I’m Trying to Decide if I have a Casandra Complex

Cute kid – just way too many being born.  It’s been pointed-out to me that I’ve used a misplaced-modifier in the headline, like “Mrs Jones stopped by while I was mopping the floor with her new baby.”  She probably should’nt have had the baby in the first place.

I’m trying to decide if I have a Cassandra complex, in light of the Koch brother’s hand-picked scientist coming-over to the opinion that global warming is real – or if I’m merely psychic. I’ve noticed the seasons going out of kilter merely over the span of my 61 years. Now scientist Richard Muller, a former skeptic on the subject of climate change, retained by Charles and David Koch to disprove what the overwhelming number of his peers determined a decade or more ago – has arrived at the opposite conclusion than he was paid to make: The climate is changing and humankind is playing a major hand in that dilemma.  What is unreal is “Climategate.”

So maybe all those Koch-owned smelly businesses like Georgia Pacific are destroying the planet after all. Meanwhile every knucklehead running to be the GOP presidential candidate are calling for environmental regulations to be repealed for the sake of short-term economic benefits while we leave a planet in ruin for future generations. Speaking of future generations, the world population just hit seven billion people on October 31st, with a baby born in Indonesia. Even an imbecile like Eric Cantor should be able to read the handwriting on the wall.

The population is expected to exceed ten billion by 2020 and here we already have food and water in short supply causing riots in 3rd world countries. Of course there’s always mythology to fall back-on – like organized religions that seek to prevent all sorts of birth control. No one is saying that abortion is an effective birth-control method in and of itself, but states like Mississippi and Alabama are currenly pursuing legislation that would ban all forms of birth control including the pill, condoms and mandating investigations into miscarriages. Aside from corporate greed, organized religion is, in my opinion the single most destructive force preventing the human race from reaching it’s full intellectual potential. Quality over quantity applies if we’re going to repair this earth. I suppose ZERO population growth, filled with educated people is way too much to ask-for.

I suspect that most people, after a few cocktails are born as a result of recreational sex to parents who are ill-equipped to handle the task. Human beings have morphed into a parasite killing it’s own host organism for the sake of immediate gratification. Fold-in corporate greed and the current economic climate, and we have all the ingredients needed in a recipe for global disaster.

STOP MATING UNSAFELY PEOPLE…!!!  Or at least think it through first. People are sexual creature, as ashamed of that as many may be… It astonishes me that religious “breeders” can’t understand that most homosexual people don’t reproduce, while being enormously productive to society in other ways – but they want to ban being gay also. Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum think the use of condoms helps spread AIDS, and our southern states believe life begins at conception, even if those “lives” are frozen embryos who ought to be granted the right to vote. OK, I made-up that part, but what’s next? A law to prohibit masturbation?

We are killing ourselves and our environment – when we have the potential to be the stewards of our world, and not the destroyers. Oh, the devil with it, like Cassandra, I’m shouting into the wind.

3 thoughts on “I’m Trying to Decide if I have a Casandra Complex

  1. You want to really go mad about this? Here is a Huffington Post article, where a woman points out that the population boom in developed nations, especially the United States, limited as that boom is, causes more strain on the planet than the much bigger population boom in the poorer, third world nations.


    She makes a very valid point that the higher utilization rates of resources that Americans work under, makes one person in the US more impactful on the planet than 20 in Africa.

    She goes on to tell how, for this and other reasons, she has decided NOT to have children. The comments attacking her that follow that article are amazing. She makes a rational, though unpopular choice and you'd think she was Casey Anthony, Osama Bin Laden and Adolph Hitler rolled into one.

    Here's a clue, USA. MANKIND IS A PLAGUE ON THE EARTH. We consume, we destroy, we bring NOTHING beneficial to this planet. Babies are not a "gift from God" they are the product of unprotected sex during a woman's fertile phase. And that can be at ANY time of the month, so we, sex-driven mammals that we are, can produce children any time, not just "in season" like most other animals. Things that are precious are things that are scarce. Children, in fact, people in general, are NOT scarce. Therefore human life is NOT precious. It IS special. There is only one "you" and you are unique, just like everybody else. There is NO evidence reliably collected, just anecdotes, that there is any existence of life after death. Believe what you want, but don't tell me to believe it, nor work towards a reward that is probably not coming. We should be working to make today good by being decent to each other, treasure those children in our lives whose parents chose to bring into it, but also treasure those other 'children' who share our planet, the elephant, the emu, the shark, the bear, the deer, the honey bee, and all the other creatures, great and small, for to the earth, they are FAR more precious than we are.
    And if you should meet a person, man or woman, such as myself who has decided NOT to procreate, (my son is adopted) don't tell us to "get busy before it's too late!" Thank us for leaving more resources to the vast number of offspring you couldn't stop from having, through your ignorance of reproductive health. After all, to be perfectly honest, I'd have loved to have had a biological son, because I think I have some wonderful traits to pass on. I felt however, that the 4, 5, 8, 10 and 20 children families have already used up my share, and it was not my place to worsen the overpopulation that was already evident in the world 3 billion babies ago.
    And to those of you you think Octo-Mom is so cool with her 14 kids, please PLEASE go get an education about reproduction, and the rate at which the human race is growing (1.8 billion in 1900, 7 billion in 2011, we cannot afford this as a race)
    The only good news on all this, at this rate, something, probably a disease or war, is bound to happen that should wipe a lot of us off the map and knock "civilization" back a thousand years or more. Maybe then, the other species on this rock will have a chance.

  2. Totally agree. And that opinion is completely demonized by the mini-brains of the world. Octo-Mom disgusts me on such a variety of levels – don't even get me started. Clearly the consumption done by the industrialized nations (America in particular) devour more than all the 3rd world countries combined. I intended to mention that point, and the phone rang distracting me.

  3. And then we have the Council of Bishops lobbying to prevent any sort of family planning, lobbying to prevent abortion even where the mother's life is in imminent danger, lobbying to classify any form of birth control as murder, and investigations of murder into miscarriages. The utter stupid hypocrisy that the priests want to keep the supply of fresh young boys going by attacking women. The one group with absolutely NO idea about anything about women wants to dictate what choices they can make about their own bodies.
    To ALL priests, ministers, reverends, and all other forms of pulpit jockeys. Keep your opinion in your pulpit. Talk to the people that are delusional enough to walk through your door. If you start making political comments, if you start spending money lobbying Washington, you should be taxed at the highest tax rate available. Your job is the afterlife, leave politics to politicians.
    Personally, I think it should be so deep a separation between church and state that clergy should not be able to vote.

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