Biden vs. Ryan – Battle of the Bad Hair

This past Thursday night’s debate was a lot more satisfying than the preceding presidential debate regardless which side you thought won.  It was a spirited debate, well controlled by Martha Raddatz, who as the moderator, wasn’t afraid to tell the candidates when to zip-it and move onto the next topic.  Both Biden and Ryan at different points attempted to out talk each other, but on content and consistency, the debate definitely went to Biden.  Ryan did his best to spin a good story, but very little of what he said was consistent with the positions his ticket promotes on the stump.  What an astute listener came away with was this: Romney/Ryan have no compunction whatsoever about involving the United State in another war in the Middle-east, this time with Iran.  Perhaps they still believe a wartime economy will drive economic growth?  What war does best, is create a boon for psychiatrists, undertakers and the prosthetics industry while destroying lives, families and dreams.

Both Romney and Ryan audaciously strayed from their well documented previous positions when given live airtime on national TV – because only the crazies in their far-right base can tolerate the coded bile they spew.  Anyone who hasn’t been paying attention might think Paul Ryan is a nice young man, but he failed to come across as fit to be second in command.  Ryan’s an extreme neocon who’s ideas and ambitions would further damage our nation fiscally and destroy our world standing literally.  His boss, Mitt Romney isn’t quite sure why he’s running for president unless it’s to avenge the failed candidacy of his father, who was a far more honorable man than his son.  Mitt Romney is a slick businessman who will say whatever is required to close the deal, and then turn on his heels and do whatever he pleases with the spoils.  Paul Ryan is cut from the same cloth, and whether Romney wins or loses, Ryan now has the household name recognition he craves.

When you listen to either Biden or Obama speak, both remain true to their positions whether talking on the campaign trail, addressing the nation or facing confrontation during a debate.  Democrats may not have cared for Obama’s high altitude performance in Boulder, but no one can accuse him of switching positions to pander to a wider television audience as breathtakingly demonstrated by both Romney and Ryan.  Reuters gave Biden the winning nod for the VP debate, but most pundits scored Ryan as winning the argument about the attack on our Libyan embassy.

I disagree.

Paul Ryan did NOT win that portion of the vice presidential debate by accusing the Obama Administration of failing to protect our embassy during the attack in Benghazi due to one simple fact: Paul Ryan is on record voting with the Republican block that prevented funding to protect our embassy’s worldwide.  The Obama Administration asked for additional funding, but House Republicans blocked it and voted it down.  Ryan needs to personally own some of the responsibility for the failure in Libya.

War, finance and international policy are only different subjects in the abstract. In reality, they’re all ingredients in the same soup.  If you’re properly informed and listening carefully, every obscure and opaque thing uttered by the Romney/Ryan ticket is a return to Bush era tactics and policies.  Both men look good in a suit, and that’s the sum total of their qualifications for leadership.  America is war-weary.  The only reasons to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket, is to restrict women’s rights, grease the palms of the rich and see America mired with boots on the ground in another war in the Middle-east: this time in Iran.

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