If Mitt doesn’t plan on balancing the budget until his second term, what possible rationale is there for not reelecting Barack Obama for HIS second term instead?

Governor Romney told David Gregory on Meet the Press this past Sunday, that he won’t balance the budget until his “second term.”  Really…?  WHAT second term?  Isn’t he getting a little ahead of himself here…?  Why should we switch horses midstream given Romney’s clueless grasp of the presidential learning curve?  If Mitt doesn’t plan on balancing the budget until his second term, what possible rationale is there for not reelecting Obama for HIS second term instead?  Obama already knows how to be president.  He may not have fulfilled every single solitary campaign promise (yet) but he accomplished a hell of a lot more than the Republican obstructionists in the “do-nothing” 80th Congress.

If you listened carefully to Romney’s answers during the ‘Meet the Press’ interview, it was abundantly clear the man is a master of doubletalk.  But when asked about his own political aspirations, he looked right into the camera with mock sincerity and pledged his only motive for running is to be elected “president” (insert period here) AND as an afterthought, to put people back to work (in the Soilent Green processing plant.)

Romney reinforced his intentions not to raise taxes on the wealthy in favor of closing tax loopholes, but per usual was unable to provide any specifics.  In fact neither Romney nor Ryan are willing to address any of the details concerning their tax plan.  One reason they avoid divulging details is because the tax “loop holes” Romney wants to “close” will adversely effect the middle class; “loop holes” like eliminating mortgage deductions and charitable contributions.  We all know what their tax reforms will be: They’ll continue to overburden the middle class and have Paul Ryan oversee rewriting the tax code so loopholes for the uber-wealthy become even more opaque and don’t apply to middle income voters.

Whenever asked direct questions, Mitt Romney blathers on about his principles, knowing his real “principals” are safe and sound in offshore bank accounts.  There’s a serious disconnect between Romney and the real world as he talks in circles contradicting himself on a daily basis.  For example: Romney stated to David Gregory in no uncertain terms that he’d repeal Obama Care – and not two minutes later he was semi-embracing The Affordable Health Care Act, back peddling because particular aspects of the bill poll very high – like insurance companies covering preexisting conditions.  He knows he can’t cherry pick provisions from the bill without first implementing it.  Even if he tweaked the bill into Massachusetts-style Romney-care, that’s fundamentally what the Affordable Health Care Act is based on.  He can’t repeal it and implement some of it – he can’t have it both ways.

On the subject of Iran, the man who got a Vietnam deferment so he could annoy the French ringing doorbells handing-out leaflets, was sabre rattling with hints of preemptive strikes.  It’s worth noting that Romney’s been campaigning at munitions plants frightening employees by telling them reelecting Obama will cost them their jobs.  Now THERE is a subject Romney knows a little something about – costing people their jobs.  Obama is wise enough to offer incentives to companies that re-purpose factories to produce what’s needed for a peacetime recovery.

As a news junkie, best as I can tell, the Romney/Ryan ticket doesn’t really stand for anything except exploiting wedge issues.  They both get the neo-con crowd all worked-up because “God” wasn’t mentioned in the DNC Convention platform.  As I recall, every single speaker at the Convention ended their speeches with “God bless the United States of America.”  They weren’t there to throw a religious revival tent meeting, it was a nominating convention for the presidency.  Besides, there’s that tricky little piece of ignored wisdom known as “separation of church and state.”

If Mitt Romney is so big on God, why doesn’t he come out and talk about his Mormon faith instead of saying he was brought up in the “Judeo Christian tradition?”  does he only discuss Mormonism in French?

If Romney is so big on sending people’s sons and daughters to war, why didn’t he enlist when HE had the chance?

If Romney wants to alter the tax codes, why isn’t he forthcoming with his own tax records?

There’s something fundamentally sneaky and inconsistent about Mitt Romney AND his sidekick, Paul Ryan.  We’ve already had an abysmal experience with a hawkish and incompetent Republican administration, let’s not allow another to lead us in the wrong direction again.  Direction matters – preferably FORWARD.

- Disassociated Press, 9/10/2012

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