Darrell Issa’s Biblical Disgrace

Darrell Issa, who is of Lebanese descent, is for some unexplainable reason the chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Not that being Lebanese matters. What matters is Issa uses innuendo to harass and humiliate his political foes–truth be damned. But he is Lebanese and he is on the house oversight committee–and he’s hoping that his own past disgraces and shortcomings will at best be overlooked and placed out of sight: He’s a known crook.

Ironic how a movie based on auto theft like “Fast and Furious” should become the name of an investigation Issa launched to try and hamstring Attorney General, Eric Holder, when Representative Issa himself is “allegedly” accused of multiple car thefts (yes, plural). The “dishonorable” representative from California’s 49th District is accused of more than once having stolen a car. If allegations are incriminating enough for damnation by Representative Issa’s forked tongue, then allegations should be enough when leveled AT Mr. Issa. Issa is accused of stealing a yellow Dodge Charger in the 1970s while he was in the army. The charges came from a serviceman named Jay Bergey. When Bergey made threatening “offers” that Issa couldn’t refuse–voilà–the car mysteriously turned-up on the turnpike with anonymous instructions as to where to find it. You could write that off as a fraternity-like stunt packed with post-adolescent testosterone, BUT…

…Three months later in March of 1972 Issa, while on leave from the military, along with his brother were arrested in Ohio for stealing a bright red Maserata from a Cleveland auto showroom. The case was dismissed by the judge due to a lack of concrete evidence as a result of sloppy police work. Issa lucked out.

Later that same year, while the Maserati case had not yet been heard–this time on leave from college–Issa was pulled over by the cops (again with his brother in tow) for driving on the wrong side of the street in a yellow Volkswagen. When the police asked to see his drivers license and registration, it was revealed that Issa was carrying an unregistered 25 caliber automatic with 44 rounds of ammunition. For some unjustifiable reason, Issa was let go with six months probation and a fine allowing him to further slime his way through his checkered career unencumbered. Any one of those three events should have landed his ass in jail.

Then in 1998 Issa made an unsuccessful bid for the senate and lied about his military record claiming to have been part of an elite bomb squad that protected President Nixon, and elaborated about how he had a stellar military record. But the military chose to beg differently stating that Issa had a bad conduct record and was suspected of being a car thief.

With no end to the ironies, Issa at one point owned a car alarm factory that mysteriously burned down after Issa quadrupled his fire insurance from $100,000 to $400,000–but not before removing computers and various other equipment. The insurance company found all this to be highly suspicious and only paid-out a paltry $20,000 in an out of court settlement–somehow AGAIN Issa evaded prosecution. I remind you, dear reader, that all of these anecdotes are merely allegations, but where there’s smoke, there’s a burning car alarm factory. Issa has trumped-up far less concrete accusations to destroy the reputations of people who actually have integrity. For example: Issa’s attempt to crucify Attorney General Eric Holder for the “Fast and Furious” drugs and gun running scandal. It turned out that Holder is the one who exposed and busted the shady program in the first place–and the origins of the misguided program turned out to have been secretively instated under the Bush/Cheney Administration.

Then there was the Benghazi Affair which didn’t come close to the incompetence of the Bush Administration prior to, during, or after the attacks on September 11th, 2001. It wound up being the CIA who were withholding information about the attack on the US Benghazi Consulate–but for national security purposes. Issa was confounded once again.

Like a medieval charlatan crying-out “bleeding, I shall make thee work yet” Issa then set on a course to eviscerate the NSA, the IRA and everything including the PTA. Egg, once it sufficiently dries is very difficult to remove. And there’s a LOT of egg on Darrell Issa’s face. There are no links to the IRS targeting nincompoops in the Tea Party which can be traced back to the Obama Administration targeting enemies. It turns out that a fellow republican red-flagged the fundraising activities of the Tea Party and took full responsibility for the investigations, thus exonerating the Obama Administration. The Tea Party thugs did indeed file incorrect 501-C4 non-profit charity status when they were in reality political fundraising groups–NOT charities. And spying, drones and just about everything abhorrent under the current administration where christened under the misguidance of the Bush/Cheney comedy team–all of which have proven to be difficult if not impossible to abolish. No president wants to relinquish power of any sort. Issa just doesn’t want a black Democratic president to be the one holding the reigns and making the decisions. God forbid Issa should ever be granted similar powers. We’d all be living on canned beans in below-ground bunkers.

But the most suspicious event which is both under-reported and never properly investigated is that aforementioned mysterious 1982 fire at a car alarm factory Darrell Issa owned called Steal Stopper. Issa quadrupled his insurance coverage on the factory and then: BOOM! The place burned down faster than you can say “slimy bastard.” One of Issa’s former business associates testified that Issa removed all computers, software, instruction booklets, financial accounting, and records of the customer base, right before the place went up in flames so all the evidence was missing well in advance of the fire. The insurance adjusters thought they smelled something funny too, and Issa had to settle out of court for a paltry $20,000–NOT the near-half-million smackeroos he’d hoped for.

It’s worth noting that there is no record of how or where Issa got the funding to acquire the car alarm company or how he became wealthy enough to run for Congress, arson notwithstanding. In the final analysis, the corruption of Darrell Issa, like Issa’s own tactics are based on cherry-picking facts and loading them with innuendo bolstered by the hubris only a sociopath could muster. Issa owes the president, the attorney general and the nation as a whole an apology. And he should steps down in disgrace so he can get back to being the petty thief he was born to be. Darrell Issa is currently the soul and conscience of the House Republicans in the Oversight Committee. Now THAT is what I call an OVERSIGHT.

– Disassociated Press, 6/19/2013

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4 thoughts on “Darrell Issa’s Biblical Disgrace

  1. Is Issa’s tenure an example of oversight or OVERREACH? This man, along with a whole host of GOP “Who’s Who” would better serve our nation wearing black and white horizontal stripes, instead of $5,000 pin stripes.

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