Ann Coulter peed all over Mitt Romney, and now she worships him like white Wonder Bread…

Ann Coulter peed all over Mitt Romney when she said, “If we don’t run Chris Christie, Mitt Romney will be our candidate and we will lose.”  Now Ann worships Romney like white Wonder Bread….  Such is the consistency of political allegiances during an election year.  That said, in spite of Romney’s dazzling, yet fact-free performance at the last presidential debate, I still hang onto hope that Obama will pull a win out of the Sesame Street trash can.

Ann Coulter is a woman (or so she claims) – of intellect and discernment.  Yet on FOX Spews she made the tasteless comment: “You could see at the end of that debate, Obama knew that anniversary or not, Michelle wanted to go home with Mitt.”  Really?  I have news for you, Ann – just because a man lies convincingly doesn’t mean he’ll be a good lay.  The debate I’d like to see, would be the one between Michelle Obama and and the not so subtly race-bating Ann Coulter.  Ann Coulter was recently quoted as saying “Yes, civil rights are for blacks only.”  The statement took my breath away, clearly missing the point that civil rights are for everyone including HER.  I’ve never agreed with Ann Coulter, and always thought of her as a pseudo-intellectual snob and GOP slut, but it finally dawned on me, she’s all that and blatantly stupid too.  Ann Coulter is stupid and nasty.

Ann’s career isn’t based on insight or intelligence, it’s based on chasing whatever looks like her best bet at the time.  She doesn’t like Mitt Romney, but blind party loyalty has her championing him nevertheless.  She hates Obama, not for anything he’s done or attempted to do, but rather because he’s an African American.  Were a white president to have followed Obama’s course to the “T” Coulter would think he was the greatest thing since black bread.  The woman’s a hypocrite and a fool, and we can only hope that someday people stop giving her a platform to piss all over the truth.  OK, OK, Obama turned in a lack-luster debate performance, but unemployment is officially down to 7.8% and the stock market is at an all time high.  Coulter can say all she likes to reinforce Romney’s lies about Obama’s job performance, but it won’t ever make her right – only FAR right.

- Dissociated Press, 10/7/2012

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