The Republican Party vs the Invasion of the Vaginas: Mother Nature Style

As we slide into Labor Day Weekend 2012, and the RNC is busy with their convention oiling their way into our hearts, let us not forget the irony of a storm making landfall on the anniversary of George Bush’s deplorable mishandling of Hurricane Katrina.  With a tropical storm as the backdrop, all the GOP Convention circus hats, tea-bag adorned tricorns and foam rubber fingers seem particularly preposterous.  Let it serve as a reminder that the GOP was the party in control during Katrina and couldn’t assist in vital rescue and repair missions on the gulf coast because incompetent Republican “leadership” had deployed everything required, including boots on the ground to oiled desert sands in the WRONG gulf – leaving us quagmired in two shamefully mishandled and preposterously costly wars as Americans died in BOTH gulfs.

We need to brush up on our recent history and remember how the GOP is the party who was handed a record surplus and handed us back a decade’s worth of lost and ruined lives with no money left in the national coffers.  Only death and debt to take its place.  And the Republicans want to be put back in power again?  Seriously?  It’s less than four years since Republicans ruined the world, and somehow that same party believes they deserve to be handed back the reins of power?  Doesn’t anyone remember the 2010 midterms that brought about the do-nothing Congress that did even less once tea-bagging freshman ground the government to a halt.  Does anyone remember how that inaction led to our national credit rating being subsequently downgraded to the detriment of us all?  Or how the collapse of the economy on the GOP’s watch?  Does anyone remember all that…?

I thought not….  It’s so much easier to blame Obama.

There isn’t a scintilla of difference between Romney and Bush, and even less between Ryan and Cheney.  But the RNC doesn’t want you noticing that or recalling the prior Republican mis-administration’s failures and the part they played in destroying our national growth.  The GOP’s solution to “fixing” our problems is to tax the middle class up the wazoo and give massive tax breaks to the uber-wealthy.  Their plan is to repeal the rights of women and minorities like some kind of diversionary hat trick banking on Americans having such low self-esteem as to place the Republican Party back in control – when all they’ve ever done is obstruct the economic recovery from the mess they’re responsible for creating in the first place.

Romney is a bold faced liar who’s attack ads claim Obama is going to destroy Medicare (which is patently false) while failing to mention his own running-mate is on record calling for an end to Medicare in favor of privatization.  The GOP Convention is being attended by delegates who are all one corn-dog short of a clue, hawking smaller, in your crotch government while hurricanes slam into the Gulf shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the West Coast of Florida.  What more appropriate time and place than the seven year anniversary of Katrina to pitch bad ideas like cutting senior Medicare benefits, in hurricane prone Florida with its large population of voting seniors….  Or denigrating minority rights, also in Florida while Hispanics face voter descrimination.  Who ARE these weird republican people who’re devoted to cutting back on government spending, except for the invasion of vaginas?  ALL while a hurricane slams into Florida and neighboring states….  So the GOP dances on, balloons fall from the ceiling and shallow thinking speakers speak-up in platitudes gauged to resonate with the tone-deaf conservative ear.  A voter would have to be crazy, stupid or comatose to seriously WANT a Romney/Ryan presidency.  The Romney/Ryan playbill reads like a rehashing of the roles played by Bush and Cheney at a time when the wounds inflicted by their own party still remain unhealed both within the nation and the party itself.

Any impatient American disillusioned with Obama needs to wrap his or her mind around the reality that a Romney/Ryan administration would be nothing more than a rerun of the Bush/Cheney years.  If you can’t detect how Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are lying out of both sides of their mouths, then you probably won’t recognize the truth when you hear it either.  The truth is, the economy is slowly but surely turning around in spite of Republican knuckle dragging.  Any president who can withstand the repugnant evil hurled at him from the extreme right wing deserves to be reelected.  The strongest argument for giving Barack Obama four more years is one good, long look at the Republican Party dancing and celebrating in the wake of their own disarray.

- Dissociated Press, 8/29/2012


4 thoughts on “The Republican Party vs the Invasion of the Vaginas: Mother Nature Style

  1. Let’s not forget that Romney/Ryan-Bot is also foaming at the mouth to attack Iran in support of the near-terrorist style oppression of Israel, while decrying the n-boots-on-the-ground support that was lent to quests for freedom in Libya and other parts of the Mid-East. What is it with these Repuglithugs that they want to get American youth killed in the deserts of Arabia while preventing freedom from growing there? It sickens me how bloodthirsty and anti-life they are!
    Yeah, anti-life as their “Pro-Life” anti-abortion agenda is easy to see is nothing of the sort. It is, rather, a stance that women must be punished with pregnancy for the “sin” of having sex. Otherwise, why the attacks to prevent them from having any other form of birth control? Why the attacks on education so they can know how to prevent pregnancy? Why the attacks on the support, education and health care of the child once it is forced into this world? Remember, making abortions illegal will NOT stop, probably not much slow the rate that pregnancies are aborted, it’ll just make it more dangerous for the mother. Not that the GOP gives a rats ass about the mother, so long as they can show they defended the fetus, and can claim another starving orphan in their pews.

    • Best as I can tell, the far right gets no pleasure out of aborting an unwanted fertilized human egg. They must think it’s more fun seeing a person die when they get to see the fear and anguish in their victim’s eyes following a ruined life a denied opportunity. Along the same gruesome line of thought, I feel the far right prefers to kill-off the poor and racial minorities as cannon-fodder during illegal, greed motivated wars. They’ll protect the fetus for the first 9 months, and then decide how to destroy those lives once there’s a living person to execute or ship off to war. I’ve had my fill of republicans and Christian zealots.

  2. the rnc strategy appears to consist almost entirely of projecting. “let’s accuse the opposing party of having the very bad ideas we champion and hope the voters are too stupid to notice.”

  3. I’ve always noticed that Republicans ‘say and do’ what they accuse Democrats of merely thinking – even if it isn’t what Democrats really ARE thinking. The GOP isn’t merely the “party of stupid – that only describes their minions. The GOP is the party of mass manipulation.

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