President Obama Doesn’t Get President’s Day Off, But Congress Does?

Too weak to speak, Speaker of the House, John Boehner has never been able to get a handle on the nihilists that comprise the Tea Party base.

President Obama is one of the most respectful men who has ever held the office of the presidency, but disrespecting him from his first day in office has been a long standing tradition for today’s conservative base. Obama’s not a blithering idiot, like our previous Commander in Chief, but that’s not how conservatives choose to see him.

Today is President’s Day–a day when we honor our floundering fathers with a paid day off, if you’re lucky enough to have a job. So like all other holidays (be they religious or national) no one will observe the original purpose assigned to the day in favor of taking advantage of slashed prices at one-day-only sales that generally last over two weeks. Today should be officially renamed President’s Half Day Off Sale. Retailing, which has always been closely related to the world’s oldest profession, will leap at nearly any excuse to entice customers. Watch for the next St. Swithin’s Day Sale coming soon to a big box store somewhere near you. Or maybe Saint Swindling’s Day Sale is more like it.

Rep. Eric Cantor, of Virginia, (R) which stands for “Restricted Wing” has his beady little eyes on John Boehner’s job.

While speaking of the world’s oldest profession, and still on the subject of swindling, politics immediately leaps to mind. Based on the abysmal whorish shenanigans of the 113th Congress and the four years that preceded–there’s a whole new joyless meaning to the words “sexual congress.” This, in spite of 311 billion people getting screwed on a daily bases. It makes for a particularly impressive “enhanced” performance considering Congress is almost never in session. At last count your average congressperson puts in about a three day work week. The rest of their time is spent golfing, making deals with the devil and campaigning for office, so they can enjoy lifetime benefits unfathomable to genuine working Americans: Things like free health care for life, and a pension that retains their full salary. It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially when you compare it to being an unemployed factory worker in a struggling economy where all the jobs have been outsourced to China. House Majority leader, Eric Cantor, thinks that America’s financial woes can be cured by further starving the elderly, the out-of-work, the disabled and the poor without increasing taxes on the upper two percentile. You don’t see him jumping up and down offering to take a pay cut or put a cap on the Congressional Benefits Package. He must have studied math under Paul Ryan.

Ever the dollar stretcher, Paul Ryan based his budget plans on the law of diminishing returns–for everyone but he and his cronies.

Inaction is where our Congress excels. They’re like one giant elected intestinal blockage in search of a stool softer. The House Republicans are particularly committed to constipating the economy in an endless effort to thwart any and all efforts on the part of the president to deliver us from the economic swamp his predecessor led it into. The House Republicans collective disrespect for our president will lead them to do anything, including chopping themselves off at the knees and dismembering their own body politic, just to insure continued campaign funding from the “entitled” privileged class. All this, of course, while fighting to deny the entitlements average working American have paid into their entire lives. Be it a bevy of swans, a school of bats, a flotilla of whales, or an embarrassment of riches: It has always been and always will be a congress of baboons.

Economic obstructionism has been one of the primary techniques used by congressional Republicans to discredit the president. They create a problem, then blame it on Obama. They think “blame it on Obama” has a catchy ring to it–like Blame it on the Bosa Nova. Whether it was the “Fiscal Cliff,” the “Debt Ceiling” or the current looming “Sequestration”–GOP lawmakers decided a long time ago that their party wasn’t about governing–they’re about power and the accumulation of narrowly distributed wealth. So as we shop today on President’s Day, reflect on the irony that Congress has the day off… and the day after that… and probably the day after that… but the president is still at work.

– Dissociated Press, 2/18/2013

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