The World’s Most Boring TED Talk

Talk to the hand CruzCruzSequestorNormally TED Talks employ bright and accomplished people with fascinating stories to tell, but Ted Cruz only ever opens his mouth to change feet. He hates ObamaCare in the same breath that he admits that once people actually have affordable healthcare, they’re going to like it, and that will make The Affordable Health Care Act more difficult to roll back let alone the idea of repealing it. Well, duh. I keep hearing how bright this man is, but I’m not not seeing it.

25I keep hearing that Ted Cruz is grooming himself to run for president in 2016 by pandering to the hardcore right wing Tea Party who aren’t smart enough to come in out of the rain–let alone acknowledge their own best interests. So if he’s their presidential pick in 2016, you can count on Hillary winning. So keep on blathering Ted, keep on blathering. But why is he really doing this, and holding a faux-filabuster on a non-voting day for the Senate? To run for president? I don’t think so. I think Ted Cruz has about as much of a genuine intention of becoming president as his new best friend, Sarah Palin. He’s merely an opportunist–an opportunistic infection to be precise. What he’s really shooting for is a nice cushy job in propaganda news as an “analyst” for FOX where knowing nothing is an asset. Ted Cruz has no one’s best interests at heart but his own–reading Green Eggs and Ham at all hours of the night to his bored fellow senators, indeed. Cruz even failed to grasp the point of Dr Seuss’ classic children’s book, which is: “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.” I intend to sign up for a healthcare exchange on October 1st. I don’t currently have healthcare. In fact 25 million of us will be added to those with insurance. And that’s a bad thing, how(?) Ted Cruz is full ofduckshit1 himself. He’s also full of what’s pictured graphically to the right:

– Disassociated Press, 9/25/2013

2 thoughts on “The World’s Most Boring TED Talk

  1. In a few short words, you have once again captured the essence of the problem. Ted Cruz, and the rest of the Batshit Crazy GOP/Tea have started down a path they themselves do not want to be on, and are too cowardly, too greedy, and too hypocritical to get off of. May the GOP go the way of the Mammoth, into extinction. Just as I’d hate to try to drive I-5 with the chance of a Mammoth wandering into traffic, I don’t want an America with the chance of Ted Cruz wandering into the White House.

    • I will never understand how people can attach themselves to transparent figures like Ted Cruz. I suppose some people are so busy hating the president because he isn’t lily white, that they fail to see what will in the long run benefit them. It’s sad. BTW – Love the new look with the green Mohawk and soul patch.

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