Halloween Horrors in the Halls of Congress

Haunted House

Ted forgot to put in his teeth this morning.

Ted forgot to put his teeth in this morning.

I seriously wonder if our country is doomed to fall victim to its own superstitions, prejudices and stupidity. If an ignorant populace prefers to elect ignorant people to represent them in Congress, what can anyone possibly expect? This morning I spent a few minutes watching Kathleen Sebelius being grilled by Congress over the snafu caused by the faulty website roll out of the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA)–or Ah-Haaa, if your prefer. It was nothing short of disingenuous to see Republicans drag the Secretary of Health and Human Services over the coals because of a crashed website. We all know the GOP wants the AHA to fail in the same breath that they’re demanding answers as to why the enrollment website has been such a dismal failure. You know they’re glad that the website crashed repeatedly. It’s drawn attention away from the Ted Cruz Show. Now they’re all kicking themselves for shutting down the government in the first place and not allowing AHA’s rocky start to dominate the headlines instead of their own congressional constipation.


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett turns a deaf ear to the needs of his constituents.

It’s pretty clear that no one in Congress actually understands or experiences the real life trials and challenges that everyday struggling citizens endure. I’ve been without healthcare for over a year now. I’ve been looking forward to obtaining affordable healthcare. I still believe in the principles of making affordable healthcare available to millions of otherwise uninsured Americans–because I’m one of them. The website will be fixed. Clearly no one realized the crush of traffic the site would draw, and it’s pretty obvious there are systemic problems in the design and implementation of the website to put it mildly. But I still maintain that the online presence will be corrected, but that’s only part of what we can expect to go wrong with the Affordable Healthcare Act. Much of what will substantially go wrong will be how the law is undermined.

Kudos to whoever created this inspired piece of Photoshopping.

Kudos to whoever created this inspired piece of Photoshopping. Speaker Boehner allowed the House of Representative to run amok under the madness of Ted Cruz. He does need to be changed.

The ideas behind implementing the AHA are sound and moral. The boisterous tantrum thrown by members of the GOP Tea Party are not. But if the GOP wants to put a fly in the ointment to create problems in the AHA, fear not, Republican governors across the nation have already done that due to a provision in the law handily provided by activist judges in the Supreme Court. Shortsighted and blatantly evil state governors like Governor Corbett in Pennsylvania (where I live) have purposely failed to expand statewide Medicaid. In doing so, people like me do not qualify to take advantage of the AHA. I fall into a crack between the floorboards. My earnings are below the poverty level, but I have small assets and holdings. If I could show on paper that I earned either $250 MORE per year or $250 LESS per year, I’d qualify for a healthcare exchange that would cost me $70 per month. I’m only sixty three years old and I’m not disabled–so I don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. This leaves me having to pay SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS per month as opposed to seventy dollars. I don’t have $700 a month to spend on an exchange.

tumblr_msffq489Yk1s65idto1_400This purposeful denial is designed to keep people like me from qualifying and taking advantage of the AHA. It’s also clearly the purpose of the GOP to confuse people into believing this is a failure on the part of President Obama’s signature law. It is not. It’s an undermining tactic. Too many Americans in general don’t like to think very deeply about anything. The easy assumption will be “blame it on Obama.” The exception that I fall into is by Republican design. And it’s not particularly “Christian-like” of the party of “God, guns and greed.” But that shouldn’t surprise anyone. In GOP-think, religious values are a tool and not a moral imperative. The Affordable Healthcare Act will eventually work, and people will like it. However, by that time I’ll be on Medicare and Social Security–providing Republicans haven’t figured out how to undermine those safety nets as well. Nothin’ like Congress at work. Oh, I forgot, they don’t work, they just get paid and collect magnificent medical care and other various and sundry deluxe entitlements. Goody, goody for them.

– Disassociated Press, 10/30/2013

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7 thoughts on “Halloween Horrors in the Halls of Congress

  1. You rock, Winnietoons! Duck is wearing the scariest costume ever! Bill, you’re invited to help us host trick or treaters here if you want!

  2. corbett is a 1 term governor but probably too late for you.
    i haven’t tried the website yet; i haven’t had health insurance in over 10 years; was hoping for this but also realistic re chances with corbett in office.

    • I really am a day late to the ball so far as the exchanges are concerned. But being a day late (or a day too early) for opportunity is a reoccurring pattern in my life. I was in time for the new math and Esperanto–but never for anything useful.

  3. Bill, the exchanges are still open, try again. (Unless the knuckle-dragging baggers Pennsylvania has managed to elect have torpedoed it)
    I have insurance for the first time in years. I could ONLY get gov’t insurance because of my heart issues (that old “pre-existing condition thing, but wasn’t covered by Medicare/Medicaid till the Obamacare expansion) The end of the stranglehold on our lives by insurance may well be ending.

  4. Hey Mark – Pennsylvania Republican governor To Corbett has blocked the statewide expansion of Medicaid, effectively preventing me from obtaining an affordable healthcare exchange. He is an evil dufus.

    • Maybe someone should do to Corbett what he is doing to Pennsylvania. (Except he’d probably enjoy it) or at least something where he’d NEED the Medicaid expansion. Said expansion here in Washington has already gotten me covered and doing much about my heart condition so I can stay alive!

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