Pussy Riot Causes Protests. Free Pussy Causes Riots.

Vladimir Putin is the perfect example of a huffing, puffing quasi-macho villain – the sort that possesses a certain blatant bravado that only manifests itself in deeply insecure men.  Despots of all kinds are generally speaking deeply insecure as that is the core foundation of a bully’s mindset.  An all female Russian punk rock band called “Pussy Riot” was jailed for protest performance art directed at the Russian government.  The government sentenced them to two years in prison.  There is only one clear conclusion to draw:  The punk band has won the moral high ground.  We take our American freedom of speech for granted.  The internment of these young women should be an object lesson to us all that whatever gripes we may have with our government, we still have the right to criticize it.  It’s that right to criticize that ultimately makes us stronger.  Suppression of speech by any government is an admission of weakness.

Putin has never realized what an international laughing stock he’s always been.  That’s not to say he isn’t scary and dangerous, only that he’s unbalanced and fundamentally insecure.  Who else subjects a squirming audience to his off-key, phonetic rendition of “Blueberry Hill?”  OK, Mitt Romney’s “America the Beautiful” was pretty cringe-worthy too, but at least he didn’t hire an orchestral back-up and lock the doors so no one could escape while he sang.

Putin rules his people with an iron fist and the compassion of a psychopathic madman.  His shirtless photo ops astride his stallion and other embarrassing demonstrations of excess testosterone have left the world seriously questioning his masculinity.  Why else would he feel so compelled to overstate his inner psychological “scrotal” neurosis?

Condemning these three young women for expressing their dissatisfaction with Putin’s totalitarian regime has accomplished nothing more than drawing attention to Putin’s own core weakness.  Perhaps the band should re-brand themselves as the “The Putin Pussy Riot” because Putin IS a riot AND a pussy.  He just doesn’t know how unintentionally hilarious, dangerous and embarrassing he really is.  The young women are a threat to him because they DO understand what a blithering nincompoop he is.  If Putin was a real man he’d swallow his false pride and commute the harsh sentence levied on these young women who did nothing more than demonstrate the courage to speak their minds.  And don’t let any of us forget how lucky we are as Americans, even in our imperfection.

- Dissociated Press, 8/18/2012


2 thoughts on “Pussy Riot Causes Protests. Free Pussy Causes Riots.

  1. The utter hypocrisy of it is, if I understood the media about it, is that they were jailed NOT for criticizing the government, but because they did it from the altar of a Russian Orthodox Church. They were jailed, basically for religious disrespect. (I am sure you will correct me if I am wrong) So now the “Godless Soviets” (as so many knuckle dragging Republitards still view them) have jailed women for what, heresy? And yet the GOP wants to bring a religious totalitarian regime to America. We’d lose our freedom of speech as surely as these brave Russian ladies have. Sickening, the world we have inherited.

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