Double Standard Scandals

Brace yourself for a long, hot summer of discontent. The far right is behaving in the same shameless way they did during the Clinton years, failing to see the forest for the trees while litigating everything real or imagined in an attempt to grind the nation to a standstill. Maybe we live in a skeptical world because of the profusion of things like Photoshopped pictures and manipulated news. People no longer know what to believe, so they believe whatever best suits their preconceived notions. For the past five years we’ve had to listen to right wing zealots scream about their paranoid fantasies claiming that Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya. There is no concrete evidence on which to base these claims. In fact to the contrary, it has been conclusively proven that Obama was born in Hawaii and is a practicing Christian. But the truth, when it doesn’t dovetail with a prevailing prejudice is of little use to FOX News viewers or people simpleminded enough to waste their time listening to Rush Limbaugh make things up out of whole cloth.

The undermining technique which has proven most useful for the right wing (aside from obstinate congressional constipation) is manufacturing altered realities: “Truths” which are “non-truths” that rely on repetition until the gullible buy into them. The technique works like a charm, as the right wing base doesn’t appear to read or think for themselves–they are told what to think–and as long as those thoughts contain key components like prejudice, conspiracy theories and governmental misdeeds–they’ll hang on every word. Neocons will lap up family values lectures from Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh while failing to take note of what an exemplary family man Barack Obama has proven to be. Newt and Rush’s hypocrisy be damned.

It’s a point of Constitutional law that the president of the United States must be born in the United States. When Obama was running against John McCain all you heard was nonsense about Obama’s alleged Kenyan birth. Very little was said concerning John McCain having been born in Panama, but since McCain was born abroad to US diplomats–that matter was dismissed.

When Obama was running against Romney–anti-immigration sentiment on the right was at a boiling point. No one focused on the fact that Romney’s family historically turned it’s back on America–not just to find offshore tax shelters–but by “self-deporting” the entire Romney clan to Mexico so Pappy Romney could keep his multiple-wife Mormon harem. Romney’s own father, George (who also ran an unsuccessful bid for the presidency) didn’t set foot in the United States until he was four years old. Neocons care not for these revelations, because they don’t fit the scenario far-right wing-nuts want to hear. Hypocrisy and inconsistency would appear to be the foundation of conservative dogma. The truth, for the right, becomes whatever is most convenient in furthering their mythology, be it social, political, racial or religious.

Suddenly there is highly premature talk in conservative circles about Ted Cruz being whispered as a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential bid. Cruz, the son of a Cuban exile and a woman from Delaware, was actually born in Alberta, Canada. So like Obama, he has an American mother and a foreign father–but unlike Obama, it’s a documented point of fact that he WASN’T born on American soil. But why let that “soil” his chances? The necons finally have a hero as toxic as Joseph McCarthy–and every bit as skilled at molding innuendo into plausible factoid-like accusations, so they love him. Truth be damned. Cruz also hasn’t proven to be much of a friend to his own Hispanic heritage and sees little reason to allow anything to get in the way of his self-aggrandizing ambitions–including a pathway to citizenship.

There is a double standard in this country depending on which party affiliation you claim. Newly (re)elected South Carolina Republican, Rep. Mark Sanford can lie to his constituents and leave the country to visit his mistress in South America all on the taxpayer’s dime–and do all sorts of smarmy things that land him in family court–yet he’s re-embraced by Republican voters using the stagecraft of “redemption through the Lord.” On the other hand, Anthony Weiner, already cursed with a name that delights teenage boys with it’s double entendre, did nothing more than let some photos of his junk loose on Twitter–without so much as carnal contact–he’s demonized as a pariah. If you stop and think about it, what Weiner did is at best nothing more than an embarrassing, sophomoric prank–and really a non-issue. BUT add to that, Anthony Weiner is a Jew, who is married to a practicing Muslim woman who was one of Hillary Clinton’s former top aides: And that makes him fodder and fair game for everyone to make a big deal out demonizing him. But in the same breath, Tea Party puppeteer, Grover Norquist is married to a Muslim woman also. You rarely hear much about it in spite of the fact that he clearly cares more about Saudi Arabia’s oil interests than he does the wants and needs of his own countrymen.

Personally I don’t care who anyone is married to. I don’t care if a man is married to a man–or a woman to a woman. I don’t care about their race, color or creed. What I do care about is their larger integrity. Not sexual indiscretions–I’m talking LARGER integrity. There’s a difference. We’re living through a time when the Republican Party and all it’s warring branches are desperately trying to embroil Barack Obama in a series of hotbed scandals–take for instance what happened last year with Darrell Issa’s hearings on Fast and Furious largely targeting Attorney General Eric Holder as a method to get at the president. In the final analysis, that particular “guns and drugs scandal” was traced back to the Bush Administration–and NOT the Obama team. Now we have the IRS scandal claiming that conservative Tea Party groups were targeted by the Internal Revenue Service. In short: Tea Party groups following the disastrous “Citizens United” ruling, retrofitted 501(c)(4) tax exempt status–designed for public service “good works” into political fundraising mechanisms. The real scandal is how these non-charitable fundraising entities were approved for 501(c)(4) tax exempt status in the first place–NOT that they’re guilty of abusing legal fundraising guidelines (which they are).  I’ve heard a lot by way of “outrage” about these IRS investigations, but little to nothing by way of denial.

Everyone on the right is up in arms about one thing or another. You hear accusations that the breach of the embassy in Benghazi was worse than the terrorist strikes on Nine-Eleven. (Really?) No focus is applied to the Republican Congressmen who vetoed funding for increased security at American embassies in the Middle East. But you do hear all sorts of allegations about governmental interference targeted against the media over leaks in classified information (except when it was Dick Cheney leaking the name of a CIA operative for his own political purposes). Real issues are dismissed. Bogus issues are inflated to crisis level with no end to the constant flow of political scandals du jour. The only thing you don’t hear about is Obama lying to the nation in order to get us into a war of choice motivated by profit. And you hear very little about how the Obama Administration has been substantially lowering our National Debt as reported by both ABC and NPR. Wall Street is booming and the housing crisis has begun to abate… ALL in spite of Republican obstructionism. In short, the Republican (ahem) I mean TEA Party is forced to trump-up whatever they can to create the appearance of impropriety on the part of the current administration. And they are doing a damn good job of preventing necessary actions and reforms from advancing our economic progress in hopes of one day blaming it on the black guy.

The only thing the right wing hasn’t blamed Obama of doing, is trying to start a war by circumventing congressional powers by illegally selling high-powered missiles and war-grade weapons to one of our self-proclaimed international enemies–like, say “Iran” for example–and then funneling the ill-gotten gains to Nicaraguan drug lord-rebels and rapists all for profit, resulting in the untold loss of innocent lives and the degrading of America’s international reputation. Oh, sorry, my “mistake” That was “Saint” Ronald Reagan who did that. Obama, on the other hand is to be held accountable for an air-fluffed souffle of unfounded accusations and innuendo over scandals that don’t actually besmirch him in any way. Seriously, the right wing would be better served looking into Congressional misdeeds and arrest records–starting with Darrell Issa’s.

– Disassociated Press, 6/4/2013

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2 thoughts on “Double Standard Scandals

  1. It never ceases to amaze me that the Right is so set on spreading LIES about the President, when it can be shown that they are guilty of far worse in the same realm as the accusations they make.
    I found it particularly hypocritical that they go after a presumed “foreign” birth for Obama, despite VERIFIED proof otherwise (claiming the proof was a forgery, which, since the city of Honolulu and the state of Hawaii certified it, is laughable) while their last two candidates have (1) been born outside the USA (McCain in Panama) or (2) illegal immigrants in the last 2 generations (Romney’s own father, born in Mexico and just “wandered back” when they wanted to try and influence our government) Now they want to try Cruz? OK, so he has as much a “not us” name as Obama and it can be proven his father wasn’t an American citizen, and he wasn’t born in the USA. If they try the “his mother was an American Citizen, so it doesn’t matter where he was born” that invalidates their WHOLE argument against Barrack Hussein Obama. And they can, therefore, (pardon my French) FUCK OFF!

    • My point exactly. They can’t have it both ways, but I’ve actually come to wonder if the conservative mind is not only greedy and self-serving, but also a wee-tad on the slow-stupid side as well.

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