When Did Crazy Become the New Normal? The Same Day Lies Became the New Truth….

Appearances have nothing to do with sanity.  As an old hippie that was an early life lesson.  Our parents thought we were unbalanced based purely on our long hair and bell-bottomed jeans.  Unconventional appearances were threatening to the older generation back then.  Modern young people have worked overtime to shock their former hippie parents and grandparents with more and more flamboyant expressions of personal style.  That, however, does not make those young people crazy, nor does it condemn them as drug addicts or criminals.  Choices in outward deportment are after all, nothing more than window dressing.  In my own youth after a prolonged period of being seen in public wearing outrageous things like sequined bolero jackets, torn jeans and shoulder-length hair, I realized life went more smoothly when I blended-in rather than drawing attention to my own inner eccentricity.  It also made it easier to get a job.

But appearances aside, you can say anything you want in today’s world and be guaranteed someone somewhere will take your words out of context.  It’s also an age when people create custom personal realities defining the word “truth” by hand-me-down predispositions.  To look at Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan based purely on appearances one might be inclined to barely scratch the surface and think “they’re nice looking men, I’ll vote for them.”  NEVER cast a vote based on physical appearances and NEVER assume a punked-out young person with green hair and a nose ring must have compromised integrity.  It doesn’t work that way.  Listen to the content of what people have to say before forming any opinion.

What Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have to say is frightening to free-thinking people who want to live in a civil society.  Frankly, most of what Romney and Ryan have to say is either self-contradictory and/or potentially damaging to the principles on which our nation was founded.  The most glaring example of which is their touting the virtues of “small government” while decrying a woman’s decisions concerning governance over her own body.  Dictating what a woman does with her vagina could not possibly be a more strident example of governmental overreach.

The more I hear them both speak and the closer I study their combined demeanor, the more Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do indeed seem unhinged.  Both men sound like crazy ideologues willing to reconfigure what they stand for (whatever that might be) into chameleon-like contradictions with the end goal being power and power alone.  Power to implement regressive changes to our way of life and hard won freedoms.  Power to put seniors on a “voucher program” effectively ending Medicare as we know it.  Power to further impoverish the middle-class by surrendering all our social safety nets into the greedy hands of corporations who’ll subject us to another roller coaster ride on the stock market.  What exactly a Romney/Ryan administration would do with power (should we be so unfortunate as to find out first hand) would adversely rock the world for seniors, women, Hispanics, sexual minorities and any swing-voter who isn’t enjoying a tidy quarter million dollar income each year.  I strongly suspect Mitt Romney to be an unapologetic liar – a sociopath to be precise – obsessed with his own personal wealth and finding “special” ways of hiding it.  Let’s not even bother go into how he acquired his wealth….  Or Mitt’s views on creating commercial prisons knowing his son, Tagg Romney has investments in privatized prisons – what has come to be known as the “Cash for Kids” penal system….

Romney launched into a self-righteous verbal spew the other day, feigning outrage over an ad aired by an independent Obama Super PAC.  His performance left studious observers scratching their heads.  Romney Super PAC’s are the masters of brutally false political ads.  While addressing a generic attack ad aimed at his campaign, Romney said “Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago, and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America.”  Those would only be convincing words if Romney’s own Super PAC’s hadn’t already cornered the market on ugly smears and falsehoods.   Falsehoods that have consistently emanated from the Romney camp starting with the Republican primary process where he stunned and cannibalized his fellow presidential hopefuls with impunity.  Now the same advertising tactics are well underway in the lead up to the November elections.  As of this post, the elections are a little better than two and one half months away….

The Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision unleashed a new era of ruthless insanity coming from all political camps giving license to independent “outside money” to say or fabricate anything they want while the candidate’s distance themselves as if butter wouldn’t melt up their asses with a blowtorch.  All sides are doing it across the political spectrum for every single elected office in play.  However, the way Romney delivered his self righteous “lines” appeared to my seasoned ear like he was mimicking Ronald Regan in tempo and tone, saying “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.”  It was a poorly acted moment of manufactured foolishness where Romney – and later Ryan – both appeared squeaky clean in their starched shirts while betraying their mentally unbalanced worldview using their own words.  Obama has never uttered a single word anyone could misconstrue as filled with divisive “anger and hate.”  I defy anyone to produce recorded footage of Barack Obama spewing hatred.  It doesn’t exist and isn’t in the man’s natural demeanor.  If anything our president is too calm, too collected and too measured in his words.  Expressing hatred would be completely out of character for Obama but that doesn’t prevent his adversaries from lying about him.

A spokesman for the Obama camp criticized Romney’s reaction as hypocritical. “Gov. Romney’s comments tonight seemed unhinged, and particularly strange coming at a time when he’s pouring tens of millions of dollars into negative ads that are demonstrably false.”  Barack Obama doesn’t have to say anything hateful about the Republican presidential ticket, Romney and Ryan are fully capable of diminishing their combined integrity all on their own.  The Romney/Ryan strategy is to keep telling the same lies over and over whether it’s about the Affordable Health Care Act or Obama’s fitness to lead until those words take root with the gullible – especially anyone predisposed to reject ANY position held by a black president.  A faction of this country will reject Obama’s ideas without giving a thought as to whether or not his policies will better serve them in the long run.  In discussing the Romney/Ryan ticket, friend of mine said, “they would rather see civil war than civil discourse” and I think he’s right.  All the Romney ticket needs to do, is go on record demanding an apology for an implied brogue of doubletalk and conservative ears will hear what they choose.  No one has cited or recorded a hate-filled word coming from Barack Obama’s lips unless pointing out Romney’s own factoids is considered hateful.

I am a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant who can dress-up to look like a banking executive, but that doesn’t make me a banking executive.  Besides, I have too much moral conscience to play the role.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both look cast as made-for-TV presidential candidates, but that doesn’t make either of them presidential.  Obama/Biden may not look like the stereotypical president and vice president, but history will bear me out that they ARE the political paring who have done their level best against all odds and Republican resistance to pull our nation out from under the burdens left in the wake of the last Republican presidency.

The Romney budget plan is fundamentally the Ryan budget plan, which is essentially the Bush budget plan.  Allowing Romney/Ryan a free hand over the United State budget will result in disenfranchising millions of people dropping them off a cliff into far worse despair than anything we’ve experienced to date.  When millions and millions more people fall below the poverty line there can be no such thing as social rest.  Does America really want a nation devoted entirely to the caprices of the rich?  Or do we want a world where our collective morality affords everyone a fair chance at the American dream without dis-including individuals based on race, gender, color, national origin, religion or lack thereof?  The former is the recipe for an elitist ‘country club society’ where 99% of us will never be granted membership.  The latter is the recipe for a stronger and healthier society where even the rich will prosper.

That said, accumulation of wealth should never be the criteria for implementing social Darwinism any more than poverty should be a condemnation for a deficit of character.  Not every bald man is a neo-Nazi skinhead anymore than any rich white man in a suit is an inspired world leader.  To my eye, our half white and half black president has already demonstrated his commitment and willingness to govern the American melting-pot with compassion and fairness rising above old prejudices and preconceived notions.  The Ship of State does not corner quickly nor easily.  Obama’s detractors have allowed irrational fear to shape their tragic worldview – and the rest of us should never let the ignorance and fear of others govern our own.

- Dissociated Press, 8/16/2012

8 thoughts on “When Did Crazy Become the New Normal? The Same Day Lies Became the New Truth….

  1. One of the greatest disservices to President Obama, I think, is labeling him a “black President”. We tend to forget that his mother was white, in a time when interracial marriages were nearly unknown. He grew up mostly under the influence of his white mother and grandmother. He traveled and saw what other cultures knew. He is a polyglot President. He is White, he is Black, Indonesian, Kenyan, American melting pot FAR better than any President we’ve ever had. He represents more of the American demographic than ever has been before.
    And I think that is what the W.A.S.P. conservative male (near neo-nazi KKK) idiots fear the most. They cannot stand that other factions of this nation now have a voice, and it’s no longer all about them.
    I’ve always hated the whole W.A.S.P. concept, since I am not really ANY of those concepts. W = white; I have Indian ancestry as well, and it used to be the standard that “any pollution” meant all polluted. (even if I’ve never been to a pow-wow) A.S. = Anglo-Saxon. Well, I’m French and German, so not even close. In fact I think the French have one of the longest histories of conflict with the Anglo Saxons of Britain. P = Protestant. I was raised Catholic, and turned pagan in my late 20’s, how “not Protestant” can you get? I am proud of who I am. I have my own not-so-main-stream cultures and ideals, and the Left welcomes that, rather than, as the Right does, telling me I am going to Hell, or to “shape up, and go to church/get a real job or call me “commie” or “socialist” (OK, I AM a socialist, so sue me)
    HAIL to Obama and the Left wing culture that welcomes us odd-balls, who just want to live life on our terms. And I am sure that the Ryan VP has pretty much guaranteed Four More Years!
    Dam, this has become like Bush in Iraq, no exit strategy. Well, Go Barack and Joe, have a good day.

    • For me as a gay man, I got a very interesting insiders view. We weren’t a rich family, but we were a comfortable family in a very wealthy white community when I was growing up. I had all the “insider” views of privilege – until I declared myself for who I am as a gay person. All privileges and memberships were then quietly revoked. I became the minority. The “other.” Frankly I’m a world happier the way I am than had I hidden my true self in order to “fit-in” with the country club set. Having been an insider who by nature became an outsider gave in insight to human difference and variety, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want and embrace full diversity in my life and feel enriched for having grown to view people as people and not as feared sub-sects.

      • I love what you have to say my friend. Please feel free to post on my page. I support human rights. I fight for those that are unable to fight for themselves or simply don’t know how to start that fight. Your contribution to my page is just a plus for my readers. My page is very new, but grows everyday. Tell your friends about it and help us get bigger. If you haven’t already liked us, please like the page, everyone of them counts.

  2. i thought what a local university of texas professor had to say about ryan’s budget was interesting:

    “The deficit would go down faster with this budget,” University of Texas Economics Professor Daniel Hamermesh told KVUE. “It would basically reduce spending by a couple of percentage points of GDP, and it would also reduce the deficit more rapidly than it would otherwise be done. It wouldn’t eliminate it for about 10 years though.”

    Asked to give the proposal a grade, Hamermesh offered a mixed analysis:

    “I’d give him an ‘A,’ even though I think it’s a terrible budget,” said Hamermesh. “He’s done a serious job, I just disagree violently because I think it would impose a much larger burden on people in the middle and the upper-middle [income groups] and reduce the burden on the very top groups, but it’s a consistent budget. I think it’s very reasonable. It’s just wrong.”

    According to Hamermesh, the impact on the lowest income earners may not come directly from increases in taxes, but from cuts to social safety net programs.

    “The tax burden wouldn’t be increased, but because he’s proposing to cut back spending in certain areas, the burden in that sense of having to pay for things yourself would be increased,” Hamermesh explained.

      • As Governor, Mitt Romney played a key role in spoiprtung comprehensive reform in Massachusetts. He was genuinely committed to expanding coverage. While we did not agree on every detail, we think Romney deserves substantial credit for much of the success of chapter 58.Since becoming a figure on the national Republican stage, however, Romney has become more and more farcical. This is just the latest: . Brian Rosman

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