As Presidential Candidates Go, At Least Obama Holds Down a Full Time Job While He Campaigns – But In All Fairness to Paul Ryan, He IS Employed Part Time….

As presidential candidates go, at least Barack Obama holds down a full time job while campaigning.  But in all fairness to Paul Ryan, he IS employed part time….

I have never pretended to fully grasp the complexities of American Foreign Policy, but I can smell someone who knows even less than I do.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan know even less about foreign policy than they do about realistically solving domestic issues.  Either that, or neither man thinks fast on his feet.  Most likely a little bit of both….  If Romney thinks Russia is our greatest threat and Ryan defends his vote for the war in Iraq; then clearly neither one of them have a clue about international policy or how diplomacy works.  Especially in light of Romney making comments to the effect of wanting to engage our troops in a military conflict with Iran if elected.  Both of them frighten the living daylights out of me.

Neither political party can guarantee our complete and total safety from terrorism, but why go courting disaster?  We already have two or more on-going animosities already in progress, and once you start a preemptive conflict in the Middle East, you can pretty much expect ‘em to hold a grudge for a couple thousand years or more.  Biblically and historically speaking, you don’t light a fuse anywhere near the land once known as Persia, then expect that in five, ten or twenty years down the line, al Qaeda is going to benignly start setting up Iranian fast food restaurants on every street corner.  I’m reasonably certain they’ve already done that as it is….

A large part of the president’s full time job is dealing with other countries and keeping the peace; knowing the who, what, when, where and WHY exactly America is pursuant of all involvements with other nations.  We don’t have to look much further than the scars of our recent past to see what comes of an irresponsible administration with itchy, greedy trigger-fingers poked in another country’s ribs.  Does anyone seriously want to grant that level of responsibility to the likes of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan?  Every aspect of their platform at home and abroad is nothing more than a follow-up act to the Bush/Cheney Administration.  Electing Romney/Ryan would be akin to 16th century physicians applying leaches to their patients while crying out “Bleeding, I shall make thee work yet.”  So when Barack Obama says his opponents are “new” to foreign policy, I don’t think he’s being sarcastic, I think he’s being generous.

There’s a foolish notion out there based on how World War II contributed to pulling us out of the Great Depression, and that somehow the same concept might come in handy right about now.  Now?  Now, when we’ve finally made tremendous strides in repairing our international honor, is NOT the time to start any more unprovoked international conflicts, as if there’s ever a good time for that sort of thing….  Our resources are already spread too thin.  We wouldn’t be wisely invoking “history to repeat itself” by starting another war – we’d be creating a distorted reflection, like what you see in a not-so-fun house mirror.  THIS go-around war got us into our current depressive recession, but war is NOT an acceptable answer to bail us out.  Putting our people back to work is what’s going to repair the nation and make us whole again.  We have the tremendous advantage of the largest affordable work force in decades BESIDE themselves to be reemployed AND a lot of decaying infrastructure to address.

Allow me to remind you that Paul Ryan voted against every single jobs bill put before the House of Representatives – both from the Obama Administration and from independent outside advisers.  Many of those rejected bills had their very origins in Republican ideas, but they simply won’t allow them to be implemented on Obama’s watch no matter how much suffering it causes their constituents.  What makes it all so galling is Romney and  Ryan asking “Are you better off now that you were four years ago?” when it’s been their own party blocking the recovery…!!!  Besides, technically speaking, four years ago today we were perched on the precipice of economic collapse, because mathematically speaking, George W. Bush was still president four years ago today.  Clinton’s right, it’s all about “mathematics.”

It boils down to the economics of ‘War and Peace’ combined with simple arithmetic, and whether you think adding four more years of Republican “ideas” to America’s resume is going to add up to a better bottom line than allowing Barack Obama to hang onto the keys.  Never loose sight of which party ran the Ship of State aground in the first place, and which candidates are quick to run down the hall avoiding questions about global politics.

For the record, the wise crack about Paul Ryan having a “part time job” refers to he and he cronies spending Tuesday through Thursday “working” in Congress, but he’s the only one who faithfully spends six days a week at the gym.  On the seventh day, he rested.  Mitt Romney hasn’t worked in years, referring to himself as being among the nation’s “unemployed.”  Obama has worked late into the night while Congress has slept.  Wake up America, and smell the math.

- Disassociated Press, 9/8/2012

4 thoughts on “As Presidential Candidates Go, At Least Obama Holds Down a Full Time Job While He Campaigns – But In All Fairness to Paul Ryan, He IS Employed Part Time….

  1. It sickens me that some people are so clueless about history that they STILL think that we recovered from the depression because of WW2. The Depression started in 1929, and ENDED in 1932. There was another minor depression in 1935, that ended before the following year began. We were well on the way to recovery because of the job initiatives that FDR created. WW2 delayed our recovery, making it the early 50’s before unemployment and national wealth reached the levels from before the 1929 crash. War does NOT create fiscal well being except for a few war profiteers. Ike’s high tax rates and level headed rule (mostly, anyway) is what got America back on our feet, especially when we made everyone else pay our war costs, even our allies.
    Attacking Iran, like our ill-advised attack on Iraq would impoverish this nation to such a ridiculous degree that we would be finished as a free nation. But then, maybe that is what the GOP wants.

    • War is never a good rationale for boosting the economy. But this weekend, Mitt Romney visited munitions plants that build war machines and told all the workers that if Obama was reelected, they’d be loosing their jobs. And HIS lame-brained idea to snuff Iran would keep them employed.

      There are already plan in the works to re-purpose those plants to manufacture the things necessary to rebuild our infrastructure…. If the House Republicans would only get out of their own way (and ours) and pass the president’s jobs bill.

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