Ted Nugent Suffering from IBS to the Center of His Mind

Alleged homosapien, Rep. Steve Stockman (R) of TexAss, pictured here with Marco Rubio’s bottle of polluted spring water.

Apparently some Americans think they need guns to protect themselves from people who think they need guns to protect themselves from people who think they need guns to protect themselves….ad nauseum. And black helicopters are going to swoop down and get them…. And the president is a secret Muslim…. And Bigfoot might be lurking in the backyard. Aside from poor judgement and bad taste, Americans hold nothing in higher esteem than indulging in paranoid fantasies and conspiracy theories. With this in mind, shallow thinking opportunists, like Texas congressman, Steve Stockman labor under the mistaken impression that it was going to raise his stock when he invited Ted Nugent to be his personal guest at President Obama’s State of the Union address. It did not. It knocked him down even lower on the political food chain, if that’s even possible. One is left to wonder if either Nugent or Stockman have the intellectual mindset to grasp any of the president’s words? Were either of them marginally effected by the painful presence of people in the audience who have had their lives shattered by gun violence? It’s doubtful.

Ted Nugent is the man who got a doctor’s note for irritable bowel syndrome, thus excusing him from carrying a gun to serve his country—but suddenly he’s the false patriot who carries a gun to murder endangered species instead.

Why in the world is Ted Nugent being passed off as relevant in the first place? He was a second rate rocker with forgettable white trash hits like ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ from which he has never fully recovered—but apparently still suffers from royalties. Nugent  specialized in the heavy-metal equivalent of elevator music, only without the elevator ever quite making it to the penthouse. I’ve maintained all along that the journey to the center of Ted Nugent’s mind revealed only an echo chamber. And rapid gunfire in an echo chamber has to be pretty deafening. His being an empty mind which will at it’s center spew comments like: “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Tell us, Ted, was that a multiple choice question? Begging the even more disturbing query—what kind of irresponsible fool brings Ted Nugent as his guest to the State of the Union Address?

It’s time for America’s lowest common denominator fascination with gun culture to come to an end. It’s time for our children to feel safe, loved and properly fed and educated. It’s time for the quality of our entertainment—be it music, film, television, digital games or what have you—to reflect the character of a people who want to set new standards for human rights, cultural growth and shared prosperity. We are a war weary nation who needs to tend to our self-inflicted wounds.

It’s no secret that the only person making sense in the gun debate, is Barack Obama.

Moments before the president took to the podium to speak, fugitive former LAPD officer, Christopher Dorner was holed up and presumably killed in a blaze of gunfire, begging the question: If a policeman and former military serviceman can’t responsibly handle the possession of rapid-fire weapons, can anyone?

Arguably, the most powerful portion of the president’s address pertained to gun violence. We’ve become a sick nation who cannot heal itself harboring the idea that guns are the answer when they’re at the root of the problem. And if gun nuts don’t want to see their guns taken away and their paranoid fantasies realized—they need to understand that people bring about their own worst fears by fanning the flames of those fears. No one wants to take away anyone’s Second Amendment rights, but there is no mention of rapid-fire killing machines in the Constitution. Nor should they be part of Ted Nugent’s constitution, as apparently he shits himself rather easily.

– Dissociated press, 2/14/2013

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6 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Suffering from IBS to the Center of His Mind

  1. Beihl, as I’ve mentioned before, and I am sure you remember, I am a gun owner. Still, I can see that things need to change. The events with Officer Dorner are another layer of the horrid being heaped upon our nation by people by a group who feels that being able to own a low-power hand gun for home protection, or a hunting rifle equate to the right to own high powered military hardware. Sometimes I think they feel they have a right to an M-1 tank.
    There has to be some discussion of reaching a workable middle ground. I am exhausted just trying to think about it.
    Meanwhile, idiots like Nugent make me want to projectile vomit in rage. He should thank his lucky stars I don’t have his level of gun insanity. God how the stupidity on the right grows. I just hope to Hell it’s just their death throws.

    • Several members of the DuPont family, including the one currently in an insane asylum for murdering a hopeful Olympic athlete, drive/drove around in tanks they’ve acquired from DuPont US military experimental development departments. There is nothing like the sensation of driving your car to a convenience store on Fisher’s Island and seeing the canon from a tank aimed directly at your back windshield while those entitled sons of bitches honk their horns for you to get out of their way. I wish I was kidding you.

  2. zombies. you forget zombies, beihl. i know folks who think they need hollow point bullets, bazookas, and ar-15s to survive the zombie apocalypse.

    • My god, you’re right Duck. I’ve completely overlooked the impending likelihood of a zombie invasion the next time Congress is on recess. Which explains why there are always zombies everywhere you turn – the bastards are never at work.

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