Wouldn’t it be refreshing to never hear or discuss the names of “Mitt Romney” or “Paul Ryan” ever again?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but wouldn’t it be refreshing to never hear or discuss the names Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan ever again?  But with less than a month and a half ticking away prior to the November 6th election, there’s no escaping politics or political advertising.  While 39 days is a relatively short period of time, you can count on it feeling like an eternity.  The first of the four presidential debates is this coming Wednesday, October 3rd, and we still have the vice presidential debates to look forward to, which promise to be an even fierier conflagration.

While there are vast differences in style and approach between Barack Obama and Joe Biden, at least they both appear to be on the same page.  The same cannot be said about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who, if looks could kill, would be mud wrestling each other in a pit full of slime.  Ryan, quite rightfully seems to be worried about his own future political ambitions, grimly facing the unfunny comic stylings of the ticket that bears his name.  The two of them frequently make their own supporters cringe.  Romney is an abysmal candidate who’s sinking in the polls like a pair of concrete shoes that Paul Ryan reluctantly finds himself wearing by association.  Not that Ryan’s heartless budget “plan” hadn’t already identified him as no friend of the people, but Mitt Romney is only marginally aware that other people exist.  Watching Romney attempting to get the crowd to chant “Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan” was a completely cringe-worthy moment as ardent, die-hard Republicans failed to join in, leaving Mitt Romney chanting all alone like a lunatic.  He IS a lunatic and a dangerous one at that.

Much has been made of Romney’s now infamous Boca Raton “47%” comments, which exposed his true self, but for some it merely confirmed what they’d already suspected.  Lest we forget Mitt’s off the cuff public quote: “When I was a boy, I used to think that becoming rich and famous would make me happy, and boy was I right.”  The left and center already had the impression of Romney as a man with no real convictions other than self aggrandizement and a lust for power and wealth.  Meanwhile the right of center and the far right ideologues have never quite cozied up to him as being authentically one of their own.  However, there are even more damning things about Mitt Romney, all of which promise to sink Ryan right along with him.  Paul Ryan so thoroughly lacks confidence in the Romney/Ryan presidential ticket, that he’s hedging his bets by simultaneously running for reelection in the House of Representatives – and in serious danger of loosing both.  Romney’s “stench” gets all over Ryan by association, and he knows it.  The facts are irrefutable and both men have records neither can escape.  Romney was a PRO-war protestor during Vietnam, but pounced on a religious deferment, while supporting the war, as his contemporaries died by the thousands – but Mitt himself failed to enlist or in any other way participate.  Fine, had he been an ANTI war protestor.  When viewing that particular reality in light of the Romney/Ryan hawkish views on foreign policy, it places both candidates in a very callous and unflattering light.  We might add, that Ryan voted for the War in Iraq.  America has no further appetite for war and the people are still smarting from the economic catastrophe brought about by senseless war and greed….

Switching from foreign to domestic policy, Paul Ryan was recently booed and jeered at the AARP Conference over his heartlessly impractical plans to privatize Medicare and Medicaid into a Wall Street dependent voucher program.  Ryan went so far as to trot-out his elderly mother in front of him like a human shield,   but no one was convinced.  All he managed to accomplish was a reinforcement of his own failure to connect with the needs and concerns of real people and seniors specifically.  For as many commonalities as Romney and Ryan share, they’re both clueless children of privilege committed to the “me first, greed is good” worldview.  The difference is Ryan makes fewer public gaffs out of his selfish philosophy, where Romney seems only capable of reinforcing his amorality with every word and deed.

A video recently surfaced featuring Mitt Romney addressing Bain Capital investors where he looked into the camera and said:  “Bain Capital is an investment partnership which was formed to invest in start-up companies and ongoing companies, then to take an active hand in managing them and hopefully, five to eight years later, to harvest them at a significant profit.”  It’s the word “harvest” that’s the most troubling.  The covert definition of the word “harvest” in this context turns out to mean; borrowing against the assets of the companies Bain acquired, driving them into bankruptcy, closing those companies and shipping the jobs overseas.  Romney and Bain are a nearly cartoonish example of the primary component of what destroyed our American economy.  Bain Capital’s mission under Mitt Romney guidance is a sterling example of why hard times, struggle and despair are visiting the average American citizen.  Without looking back, Romney and his crew of pirates got richer and richer to the detriment of everyone who’s lives they touched….  Romney’s “Bain” comes dangerously close to the Ayn Randian “screw everybody, the world is mine” philosophy that formed Paul Ryan’s own warped sense of reality.  As election day draws closer and closer, neither man can stand the mirror-like reflection they see in each others deadened eyes – and an ever increasingly large number of voters don’t care to embrace their image either – certainly not as our country’s presidential standard bearers.

- Dissociated Press, 9/28/2012

2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be refreshing to never hear or discuss the names of “Mitt Romney” or “Paul Ryan” ever again?

  1. Ryan’s face in that last picture speaks volumes, all of which are titled “Why are you stealing my thunder you dickhead?”
    I find it interesting that it has been debunked the rumor that Ryan calls Romney “Stench”. I would have thought that would be a perfect moniker for him. There was a nickname they claimed Romney called Ryan, that was from some 50’s sitcom. I forget what it was. However, Ryan as Eddie Munster, no stretch of the imagination!
    I just hope that the message is getting out, to get out and vote, R&R are toast, but we need to keep the pressure on. We need to also work on Congress and state elections. If we can keep progressive/liberal voters enthusiastic, fired up, and VOTING, the GOP as a whole is finished and America can move forward, FINALLY.

  2. Actually the nickname “Stench” comes from a legitimate Republican operative who’s name was not familiar to me, but it was elaborated on in a nationally publicated satire piece that got taken seriously. That said, the nickname is no stretch, and it’s abundantly clear these two men have no respect or fondness for each other.

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