Mitt Romney is a squirrelly opportunist trying to score cheap political points following the tragedy in Benghazi, forging new depths in shallowness….

Once again Mitt Romney proves himself thoroughly unfit to govern the highest office in the land.  The man is a complete and total stumble-bum.  His pathetic attempt to get out ahead of the news of the attack on our embassy in Libya was appalling.  First the Romney camp issued a statement before all the facts were in, and then Romney himself doubled down by making comments to the press in an effort to usurp news coverage even before the president made his official statement from the Rose Garden.  BEFORE the next of kin had been notified for those who lost their lives.  This was not presidential, Romney is a rank amateur, reinforced by Paul Ryan making more measured comments AFTER the “top” of the ticket had already firmly placed his foot in his mouth.  You could see sheepish humiliation all over Romney’s face during a later press conference dodging questions when reporters asked him if he regretted issuing his words out of turn.  There is nothing presidential about the man.  He looks good in a suit, and that’s the end of his qualifications.

A stalwart but visibly shaken, Hillary Clinton, addressed the nation this morning revealing the details of the siege and killings in Benghazi.  Her words were appropriate, moving and to the point.  But this horrible incident is another example of how American extremists fan the flames of hatred though their own failure to comprehend differences among other nations and other faiths.  This tragedy came about due to an inflammatory YouTube video produced by an Israeli American named Sam Bacile, and promoted by the “wrong” Reverend Terry Jones of Florida.  Remember him?  He’s the flaming asshole who set the Qu’ran on fire resulting in multiple deaths of American and allied service men and women, killed along with private Muslim citizens.  The reverend is a fool.  I’d be tempted to ask how Jones would feel if someone set a crucifix on fire, but I’m reasonably certain he’s already participated in that sort of thing on somebody else’s lawn.  It’s time for Florida pastor, Terry Jones to suffer a terrible roofing accident before anyone else gets killed.  Meanwhile, producer, Sam Bacile, if there even is such a person, is in hiding in his home in California.

Mitt Romney’s presidential chances are looking more and more remote.  His reaction to this chain of events may very well have further cost him votes he can ill-afford to spare in the election.  He thoroughly diminished himself discussing both the tragedy in Libya and the mounting tensions in Egypt by accusing the Obama Administration of issuing a weak and conciliatory statement during the height of both crisis’s.  I’ve read that statement (which was issued by our embassy in Cairo) and it reads like a plea for cooler heads to prevail.  Romney shot off his mouth not knowing the details of how four Americans had been killed in the attack on the United States Consulate in Benghazi, including our Libyan Ambassador, Christopher Stevens.  Flags are at half-mast in the Capital mourning his death and those of his compatriots.  Romney betrayed himself as being a squirrelly opportunist trying to score cheap political points out of a tragic international incident.

Just when I think Mitt Romney can’t possibly diminish himself any further, he proves himself capable of ever lower depths of shallowness.  It takes the likes of Mitt Romney to forge the depths of shallowness, but Pastor Terry Jones has an edge when it comes to poorly thought out unchristian like conduct.  Jones is both evil and stupid, and clearly a member in good standing of Mitt Romney’s basest base.  I despair for this country should Romney be allowed to win or steal the November election, because it’s frightening clear he IS the heir apparent to George W. Bush.

- Dissociated Press, 9/13/2012

6 thoughts on “Mitt Romney is a squirrelly opportunist trying to score cheap political points following the tragedy in Benghazi, forging new depths in shallowness….

  1. He smirked, but at the same time he had a bit of the kind of look people have when they’ve been caught in a lie and try to smile through it. I think he’s toast.

  2. Christians already know what it’s like to pay a subsidy for a Urine soaked Crucifix. I am amused you defend Muslim religious rule, as you slash Christians. Maybe YOU should talk to them. Hillary hasn’t got them calm. American freedom of speech bows to Democrat stifling. I may not like Jones either, but it’s speech…. the proper place to channel disagreement.

    • I’m hardly defending Muslim religious rule. I’m saying that our failure to understand customs and differences in other cultures is what has prevented us from succeeding in communicating in the Middle East and elsewhere. I don’t know who is more irrational, the right-wing Christians or the Muslims(?) I tend to find all organized religion to be crazy-making.

      There is “free speech” and then there’s ill-advised and inflammatory rhetoric. Islamic extremists and Christian neo-cons alike are firebrands by definition. The world will never enjoy peace until people learn to keep their religious ideologies to themselves.

    • Byron, when “free” speech gets people KILLED, the speaker is no longer exercising his First Amendment Rights. Same as you CANNOT legally yell “fire” in a crowded theater in jest, you cannot say things that are known to incite violence in others. You want to call it “Democrat stifling” go ahead. I’ll call it using COMMON SENSE. Something that the Christian Right seems in remarkable SHORT supply of, lately.

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