As the Olympics Draw to a Close All Eyes Aren’t on the Horse Mitt Romney Has in the Race – They’re Fixed on Bain Capital’s Connections to Murderous South American Drug Cartels and His Unholy Alliance with Newly Announced Running Mate, Paul Ryan

Short of pole dancing not receiving the proper respect it deserves, the Olympics were predictable enough.  Supposedly it was going to be Mitt Romney’s trump card for winning public support and cashing in on his high profile contributions to the games.  The man even had a horse in the race, but his own blundering inability to form complete, coherent sentences that don’t offend the entire world led to the tour’s inevitable failure.  The man can’t speak off the cuff without something smarmy crawling out of his sleeve.  The latest smarmy thing to crawl out of Romney’s sleeve is fellow suit-model, Paul Ryan, who has just been announced as Mitt’s VP running mate.  Talk about and unholy alliance….  Paul Ryan is undeniably one of the most boyish looking, doe-eye monsters in Congress.  Ryan’s a kind of living, breathing political intestinal blockage dedicated to protecting obscene wealth while keeping the middle class in a perpetual struggle.  In other words, he’s a perfect match for Mitt Romney

Gaff prone back-asswards behavior has become Romney’s personal signature style.  With practice he could be another George W. Bush.  Paul Ryan has been infused into the Romney campaign in an effort to draw attention away from Romney’s own natural clumsy incompetence.  It’s as if Mitt has never had the opportunity to observe how normal, grounded human beings behave.  Maybe he hasn’t?  But he has no problem lying with impunity – so much so that one starts to wonder if he grasps the blur between unvarnished truth and pure fabrication.  The man will say whatever he thinks people want to hear in the same breath he conceals everything people want and need to know.  Paul Ryan is a more skillful liar than Romney and hence perfect as Mitt’s sidekick and attack dog.

But neither Ryan nor Romney can keep changing the topic.  Where are Mitt Romney’s promised ten years worth of tax returns that are never quite forthcoming?  He said he’d “look into it” but apparently never has.  Why isn’t John McCain (who has seen Romney’s financial records) coming to the candidate’s defense?  Even tragic little RNC nebbishes like Reince Priebus want to know why Mitt’s tax statements are MIA.  It’s unlikely there’s anything blatantly illegal in Mitten’s tax dealings, but it’s more than probable his returns are spattered with more unethical loopholes than a slice of processed Swiss cheese.  Make that Swiss bank account cheese.  Voila: Introduce Paul Ryan as a distraction and hope it works.  Shady financial dealings are Ryan’s forte – well that, and double talk.

So even as the world’s eyes have been trained on Olympiads “sticking” landings and horses foxtrotting to Tchaikovsky, darker and more ominous storm clouds are forming over Mitt Romney’s sordid fiscal profile.  A story broke in the Huffington Post last week citing reliable sources and naming names dating back to the early days of Bain Capital while the company was still completely under Mitt Romeny’s own personal guidance.  The article alleges a troubling link between Bain Capital and funding connected directly to Latin American drug cartels.  If you’ve been living under a rock and never heard about the South American drug cartels: They’re the heartless hombres infamous for mass murder and ritual executions while illegally peddling hardcore drugs to the United States underground market…. I wonder if Mitt still has “family” connections from when the Romney Clan fled America to avoid United States laws, taking up residence south of the border?  The “implied” explanation for Bain doing business with such shady characters boils down to Mitt not wanting to risk start-up capital provided by rich white people.  Why risk white Anglo-Saxon money when you can risk South American blood money instead?  So now we have Paul Ryan to contend with too, a man so innocent looking, he can say almost anything and people will fail to recognize they’re being screwed.

It keeps occurring to me that Mitt Romney is quite possibly the most skillful sociopath ever to seek the highest office in the land, with Paul Ryan possessing similar diversionary “skills.”  Meanwhile, the Olympics will come to a triumphant end for many an athlete worldwide:  But the story with the real “endurance” and “legs” will be the decathlon of financial chicanery following around Mitt Romney and his personal empire augmented by Paul Ryan and his agenda to pick the pockets of every middle class American in hopes they all die before ever needing to draw on the government safety nets they’ve already paid into.  An association with either man is tantamount to an endorsement of greed – and now they have each other….  And a very ticklish connection to murderous drug dealers.

- Dissociated Press, 8/9/2012

6 thoughts on “As the Olympics Draw to a Close All Eyes Aren’t on the Horse Mitt Romney Has in the Race – They’re Fixed on Bain Capital’s Connections to Murderous South American Drug Cartels and His Unholy Alliance with Newly Announced Running Mate, Paul Ryan

    • Just in time for my old age. Swell. Just swell… But I still don’t think they’ll win. Ryan may do more to alienate older voters, as they’ve come to know and “boo” him.

  1. Ryan huh? There goes R-Money’s candidacy!. Retch-A-Sketch with Eddie Munster! I have seen SO many posts saying that by picking Ryan, Romney has committed suicide by running mate, like McCain in ’08 and that now we need to focus on the House and Senate and state level races, because the GOP is roadkill on the campaign trail to the White House. The Clown Car Politics that we all grew to love in the Debates has returned!

  2. In an effort to always say something nice about everyone. (I’m sure you’ve noticed that about me….) I think a Romney/Ryan ticket is very attractive. Physically attractive. They both look as if “central casting” has hired them to play the parts of a presidential candidate and his running mate.

    • I do not subscribe to the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” theory – I subscribe to the “always tell the truth, anyone who cannot handle it has too many ethics issues to be considered.” theory.

      • I subscribe to Alice Roosevelt’s philosophy which she had needle-pointed on a pillow for her sofa. It read: “If you have nothing nice to say about anyone, come and sit by me.”

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