Reverend, Pastor Terry Jones of Florida, is holding a public rally to burn copies of the Muslim’s Holy Qur’an to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of the attacks on Nine/Eleven.

This blithering asshole is a Christian minister…?!!!

I suppose it shouldn’t come as any surprise, as the only thing as awful as “radical’ Islam, is the hypocrisy of “radical” Christianity.  No wonder I have no appetite for organized religion.

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  1. This is certain proof why so many hurricanes hit Florida and parts South. The vacuum cause by the extreme brain deficit in idiots like this fool causes a low-pressure system that steers the storm to them.. I am no supporter of Islam and their religious dictate to establish Sharia everywhere, but remember, the many moderate Islams out there don't mean a Radical Islam to "take revenge" for ridiculing their prophet. Personally I feel ALL organized religions are ridiculous, as they all advocate NOT thinking. Hmm, There seems a theme here, not thinking and doing something major stupid. Well guess that makes this guy a true Christian Leader. Before anyone takes me for anti Christian, or Anti Muslim, well, let me put it this way, as far as organized religion goes – I am not prejudiced, I hate you all. So QUIT fighting and F&^%ing up the planet for the rest of us!!!!

  2. I refer to the religious right, of course. I left my last comment too wide open. Ambiguity, anyone? Fits right in with the subject of religion, don't it, Goober.

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