Is Ayn Ryan, I mean PAUL Ryan Lyin’ About Medicare?

Ayn Rand wrote indigestible tripe that appealed to pseudo-intellectuals and young readers who weren’t yet sophisticated enough to know better.  Paul Ryan, (a.k.a. Ayn Ryan) gives copies of “Atlas Shrugged” to to be absorbed by the spongy brains of anyone misguided enough as to join his staff.  “Ayn” (pronounced “iii-eee-aaa-nnn,” rhyming with “lion” or “lyin'” if you prefer….) was popular in the post WWII years of the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Her romance novels feature unsympathetic protagonists who serve as propagandists to spread the word that greed is good.  The “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” philosophy based on acquiring wealth through any means – justifiable or otherwise.

Paul Ryan, who looks like such a nice boy, is a weird fitness freak who’s workout routine is reminiscent of HR Haldeman’s torturous self-flagellation.  Ryan overlooks the fact that he is from a very privileged background, and has deluded himself into believing he’s a self-made man.  Perhaps that’s where his greed-motivated view of social Darwinism first took root, only to be reinforced by the sophomoric writings of Ayn Rand.  The things that standout as odd right off the bat, is Ryan is a “devout” Catholic, yet he demonstrates a total disregard for anyone who is not as well-off as himself advocating a further financial strangulation of the middle-class and the poor.  It’s not particularly “Christ-like” of him….  But then again, his heroine, Ayn Rand was a Russian atheist.  Can you just IMAGINE the ‘hay’ Republicans would be making out of Barack Obama if HIS idol was a Russian atheist who’s worldview included greed as his “Apostles Creed?”

Much has been made out of the comparative math between Paul Ryan’s “ideas” about Medicare and those of Barack Obama.  When it comes to Medicare, Ryan’s ticket-topper, Mitt Romney, chastises Obama for his plan to cut $716 billion from Medicare without mentioning that Paul Ryan’s plan also calls for $716 billion in cuts.  What the Romney/Ryan ticket fails to articulate, is Obama’s cuts come from wasteful spending and over-payments to insurance companies eliminating waste and fraud.  The Ryan plan comes from slashing benefits to seniors leaving the elderly to immediately find themselves stuck with hundreds to thousands of additional out-of-pocket medical expenses; not in the distant future, but levied on the current living senior population.  Obama’s cuts do not dig into senior benefits.  But where do Ryan Medicare “costs savings” go?  Into the pockets of the wealthy and to corporations just like Ayn Rand taught him in her dime novels.

Americans need to start paying closer attention – especially seniors and anyone in need of the social safety nets we’ve come to rely upon in times of trouble and despair.  Ryan has an oblivious disdain for people in need, as does Romney (to a lesser degree, as his opinions are all over the map depending on whatever is most convenient at the time.)  Disdain for the needy is NOT a Christian “value” as it’s come to be historically defined.  To my observation the Religious Right, for whom Ryan is a champion, have morphed into Christians in name only, using shaky misinterpretations to justify greed, racism and dis-inclusion.  Ayn Rand, who hated Ronald Regan, religion and vulnerability would be gratified to know her philosophy has taken root with the very group she detested most: Flag-waiving religious zealots.  Small wonder the Republican party is working overtime to suppress the elderly, youth and minority voters.  Between voter suppression and fixed voting machines, that’s just about the only way the GOP is going to put the Romney/Ryan ticket over the finish line and into power.  Most reliable polls, including the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has Obama in the lead 75 days before the election.  Have no fear neocons, election fraud doesn’t happen at the voting place, it happens in smoky rooms after the votes are cast.  Ayn would be so proud, stretching-out her bat wings and rubbing her hind legs together wherever her distorted soul resides, knowing she lives on in Paul Ryan’s greed and cruelty.

- Dissociated Press, 8/24/2012

Note: Written just before our weekly mass shooting, this week at the Empire State Building, courtesy of the RNC/NRA and their poorly thought out and ineffective gun laws.

3 thoughts on “Is Ayn Ryan, I mean PAUL Ryan Lyin’ About Medicare?

  1. I have to, in my Long Island Ice Tea lubricated brain, point out a misnomer in your article. Ayn Ryan (love that naming, by the way, so accurate) is NOT a “devout” Catholic. He CLAIMS to be a devout Catholic, but he is, in fact, a rich man. TRUE faith, be it Christian or Buddhist, or Pagan, is in diametric opposition to wealth. Granted, Pagan and Buddhist don’t have any strictures AGAINST wealth, but a man can “only serve one master.” He can either serve the master of “faith” or the master of “greed” Not both. Ryan is “Catholic” because he feels that calling himself that will garner more votes than calling himself a Capitalist, which is closer to the truth. His deification of Ayn Rand, the drug addicted adulterous SSI/Medicare Queen (while decrying those programs as stupid give aways to the weak and stupid) just shows the hypocrisy and self-centered greed where his REAL faith lies.

    • Don’t think for a moment I ever believed Paul Ryan’s “faith” was anything more the a publicity rouse to get the Moral Majority to think he was really one of “them” while he plays them for the fools they are.

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