Impure Michigan

This baby faced man is the embodiment of evil. While hiding behind American patriotism, his tactics and endgame are those of a dictator bent on flying in the face of the  democratic process.

There is something frightening happening in the state of Michigan and it merits national attention, a response and a remedy. Americans need to know about Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, his motives, goals and the dangers he presents to American freedoms as already demonstrated by the hateful policies he has implemented in his state.

Governor Snyder is well under way with full scale convolution of the the democratic process by marginalizing 50% of the black vote in Michigan–taking over towns, cities and municipalities through his own definition of eminent domain–tossing out duly elected officials and replacing them with his own appointees while cleaning out the town coffers and trampling on the rights of his constituents and property owners. Rick Snyder can, and literally has gone into communities, overturned elections, declared towns bankrupt, taken the land, including schools and public parks then turned it all over to private developers to benefit the wealthy. The people of Michigan put the governor’s practices to a vote in a public referendum, and won. However, Snyder overturned the will of the people and ran ramshackle over their vote by implementing new “emergency laws” that neatly prevents 50% of Michigan’s black population from having any say in their government, and in many cases ownership over their own land. You expect this kind of corruption in a banana republic–not in the late great state of Michigan. Don’t believe everything you hear on the tourism ads.

Michigan’s once majestic Central Train Station. If you plan on visiting, don’t go by train.

We’ve all seen those TV travel ads–Pure Michigan. Sand in-between your toes on the shores of Lake Michigan… Fly-fishing off rustic, weathered gray-wooden docks while children splash and play in the shallows by the shoreline. Perfect sunsets and glowing sunrises warm acres of green forests ripe with hidden hiking trails waiting to be discovered. Indeed, Michigan is a beautiful state which has benefited tremendously from it’s multimillion dollar ad campaign to bolster a suffering national image and lure tourists to enjoy the state’s wondrous natural riches. The TV ad beckons us with teary-eyed views of picturesque lighthouses while the background music sounds hauntingly familiar, like it might be the soundtrack to ‘The Cider House Rules.’ In fact, I think it is… In addition to all that natural beauty, Michigan is experiencing a manufacturing Renaissance of a sort—especially now that President Obama has rescued the automobile industry.  Word has it the auto manufacturing sector is pulling out in front of its international competition, once again producing the best and most profitable automobiles in the world. But there’s another Michigan not pictured in the soft-focus, nostalgic ads ripped from the psyche of idealized American pipe-dreams….

Detroit on a good day.

The Michigan Board of Tourism doesn’t feature the urban blight in cities like Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Kalamazoo or Michigan’s state capital of Lansing.  Nor should anyone expect them to—that’s not the advertiser’s job—their job is to produce an appealing ad that’s part of a public relations marketing strategy. The tourism board’s warm and fuzzy worldview overlooks any mention of the massive marginalization of the state’s black population or how Detroit has become the national headquarters for the American Nazi Party. The ad campaign invites visitors to come enjoy their “nineteen million acre playground” but fails to caution visitors that the playground is infested with approximately 441 militia hate-groups. It’s almost enough to make a person want to load-up the wife and kids and drive through Michigan at a breakneck speed ridin’ low behind dark-tinted bulletproof glass. These aforementioned downsides are merely the symptoms and not the root-cause of a classic American state in crisis. Michigan is well on it’s way to becoming the most autocratic and frightening police-state in the nation—and by ‘AUTOcratic’ I’m NOT talkin’ cars.

Real estate is going for ‘cheap’ but beware of buying, as you might find out the state has taken it away, right out from under you.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is facing serious voter backlash–but why worry about a thing like that when you’ve prevented nearly half the population from voting. Does anyone honestly expect a governor who has been taking over the state’s cities and towns, and deposing duly elected public officials and replacing them with his own appointees and surrogates to play by the rules? Truth to tell, Michigan has effectively rendered democracy as non-existent within its borders.  Snyder undermined massive efforts to have him recalled by tailoring legislation to render ballot measures against him declared illegal. The individuals appointed to oversee all of Michigan’s recall ballot initiatives are the very same people vested with the power to put the kibosh on all signed petitions that lead to ballot initiatives.  This effectively kills publicly popular measures before they ever make it to the polling place.  These are the tactics of a dictatorship bearing no resemblance to any form of governance America claims to embrace.

Doesn’t this look like a fun gathering of level headed psychopaths?

Governor Snyder’s implementation of the “Emergency Management Act” allows the state government under Snyder’s guidance to take-over whole municipalities, seize all their assets, silence anyone who disagrees with them and shut-down the entire city or town.

Yes siree, right in these here United States of America…!!!  Land of the free…

No caption necessary, the image says it all.

Unions are being silenced and proceedings are under way to disband them, thanks to “right to work” initiatives which are deceptively named  much the same way “Citizens United” was christened with a title that’s designed to confuse people into thinking it’s something good. Right to work initiatives give union rights to non-union workers without the workers paying dues. This diminishes the number of union members resulting in the ultimate disbandment of those previously mentioned union “rights.” It’s like telling the lobster to climb into the pot, because the water’s fine. Many years ago under former Governor George Romney, a “2/3′s Majority Law” was put into effect where a ‘no waiting period’ was required for a law to become effective in the event of dire emergency.  That law was intended to deal with natural disasters, the possibility of war or the outbreak of a serious health epidemic. Ever since Republicans seized power in Michigan in 2010 nearly 500 measures have been shotgunned into law as dire emergencies. All but 20 of which have come about by use of the emergency 2/3′s provision—thus effectively denying anyone the right to challenge those laws or file an appeal. Under Rick Snyder, a hangnail could be declared a dire emergency. What’s even more troubling, is the state is putting laws into effect whether the legislature has reached the necessary 2/3′s majority or NOT. Michigander GOP bullies are simply running ramshackle however the hell they please—headcounts and raised-hands be damned.

Meanwhile, things just couldn’t be lovelier in tony Gross Pointe, where the attitude is “if I can’t see it from my house, then it isn’t happening.”

Michigan’s Democratic Party has sued Michigan’s Republican Party and the courts have periodically issued a temporary ‘stay’ on ‘some’ state business until legalities can be sorted out. But that isn’t stopping Governor Snyder, who claims the courts have no jurisdiction over state lawmakers. Meanwhile, schools are being closed without due process. Public-owned parks are being impounded by the state with plans for re-purposing them for private profit-motivated commercial development. Domestic partnership health care benefits for state employees have been stripped, raped and left for dead. If you’re black or a registered Democrat in the state of Michigan, you can look-forward to—no, make that EXPECT—only a 50/50 chance of being permitted to cast your vote ever again in that state.

Whether you work for a union or not, Americans needs to remember that it’s the unions that hold the line that defines the middle class and the key to obtaining the American dream.

Suddenly those misty-eyed views of Michigan sunsets are looking more like back-lighted particles of pollution—but not from factories—rather from corruption and a tyrannical disregard for citizen’s rights and the United States Constitution. The Michigan tourism ads make for lovely moving postcards, but the state itself is suffering from a geopolitical cancer in need of immediate treatment and a prompt, effective cure. The Michigan political disease is very, very dangerous, and cannot be allowed to spread. Remember, everything looked oh so pretty on the surface of the Reich-land too—up until history turned over each and every rock and watched what crawled-out from underneath.

Dissociated Press, 2/24/2013

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An Early Work Late in Life by Bill Whiting


2 thoughts on “Impure Michigan

  1. Michigan is another that can be given their boot from America, right with Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and the rest of the deep south. My sympathies to the intelligent people of Michigan, but since you didn’t go vote in enough numbers to keep Snyder and his goons out, maybe you’ll now realize the importance of voting, if you ever are allowed to again. I suggest finding a rational state and let Michigan become it’s own Banana Republic.

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