Like a shell within a shell within a shell, Taggart the braggart and all the Romney clan do in fact own the voting process.

Like a shell within a shell within a shell, Taggart the braggart and all the Romney clan do in fact own the voting process.  The one and only thing we know about the Romney fortune and finances, is the fact that very little is disclosed about them.  The Romney’s have billions in blind-trusts hidden in offshore bank accounts acquired by means the “Governor” is too squeamish to disclose.  He refuses to release his tax returns, and his opaque, shadow Super PAC’s finance political advertising where the truth lives in an alternate universe.  Romney has made a political calculation that most Americans aren’t paying attention to his lies and distortions, and sadly, he’s probably right.  During the primaries, “hawkish” Mitt Romney swindled the far right by promising the regressive social agenda and war-mongering they longed to hear.  Now that he’s the Republican standard-bearer, his calculations tell him the brighter general public won’t be on board with the same extreme rhetoric that dazzled the the dimwits; so suddenly he’s a “dove” and a social centrist to boot.  No one can believe a word that slithers from his lips.

Romney’s political worldview is forever morphing, not evolving, merely changing to adapt into whatever he thinks his victims want to hear.  Yes, “victims.” That is, after all what he’s on record as calling nearly half of our nation’s population, and to some degree he’s right, but not in the way he intended.  The American people have been repeatedly victimized and “illegitimately raped,” to borrow from right wing sexist lingo.  We’ve been “had” before and it’s Romney’s intention that we will be “had” again, only this time at his hands, and by whatever means necessary to achieve the shiny object he desires: Power.  Power over people he hasn’t a clue of ever understanding.  Power to become America’s president, while failing to comprehend the qualifications of the job – merely blinded by his desire to obtain something once denied to his father.  And so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I was a young man when Mitt’s father, George Romney threw his hat into the ring, only to be bested by Richard Nixon, who was the lesser of the two men.  Mitt seems to have taken to heart the corruption that worked so well for his father’s rival, owning and absorbing it, instilling it in his own favorite son, Taggart.  Taggart Romney, Mitt’s eldest son has inherited his father’s cruelly handsome good looks and the ruthless bluster to go along with it.  Barack Obama is their target, because he represents something better, higher and beyond all the Romney’s collective understanding.  Obama has “failed” only by being human and not turning the world around fast enough following years and years of slow decay that ate away at the fabric of our nation.  The current president is perceived as not having fixed the irreparable quickly enough for an impatient populace raised on fast food and immediate gratification.  Romney can’t deliver change, let alone do so any faster than Obama, but he’s banking on voters having a short attention span that he can manipulate to his advantage.

In 2004, the State of Ohio was key to the presidential election when the office of the presidency was was held by a human failure known as George W. Bush.  Bush’s opponent, John Kerry was smeared with lies, “swift-boated” into runner-up as Ohio’s voting tally took a rapid and unlikely turn from a Kerry “win” to a Bush “victory” by way of electronic voting machines owned by a Republican campaign contributor named Walden W. O’Dell.  Mr. O’Dell was the CEO of Diebold Election Systems, and on record as promising to “deliver Ohio” to George W. Bush.  Kerry’s victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat just like Al Gore’s before him, and the United States was “victimized” with two terms of Bush idiocy in the White House.  A witness named Michael Louis McConnell stepped forward to testify about electronic voting fraud in Ohio, but he died in a private plane crash after receiving threats from Karl Rove.  Let your imagination wander…

…History is in the process of repeating itself.  Mitt, Ann and especially soulless son, Taggart Romney (the one who wants to punch-out our president) all have holdings in an equity fund called Solamere, managed by an investment firm called H.I.G. Capital, who are the parent company and overlords of a company called Hart Intercivic, which is the heir apparent company that owns the notoriously flawed Ohio voting machines and machines in other key swing states that will determine the outcome of the 2012 election.

For all the hype we’ve endured about “voter fraud” at the polling place, voter fraud happens with the mere stroke of a finger on a computerized keypad, and the necessary head-count required to defraud us of our honestly elected officials is stolen from us with a “manipulated” outcome, if you will.  You might ask yourself “why then didn’t the Republicans pull the same stunt during the 2008 election that swept Obama into office?”  I’ll tell you why: The Republicans had left the country in such disarray, that someone else had to repair what they’d broken.  Now that the country is back on the mend, the Republicans are ready to take back the reigns of power.  In true elitist fashion, a person of color has cleaned-up the mess, so now the “ruling class” can step back into the White House.  But don’t let them get away with it.  Not this time.  Sign one or both of the petitions below:

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

- Dissociated Press, 10/25/2012

4 thoughts on “Like a shell within a shell within a shell, Taggart the braggart and all the Romney clan do in fact own the voting process.

    • Thank you Matt – I really value your opinion. Sometimes the words flow, and sometimes not. I’ve been mulling over this tangle of issues for a while now, and was triggered by a conversation with a lower middle class woman on the train back from New Jersey yesterday. Her comment to me was “I’m voting for Romney, after all, Obama’s had four whole years to fix this mess.” Then she took a bite out of her Big Mac, and I exited a stop early merely to put her existence out of my mind, but sadly, she was all too real.

  1. While I have no doubt whatsoever that the Romney’s would jimmy the elections if given a chance, I think you should read this:

    Snopes, a rather well respected myth debunker (or, ofter enough, confirmer) says that it is false that Tagg owns or has influence in the voting machine company.

    I don’t want to sound like a nay-sayer or nag or “fallen from the faith’ or what-the-hell-ever, I just want to make sure that the GOP is hung by facts, not fear, hearsay or lies. Sorry.

  2. I have personal experience with Snope listing something as an urban legend that I knew first hand to be true, and not an urban legend. It involved materials Snopes claimed were never printed in a foreign publication, but I’ve seen the material and held them in my hands. The point is the distance within the sphere of control of companies within companies within companies. Overt direct ownership would be too obvious.

    The question asked to Snopes is: “is it true that the voting machine companies are owned through Bain Capital. No, Bain Capital isn’t involved. Other investment holding apparently are, so the question itself is misleading.

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