didn't listen to Herman Cain, I only listen to real people. And, since I had the misfortune to consume "Godfather's" pizza at one point, 13 years ago, I am certain that no real person would condone serving that greasy plastic glop and call it food.

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