Various and Sundry Threats to the Democratic Voting Process and Other Parlor Games

Let’s face it, the real threat to the democratic voting process isn’t whether or not some little old lady, college student or disabled person can produce a current photo ID.  The real threat to the integrity of the electoral process is Citizen’s United, or United Corporations to be more truthful.  The negligible headcount of presumed fraudulent voters is by far and away unlikely to unfairly sway this coming November’s elections.  What will sway the elections is obscene amounts of anonymous money being infused into campaigns through shadow packs.  Corporations United is far too opaque to be taken lightly.  If, for example, a campaign donor is connected to casino gambling and that same donor is paying for a candidate’s shadow pack ad-messaging, the public needs to know who that person is and what interests they represent.  Otherwise the candidate, if elected, is beholden to the gambling industry.  Or the oil companies…. the coal lobby…. the insurance moguls…. or whatever greed motivated conglomerates are out there willing to do anything whatsoever necessary to lessen or eliminate industry guidelines drafted to protect the consumer.  Presuming the consumer and the voter are one in the same.  Big business knows the consumer/voter isn’t necessarily paying close attention to their own best interests.  There are sporting events to watch, soap operas to follow and embarrassingly fake reality TV shows among other distractions that pull everyone’s attention away from knowing the things they need to know in order to be an informed voter.  For instance I just learned one of the Kardashian Sisters is named Thor.

One of the best ways to divert the public’s attention AWAY from what they need to know is to spoon feed them partial truths and nonsense by way of ad placements on TV and the internet.  The objective is to build a case that’s counter to all common sense, but seems curiously plausible due to the fine craftsmanship of Madison Avenue tricksters.  Advertising survey people realize the public will eat up anything they’re told without ever fact checking as long as you tell them convincingly accompanied by good graphics.  Americans allow television and other easy media to mold their viewpoints not with what they need to know, but with a blend of what politicians want them to hear played against everyone’s own most primal fears.  It’s called “selling soap.”  The GOP strategy to regain the White House appears to be a two part process to pollute the airwaves with propaganda on one hand and suppress the vote with the other.  The key demographic is the voter who can’t distinguish Chris Christie from one of his reality show counterparts.  Sometimes they’re difficult to tell apart.

Across the river in Pennsylvania, Republican State House Majority Leader, Mike Turzai, said while speaking to special donors that the newly signed Pennsylvania voter ID law was “going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.”  When you read between the lines what Tuzrai means, is he can glean out and suppress as many Democratic minority voters as possible in order to deliver Pennsylvania to Governor Romney.  Pennsylvania has fallen into the hands of knuckleheads and dimwits.  Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, who signed the voter suppression order into law will probably experience a short political career, but not ending in time to see this particular calamity averted.  Corbett was the state’s Attorney General through much of the Penn State Jerry Sandusky investigation and all appearances suggest he potentially played a role in the sex scandal cover-up.  Hopefully his career will not survive a “Penn State” damnation by association, but his removal from office will never come in time to prevent further damage to women’s rights, voter privileges and fracking the environment.  The man is playing pocket pool with big business and dark overlords.

The November election is probably as important an election as we’ve ever seen in decades.  Never has there been a more crucial time to learn from our own recent past and apply it to our future by rejecting the principles of greed when the seeds of recovery are slowly being sewn.  I am a human economic barometer, a sort of “canary in a coalmine.”  As a freelancer I’ve noticed an uptick in inquiries about projects clients only commission when they’ve got discretionary spending.  I’m very close to the bottom of the economic food chain so I’m sensitive to any and all ripples in the water.  It goes part and parcel with being an artist.  With rare exception I’ve hovered inches from financial doom all my adult life.  The fact that I’ve survived at all and carry any glimmer of hope rides on the belief that Barack Obama must get a second term.  History demands it.  Don’t allow big money and voter suppression to further divert the course of the future.

- Dissociated Press, 7.29.2012

7 thoughts on “Various and Sundry Threats to the Democratic Voting Process and Other Parlor Games

  1. The hypocritical Ratpublican’ts are demanding that President Obama show his college transcripts, application and financing before R-Money shows his tax returns. They say it is their right to demand it. Well there is one major problem with this. R-Money has not similarly shown his college papers. So, while President Obama has shown 12 years of tax returns, that is not enough for the Ratturds. They demand that before R-Money shows any information, we must have EVERYTHING from President Obama. Well, I think that if they want more data on the President, their guy needs to show SOMETHING before the President releases ANY more information. We KNOW R-Money is Mr. 1% but we demand to know what role Mittens played in sending jobs off-shore. What role did he play in shuttering businesses, and how much has he profited off of the misery and economic collapse in America?

    • Mitt Romney has been curiously silent about the Olympic uniforms subcontracted to China. Why? The rumor mill has it he played a part in outsourcing that contract. Mitt Romney is a suit model suffering from a cross between Tourette syndrome and some kind of A.D.D. brain malfunction that renders him incapable of sticking to one opinion or even clearly grasping any definition of the truth. He wants so badly to be president, but he has no idea how to perform that job were he to be elected. I believe that very little is actually real to him. Obscene privilege does that to people.

  2. There’s no apostrophe in “Citizens United”. Leave the bad grammar to the Teanderthals. With Google it takes fractions of a second to get things right the first time.

    • I embrace my grammatical errors. They take a back seat to content. Figure out what’s important and leave the minutiae criticism where it belongs. In small minds.

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