Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan as VP Running Mate to Alienate GOP Seniors As Part of a Strategy Intended to Disenfranchise the Entire Republican Party

Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate for a very good reason:  To alienate GOP seniors as part of his strategy to disenfranchise the entire Republican Party.  As it is, there’s hardly a Republican out there who is genuinely enthusiastic about Mitt Romney for dog catcher, let alone president.  So as Romney straps the GOP to the roof of his car for a long road trip to catastrophe, no wonder Republican voters are even more bewildered than usual.  To quote Cassandra Coulter, “If you don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we‘ll lose.”  Good.  Let’s hope so.  And by the way, if they’d run Chris Christie there wouldn’t have been room for anyone else on the ticket.

So Paul Ryan is Romney’s choice.  Ryan looks like such a “nice boy” as he pulls the plug on your grandmother merely to save another nickel for health insurance companies.  Ryan is opposed to birth control in all forms including condoms and takes a hardline stance on abortion even in the case of rape or incest.  So if you’re a raped eleven year old girl who’s pregnant against her will, your entire life should be ruined while you’re saddled with an unwanted child.  Ryan, like Romney is the child of extreme privilege and is completely out of touch with reality – be that human day to day reality or fiscal reality, Ryan represents LaLa Land.  Already, not even one week into the Romney/Ryan unholy alliance, Romney is already trying to distance himself from Ryan’s extreme social and fiscal agenda.  Even Romney realizes Ryan is bound to alienate independent voters and ALL sensible women.

Paul Ryan is the great pretender when it comes to budgetary issues.  He touts the same austerity measures that have already tanked the economies of so much of Europe, but why learn from the mistakes of others when you can touch a hot stove all by yourself?  The simple truth is the American economy is on the rebound in spite of all Republican efforts to keep it in the crapper merely to try and make Obama look incompetent.  Our financial woes were not caused by entitlement programs, they were caused by two immoral, poorly thought out overseas wars that our children’s children’s children will still be paying for long after the polar ice caps have melted into the sea.  Our financial troubles have far more to do with ill-advised wars and unregulated greed coming from Wall Street after Congress fought to successfully repeal the Glass Stegal Act of 1933.  The repeal of Glass-Stegal was success by failure cementing the economic woes most Americans began experiencing toward the end of the Bush Maladministration.  You can’t fix the economy over night, and you certainly can’t do so without raising taxes on the obscenely wealthy.  Merely cutting back on entitlement benefits designed to be paid into by citizens who expect a return on their investment isn’t going to improve the economy.  Nor is cutting back on Federal, state and municipal services from police and firefighters to nurses and teachers.  Those measures will merely place more Americans into the unemployment line.  Note to Wall Street: Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security weren’t designed to be a speculator’s market.  Nor were they ever intended to be a slush fund to bail out the government when America foolishly elects incompetent spendthrifts like George Bush and Dick Cheney.  Those who can think no further than the tip of their nose say “Obama has had almost a full term to fix the economy” so they thoughtlessly conclude that it’s time to go back to another empty suit like Mitt Romney.  That economic crash was coming for decades and no one can fix it in four or even eight years.  It’s a systemic problem being exacerbated by House Republicans like Paul Ryan stonewalling the jobs bill.  I’m sure Paul Ryan’s economic plan is just peachy if you’re wealthy enough to have your money hidden in offshore bank accounts.  For the rest of us, it’s a total ass-chap.

Sadly, most of America (generally speaking) isn’t paying attention.  Politicians bank on that and have ever since the Roman Empire.  “Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt” said satirical Roman philosopher, Decimvs Ivnivs Juvenalis in the 1st century AD….  And little has changed since.  Contemporary Americans focus on the Kardashians and junk food, but they still can’t tell you the name of their own senator.  I hazard to say most Americans don’t know about the litany of horrors perpetrated at the hand of Bain Capital under Mitt Romney’s guidance.  Nor do they know that Paul Ryan is actively working to strip away the very social safety nets they and their elderly relatives have come to rely upon.  An alarming number of Americans will cheerfully vote counter to their own best interests as long as the candidate looks like a Brooks Brothers suit model.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan certainly do resemble suit models:  Empty suit models.

Paul Ryan is the only Republican politician that comes to my mind when I think about senior citizens screaming and jeering at speakers during town hall meetings.  Ryan wants to gut Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare while affording tax breaks for the the wealthiest 2%.  Seniors normally are a largely Republican demographic, almost robotically so.  But Ryan is the one politician who has the credentials to alienate them.   So now just about everyone in the Republican Party openly or secretly despises the Romney candidacy.  Their last hope of winning the election is to count on subliminal racism to give them a boost at the polls.  Well that, and minority voter suppression.  You have to remember, there are sporting events to watch and bowls of chips and dip to be consumed.  There are Buffalo chicken wings and ‘Dancing With the Stars.’  What’s Snookie up to this season and what’s leftover in the fridge…?  It’s not so different from the ‘bread and circuses’ back when Rome ruled the world.  This coming election voters have a choice between Barack Obama, a brilliant man who’s patient to a fault, or electing Herman and Eddy Munster to raid the coffers.  It has me hanging like a ‘chad’ on the edge of my seat.

- Dissociated Press, 8/13/2012

9 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan as VP Running Mate to Alienate GOP Seniors As Part of a Strategy Intended to Disenfranchise the Entire Republican Party

  1. um, have you seen chris christie? that fellah hasn’t ever run anywhere in his life. ;-)

    can’t wait to see what aarp has to say about ryan.

  2. Leave it to Romney to chose Chris Christie to give the convention some ‘class.’

    And you’re right. I haven’t heard AARP’s stand on Ryan as a VP choice. Can’t imagine they’re going to take it laying down.

    • If Ryan has his way, AARP will take it lying down IN A CASKET!

      Ryan is so despicable, so self-centered (Ayn Rand Fanboy, after all) that he makes me want to vomit just looking at him. I’m sorry selfishness is not a virtue, it is a sign of sociopathy. The GOP T(raitor) Party is RIFE with it.

      • I remember reading Ieeeaaannyn Rand when I was in high school and not finding anyone in her books particularly likable (I only read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead). The book jackets, however were wonderful. Too bad the written content was so substandard as to attract idiots who’d take that tripe seriously.

  3. Bread and Circuses has been the norm for what, 3,000 years? But some of us aren’t falling for it. I write frequently to my Congresswomen, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, and my Senator Norm Dicks (god that label must have been “fun” in school!)
    So SEE!?!? I do know my legislators. OK, sadly my legislators down in Olympia escape me, but they are doing good by Washington so far, and I plan to keep them there because I know they are Democrats.
    Honestly, personally I think that Romney choosing Ryan is the best thing that Obama has done to be reelected! I swear, the Democrats MUST be using the Campaign to ReElect the President Fund to run the GOP clown race. They MUST be to pick someone who (from what I have read today) has cost Romney Florida. Latest figures I saw has numbers that give Mitt 191 electoral votes, and Obama 352. It’s going to be such a slam dunk. But don’t tell anyone, cause we need them to get out and vote for this to happen.

  4. I hope it’s a ‘slam dunk’ but then again, you never know what kind of chicanery takes place in smoky rooms after the votes are cast. I don’t seriously believe Bush won either election and there’s plenty of evidence to support that assertion. Ryan is truly the one VP choice who was capable of alienating women, seniors AND independents across the spectrum.

  5. Obama 2012! Screw Ritt Momney, Raul Pyan & the entire Urination Party full of angry old white men, male chauvinist-dominated women, those who believe in the myth of small government (i.e., eliminate all government programs & agencies – except for those that benefit me), predatory wealthy individuals such as the Koch Brothers, gun nuts & neocons to name a few. Get our troops out of Iraq & Afghanistan & bring them home. Put them & millions of under employed or unemployed to work on public works projects to salvage, improve & upgrade our decaying infrastructure – which Bush should have started doing with the surplus left to his Administration by the Clinton Administration – & actively practice “pump priming economics” instead of the folly of “tickle down economics.”

  6. These statements that Romney has made about glbaol warming aren’t the only problem with having him run in 2012.I plan a post next week on some of Romney’s other shortcomings.A RINO — if there ever was one.

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