The Relevancy of the George Dubuah Bush Library In Light of History and Current Events

WinnieToons hasn’t felt particularly funny lately, so we haven’t published anything. The world has become so random in its insanity, that all I’ve felt like doing is indulging the slump I’d fallen into. There is no humor to be found in the Boston Marathon bombings—or at least nothing I’m willing to stoop to indulge in.

Then along comes the George Dubuah Bush Presidential Center, note the careful avoidance of the word “library”—or “lie-bury” if you prefer.

There is nothing funny about the explosion in the fertilizer plant in Texas or the loss of life.

The only thing that’s funny is that former Texas secessionist, GOP presidential clown car driver and gubernatorial heir-apparent to George W. Bush, Gov. Rick Perry had to ask on bended knee for FEMA money to clean up the mess.

There’s nothing funny about Monsanto. There’s nothing funny about fracking. There’s nothing funny about the Keystone pipeline—especially in light of recent on land oil spills.



But there is something remarkably funny to a tranquil point just shy of a lobotomization that “forty three” spends his retirement years painting portraits of bichon frise’s and curiously homoerotic self portraits in bath tubs and showers. I hate to admit it, but they kind of look like David Hockney hung-over.

There’s nothing funny about the link between rampant mental illness and organized religion—or the hubris of stupidity that governs the House of Representatives flying in the face of 90% of the American public to shoot down background checks for firearm purchases.


But why worry our pretty little heads? Instead, we can turn our attention to the George Dubuah Bush Center for Revisionist Thinking so the legacy of laughter he wrought upon this planet might live on in fairytale format to be enjoyed by the gullible up to and until “new-clear” winter withers us all on the vine.

But still, there is nothing funny about ricin laced letters being sent to anyone—or antrax for that matter.




In summation, after several terrible weeks, what I do find funny is the idea that George Dubuah Bush is getting a library. There’s even going to be a George Dubuah Bush “Institute.” I SO hope the walls are padded.

– Disassociated Press, 4/25/13


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9 thoughts on “The Relevancy of the George Dubuah Bush Library In Light of History and Current Events

  1. I can’t say it any better than you did, Bill. This past month, and the rampant stupidity, greed, arrogance and bigotry dribbling out of the mouth of the GOP has me sad, sick and beginning to hope that the Biblical end times really are here, and that the end comes fast.
    I cannot express adequately my sick disgust watching Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, in the released videos, setting his explosive device RIGHT NEXT TO 8-year-old Martin Richard, the child killed by his heinous act of cowardice and terror, or hearing how Tamerlan Tsarnaev looked Jeff Bauman in the eyes, before setting down the bomb that took both of Jeff’s legs off below the knee. Or how these two killed an MIT University police officer just to steal his gun, so Dzhokhar could have a big gun just like his assassin older brother.
    Then, to be slapped in the face by Congress voting down a measure that 90% of Americans approve of, proving their dedication to their bribe money from the NRA rather than their jobs. I no longer feel that our votes mean anything, and that we need to look to ways OUTSIDE of the government to limit the damage that corporations are doing to our planet, our people.
    I have to ask, since you are older, and presumably wiser, how do you fight the futility, and the anger, that says that life is not important, and that those who are supposed to work for us, but work against us, no longer deserve safety or security?
    My anger at Congress and the Human Race has greater depth than I thought possible.

    • I fight my own disappointment in the human race on a daily basis—minute by minute. I paint paintings and build dollhouses to create escapism as a means of psychological survival. I don’t actually think there is an answer to humanity’s problems. We’re a disagreeable animal. The human race has always been inequitable, superstitious, unreasonably cruel—and goddamned proud of it. All you can do is speak out, knowing that someone else is going to disagree with you. One fights the good fight and hopes for the best, only to return to escapism to regroup and lick wounds.

  2. It goes without saying…Bush Junior would have much rather had a couple of nuke sites put in his name than a Library for Gods sake!

    • I think there are a lot of voters who’d like to see him placed in a nuke site—but since he could never pronounce the word “nuclear” properly, they must have misunderstood his request and given him a lie-bury instead.

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