How the Other Half Lives – Or Rather the Other One Percent

No doubt Rick Perry sweeps across the lawn in Scarlett O’Hara drag at his 6,386 square foot mansion in Barton Creek, Texas.  “You go girl.”

The style to which the GOP Presidential candidates have become accustomed, places them all in ‘ivory towers’ far away from the 99 percent of struggling Americans.  They can’t even see the struggling masses from the attic window, let alone relate to their plight.  Out of sight, out of mind, and those people are decidedly out of their minds. 

The 2012 batch of Republican candidates are so quick to criticize Barack Obama for driving-up the national debt, when in reality his contribution to the national debt is vastly smaller than any of his four predecessors – about 1/8th of George W. Bush’s tab left unpaid.  But that’s not the point Republicans want heard – they want to make Obama look like a reckless spender.  In other words, it’s the pot calling the kettle a spendthrift. 

Why I declare, it’s Twelve Oaks.

Rick Perry’s 6,386 square foot mansion in Barton Creek, Texas is valued at 1.8 million dollars.  But fear not – he only rents the place – at a whopping $10,000 a month – a total cost to taxpayers of a half million and counting.   But who’s counting?  He also rents a hunting lodge with a giant rock at the entrance where up until very recently was emblazoned with a racial slur meant to be the name of the estate.   To quote Rick himself, “You go girl.”  Really.  Just go…

Herman Cain’s home in Ubeckybeckybeckystan

Rick Perry no doubt thought Herman Cain was going to mow Perry’s lawn, but instead Cain ate his lunch – in spite of Herman’s 999 gaffs, ignorance about China’s nuclear capabilities and multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, the dude is way out front of the other contenders.  WAIT, HOLD THE PRESSES – A 4th woman has stepped forward and Cain is on the verge of political free-fall.  Be that as it may, Herman Cain lives in a 3,200 square foot manse in McDonough, Georgia on a lovely cul de sac surrounded by other pricey properties.  It pays to be the Koch brother’s “Brother from another mother.”  

Mitt Romney lives in Santa’s Magic Village.

Poor Mitt Romney who is down to only 3 mansions after selling-off his multimillion dollar Boston estate, is currently building a $12 million dollar beachfront compound in La Jolla, California so he can have a retreat to get away from his luxurious lake-front vacation home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  He finds it so convenient not having to stay at a motel while attending the New Hampshire primaries…  But Mitt, (the man who thinks corporations are people), boasts the most vulgar palace of all the GOP candidates with his ‘pile’ in Park City, Utah, valued at 5.5 million.  Mitt’s primary residence is a 9,500 square-foot building that looks more like a small town in Bavaria than a private home. 

The looks like a country golf club with an Olympic pool.

Ron Paul’s 5,500 square foot estate in Lake Jackson, Texas has more than ample acreage surrounding it to keep the commoners at bay, AND at a safe shooting distance.  Perhaps like Mad Ludwig, he could shoot peasants on the lawn for fun – as a bold gesture of Libertarian freedom – his of course, not theirs.  

This house is a boil on the landsc

Leave it to Michelle Bachmann, the queen of crazy to live in the tackiest nouveau riche  McMansion in the whole world.  Her home in Stillwater, Minnesota is a 5,200 square foot tract-mansion with a lovely view of the 18th hole of the Stoneridge Golf Course with plenty of space to pray away the gay.  Now if only someone trying for a hole-in-one could over-reach with accidental aim…   Bachmann who has always been irrelevant as a real presidential hopeful, is polling in the low single digits – just like she and her husband’s combined IQ’s.  The high point of Michelle’s service in Congress was her introduction of the “Freedom of Choice Light Bulb Act” which enables consumers to continue having the right to purchase energy-wasting old-fashioned bulbs so we might further stress-out our national energy needs.  

The Huntsman family roller-skate in the kitchen at night.

John Huntsman’s 3.6 million dollar, 5,500 square foot Georgian townhouse in Washington, DC is the only Republican candidate to actually own a tasteful piece of real estate.  Huntsman is also the only marginally sane hopeful in the GOP 2012 line-up, which completely eliminates him from having any chance of getting past the neo-con crazies who have the final say on who will run.  Huntsman, like Romney, is a Mormon – so the both need a lot of space since they reproduce faster than a cage full of Catholic rabbits.  At least Huntsman has a pretty house.  

Rumor has it the interiors are jewel encrusted.

Newt Gingrich’s million dollar estate offers plenty of room for he and 3rd wife, Callista to store the crown jewels she’s acquired on revolving credit at Tiffany’s.  The Newtster, who left both of his previous wives after each of them became gravely ill – could (if he wanted to) – make space to put-up his disabled former wives by having them share one of his multiple bedrooms.  But what’s the point of having a harem if all the girls aren’t blonde, pretty and in perfect health?  “Til death do us part” is for other people.  Newt’s Christian “values” are only invoked when convenient.  

Apparently no one want to be his next door neighbor.

Rick Santorum’s million dollar, 5,000 square foot Leesburg, Virgina mansion is “far from the madding crowd,” begging the question: what’s the point of being far from the madding crowd when you’re already mad as a hatter?  Santorum takes his ‘crazy’ with him, wearing it like a badge of honor.   The former Pennsylvania Congressman believes gay marriage will eventually lead to legalizing bestiality unions.  A few years back Rick was the subject of a Philadelphia musical comedy about his career, using only Santorum’s own direct quotes concocted all by himself with his tiny-little bigoted brain – set to music.   Although I didn’t see the musical when it was performed here in Philadelphia, I heard it was hilarious.

Obama’s house is more like a middle class home.

Barack Obama’s home in Chicago is the kind of normal house on a comfortable street like Anytown, USA.  It’s pretty, it’s upscale, but it isn’t vulgar and showy.  In fact it looks a lot like any number of homes millions of American’s are trying to hang-onto while facing foreclosure.  The Obama home is not to be confused with the White House, that’s merely a perk that comes with being president.  

Who do you think has a better grasp of what’s happening to the American middle class?  The over-privileged, self-serving line-up of lunatics that comprise the 2012 GOB hopefuls?  Or Barack Obama?  I know who I’ll vote for, and it won’t be anyone slashing social safety nets while padding their own pockets with tax-cuts for the top 2% of the nation.

The Ninty-niner’s Occupy Movement ‘tent city’ in Oakland, California.  Like Haiti, only with newer tents.

7 thoughts on “How the Other Half Lives – Or Rather the Other One Percent

  1. The picture of the Texas mansion of Rick "The Murderer" Perry should look more like this:
    That is a 26' FEMA trailer. Bet if he was living in that he'd have the workers fixing the Governor's mansion REALLY quick. But then, with allowing an innocent man to be executed, his home really should look like:

  2. As we have since learned from Gerry Mc – This is the historic Gubernatorial Mansion. Rick the Murderer Perry is living in AN EVEN MORE Lavish-mansion compound. That's what's costing the taxpauer $10,000 a month while rumors swirl that the historic property was torched resulting in costly restorations that have dragged on for years being done by Perry's own crony contractors.

    • Huntsman got the endorsement of South Carolina’s ieggbst paper “The State”, and I bet they are embarassed. What is interesting is in the actual endorsement itself, it only listed Romney and Huntsman as the 2 best candidates running, saying Huntsman is the better of the two. I guess that means they are switching their endorsement to Romney……wwoooohoooooooooo!!!!!I’m not surprised Huntsman is stepping down, I am surprised that he is endorsing Romney, given his jealousy of him. I guess God does soften the hearts of man…..GO MITT!!!

  3. I'd be investigating his stupid @$$ to see what connection he has to the arsonist.
    I'd not put anything past his criminality. And after his stumble-bum actions in last nights debate I cannot believe he is still in the race. What a fool. He wants the top job in the nation and he cannot even remember what services we've paid for he wants to take away from us. He is such a colossal waste of space, and stealing air from the rest of us. Maybe he should be sent to his own death row so he can deny clemency to himself.

  4. I was amazed by his repeated brain-freeze moments. I shouldn't have been. The man is an idiot. At least NOW some of Texas' voters have a much closer look at who'd been minding their store. The entire GOP line-up is an embarassment.

  5. Heheh, The GOP line up is an opportunity – for the DEMOCRATS LOL.
    OMG I was embarrassed just watching the short video of the murderer getting stumped by his own ideas. And HE wants to be PRESIDENT?!?!?!? WOW the sheer stupidity is mind-blowing!
    Then, after showing the whole world how earth-shatteringly stupid he is, his staff is saying the campaign will still go on!! That's like watching Greg Lamonde pedal his bike against a Formula One race car!

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