Ann Coulter Opens Her Mouth Only to Change One of Her Size 12 Feet

OK, it was 14 score and 6 years ago that Lincoln was assassinated, but who’s counting…?

Ann Coulter only ever opens her mouth to change one of her size 12 feet.  Maybe she needs to stop grazing on those tree-top leaves – they must have a higher content of toxic acid rain.  Most conservative political pundits display a barely nodding acquaintance with cultural, racial, ethnic and sexual diversity – but Ann Coulter’s most recent gaff exposes her for the perfect hypocrite she really is.  “Our blacks are so much better than their blacks.”  REALLY?  Is she serious?  Does she understand that when she speaks out loud – especially on radio and TV – that people can actually HEAR her?  The woman is delusional.  But what most bothers me about Coulter’s unenlightened words are the proprietary use of the words “our” and “theirs” as if an entire race is owned by one entity or another.  Disgusting.

Abraham Duck.

I’m both bored and tired of hearing about politicians having untoward sexual meanderings.  It doesn’t really have anything to do with the ability to lead.  Kings, pharaohs and tribal potentates have always dabbled in multiple sexual affairs.  It’s a stressful job, but they’d be doing it even if they only worked on an assembly line.  That’s how the male is hard-wired.  In Herman Cain’s case, to hell with the sexual allegations against him – is there any sign of competence or the ability to act with good judgement when faced with a crisis?  Based on the multiple conflicting answers he’s given, I’d say that speaks for itself.  

Even Sean Hannity expressed disbelief when Coulter leveled charges saying it was only because Cain is black that the “left” allegedly leaked the news of what appears to be not one but two cases of sexual harassment dating back to the days when Cain was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association.  From my seat in the peanut gallery political sexual scandals cross over into all political parties and aren’t limited to any one race or gender.  According to what the tabloids have to say about Ann Coulter’s love life, more men have passed through her than the Holland Tunnel.  Sexual antics is a subject Coulter should avoid at all costs.

It’s more likely the information about Herman’s past was leaked by one of Cain’s own fellow GOP rival camps.  Democrats would love to see Cain run against Barack Obama.  It would be almost as entertaining as watching Bugs Bunny run rings around Elmer Fudd.  However, there’s a real plus to Cain’s current sexual embarrassment – it’s neatly drawn attention away from his campaign fundraising improprieties.  

In the final analysis, Cain has everything needed to make a perfect politician.  He has on-the-job experience with sex-scandals, plus there are serious questions about his competency and financial integrity.  Nothing in this world would be more satisfying than a match-off pitting Obama against Cain.  Conservatives must be crapping themselves by now, trying to make Mitt Romney seem palatable as the inevitable 2012 candidate.

Ann Coulter may be wearing a cross, but she’s no Virgin Mary.  In fact, I think she might be a man.

8 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Opens Her Mouth Only to Change One of Her Size 12 Feet

  1. I like what Jay Leno had to say on the subject last night, "Who knew Cain was actually a Democrat?" Usually, the GOP falls to financial ethics violations while the Dems are caught with their pants down.
    Whatever. There is less to do with leading the country than a few sexual peccadilloes.
    I remember back in the 80's a South American politician was being threatened with exposure of pictures of him with a prostitute if he didn't quit. He took the pictures and used them as campaign ads and won by a landslide. In his culture, machismo like that was considered a benefit to a leader – ie: He was a MANLY man! (LOL)

    Sometimes I wish one of our politicians had balls like that!

  2. Maybe we should just go ahead and elect porn stars, then, when they screw us, they'll do a good job of it. AND we'll already know they slept around a lot before running for office.

  3. if you really have a swelled head, it means that heavily armored police have thoughtless tossed a tear-gas canister in your general direction, fractured your skull, and your brain is welling out of you skull.

    I wish only to give you a compliment. I don't want you injured.

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