In Memorium – A Word About Endings and Loving

A Word About Endings and Loving

We take our days for granted so often. We weep when there are passages and change. We love for whatever reason drives us and we live in spite of the pain.

I don’t know what makes love happen, but I recognize it when it does. Love is more than a feeling; it’s an affirmation of life. We get love where we least expect it. Not just from a lover, a husband, a stranger, a friend, a parent, a child, a mistress or wife. Love is the connection of the gift of permission to truly be open to give. We get by return maybe nothing more than the chance to finally breathe.

Love is a friendship, a touch or a moment that lingers in the back of your mind. Who or whomever opens your heart makes room for all who will follow. Even when you’re parted or they are dearly departed, love is the essence of life.

For all our connections with the people who love us and the people who might not respond, there’s an indescribable love shared only with a pet, be it a dog or a cat, or a parrot or a hamster—or a duck swimming happily in a pond.

Rest in Peace, sweet Duck.


Duck, who was quite rightly spoiled to perfection developed a black beak over time, as she preferred a diet of pure coy (which causes changes in the color of a duck’s beak). Caviar was not always available. And if it wasn’t Beluga, why bother?

Duck D. Duck is based on a real duck who passed away on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14th, 2013. She lived in Texas, and was rescued by a woman we will call “Typist.” Duck was rescued from a public park lakeside where she was the victim of abuse. Suddenly Duck found herself living as the purveyor of her own special custom pond, a safe house away from predators like raccoons, with plenty of food, lots of love at the very ‘center of the universe.’

Duck was catapulted to international stardom on WinnieToons, where she began her career as our Gulf Coast Corespondent during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Winnie and Duck went on from there to have any number of adventures, including Duck’s bid for the presidency.

Like all real animals who begin in rescue, we don’t know much about her beginnings, but we know that she climbed to the top of the world, and became an international sensation, purely because she was loved. Duck will continue to appear in WinnieToons as a way to keep her memory alive. Without further explanation, here is a brief look back at some of Duck’s many personae over our last four years here at WinnieToons. Duck will be missed but not forgotten. She lives on in the spirit of joy, rebellion, silliness, laughter and an absurdest appreciation of life.

Duck with a Pearl Earring. One of the lost Vermeers.

Duck was originally discovered by Diana Vreeland. She considered Anna Wintour to be an upstart.

After a brief but illustrious career on the stage, Duck became tired of Stage-Door Johnnies sending her little blue boxes from Tiffany’s—because the diamonds always got stuck in her throat.

Duck, having already mastered the breaststroke went on to metal on the balance beam in the 2012 London Olympics.

Without missing a beat, she went on to metal in Dressage, where she totally wiped out the Romneys.

We loved her tender, we loved her sweet, and we’ll never let her go.

Duck offered us exclusive, courageous inside coverage of the Fukushima Power Plant meltdown.

Duck demonstrating how avian nuns do yoga.

Duck was a master of Eastern Martial Arts. Shown here reenacting Hillary’s historic visit to China.

Duck had an obsession with Charo. Clearly they were soul-mates with a deep spiritual connection.

Duck, who was nothing, if not discreet, never bragged about actually being the one hitting the high notes while Diana Ross simply did the lip syncing.

Duck crossing the Alps.

Duck was the quintessential feminist, and when she called for Putin to release Pussy Riot, she drew attention to what a pussy Putin really is, pointing out that a real man isn’t frighted of strong and independent young women with opinions.

Duck knew how to work any ensemble, and she could drink you under the table.

As a Wagnerian Rhine maiden performing in the Rinse Cycle at the Metropolitan Opera.

Duck kept her private life, private, although there were rumors….

….and more rumors….

The rumors of her wild private life led to various conversions of faith which allowed her to really let her freak flag fly—they truly know how to party at the Vatican.

But if one faith didn’t suit her, she dabbled in another….

But for all her many personae, Duck was at heart, a simple country girl from Texas who could shoot the pants off Wayne Lapierre in a skeet match any day.

In closing, WinnieToons tribute to the real Duck D. Duck, wants to leave you with one final thought: Love your life. Love your friends. Love your family and all who love you. And never forget to love your pets, because no one else will ever love you back with so much purity.

Duck D. Duck. Birth date unknown – 2/14/2013 – Rest in Peace.

23 thoughts on “In Memorium – A Word About Endings and Loving

    • Duck and I will remain in touch as I can still transcannel her worldview. Thank you, Romy. I will pass your condolences on to Typist, who is truly sad and hurting right now.

    • Thanks Kate. I feel sad, but I think I’d feel even worse if I didn’t keep Duck’s character alive. It’s a tribute to loving a pet. Duck was not my pet, but I raised ducks as a boy.

  1. My heart goes out to Typist. I know how deeply she is hurting to lose such a close and loving companion as Triple D.

    Bill, my deepest thanks, that you are going to keep the Spirit of Duck D Duck alive in prose. May Shadow be so favored (at least, for the occasional “walk on” part!)

    In a side note, now that I am learning the tricks and tips of Photoshop, I have a deeper appreciation for what you do with (to?) Winnie and Duck. You, sir, are the Master.

    • Thanks Mark – Everyone is very sad at the passing of DDD. It won’t quite be the same knowing she’s gone.

      Send me some additional photos of Shadow. Winnie and Duck were able to make contact with Grandma Betty, who now resides by the Rainbow Bridge. I’m sure we’ll get word from time to time. Winnie and Beihl will make contact.

      • Shadow was quite the prima dona, Getting him to pose for a photo was VERY difficult. Unfortunately, I don’t have many. I’ll dig the few out and send them on.

    • I’m glad you’re one of the people who can be touched by the life of a duck. It speaks to your character. I’ve been in and out of tears myself. I will convey your condolences to Typist.

  2. My heart is sad for Duck and her parent.
    Duck and my Polo are together playing; giving you more inspiration for winnietoons. They will live forever in winnietoons.
    Thanks for letting me know

  3. Oh, Beihl, Winnie, and Typist, so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful tribute to the truly fabulous Duck D. Duck. She made me laugh daily for so long, and will never be forgotten! RIP Duck D. Duck, and if Grandma Betty is truly waiting by the Rainbow Bridge, sharpen you wits girl, you’re up for a challenge! Thanks for all the irreverant insights, DDD. The world is a lesser place without you, but your devoted servants Beihl and Winnie will never let you be forgotten.

    • Thanks Deb – After a respectful time has passed (or something too good to overlook hits the news) we will transchannel Duck, who will continue to be a regular force here on WinnieToons. PS – We’re due for dinner or drinks.

  4. This is lovely.For a time,I had ducks for pets,so this truly touches me.My
    condolences to Typist.I hope knowing what a nice life Duck had,provides much

  5. Beihl, I am in shock! For some unknown reason, I haven’t checked my Facebook page (for what I thought was just a couple of of days, but it turns out it was nearly a week!?!), and this happens. I am so sad.

    • HI Diane – This has actually been going on for a while, but typist was hopeful that the vet could do something. Duck, being a rescue animal, there was no way of knowing her history or age. But this much is assured: The past five years of her life were filled with love and laughter that went well beyond anything your average pet enjoys. After I allow her passing to sink-in properly, she will continue to appear as a regular ‘foil’ to Winnie’s more common sense approach. We are all sad, and send our condolences to Typist.

    • Thank you, Eva – I’ll pass your condolences onto Typist. Duck was put on earth to steal scenes. I realized early on that Winnie was the “straight man” and Duck was the smart-Alec “punchline.”

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