Zeus Ponders That “Old Time Religion” and Asks Why No One Has Consulted HIM…?!!!

Zeus ponders why the people keep asking for that “old time religion” but no one has invited him to participate in the conversation.  If that old time religion is allowing the state to become one with organized religion, then that’s really not good enough for me.  It lacks sound judgement to base an empire’s fate on the color of the smoke when burning entrails, but it makes no less sense than placing everyone’s fate in the hands of organized religion: Too much dogma and everyone thinks their mythology is superior to everyone else’s.  Lucky for us, we, as Americans have the right to keep our religious persuasions to ourselves and control of our own future if only by one single vote.  Be sure to check with your local and state officials for ID laws and further information as to whether or not you’re on the “black” list…..  Or the “elderly” list….  Or the “gay, inconvenient and unconventional” list….  (Don’t blame me, it’s not my idea.)  In ancient Greece and Rome only the aristocracy voted – and on the rarest of occasions one or two of those “senators” stood up for the common man if only to postpone the inevitable uprising until after his term was over.  It pretty much still works the same way – it’s called “keeping the peace.”

Part of keeping the peace is indeed satisfying the common man (and woman) with bread and circuses, and middle-class daily needs, because when you don’t address those needs there’s an inevitable uprising.  History bares me out.  If the system works (hopefully) it’s a “civil” uprising.  We currently face a battle squaring-off two candidates who couldn’t be of more divergent foundations in life.  One candidate identifies with the majority of thinking adults which in and of itself narrows down the playing field for the smart team.  OR, If you’re looking for a leader who represents what we all have in common, then look no further than the Swiss bank accounts and blind trust holdings in offshore strongboxes being served-up by the challenger.  Does anyone honestly believe Mitt Romney’s resume connects with either the common man or his and her faith…. or lack thereof…?  Even the “lack thereof” crowd are leery of a slick sociopath who’s on record contradicting himself more times than any candidate in recorded history.  Mitt Romney is running on the “Yeah, that’s the ticket, ‘ticket.'”  I keep wondering: Does Mitt Romney have a barely nodding acquaintance with truth and reality or is he living in an alternate universe tuned into his own inner voices? Voices only he can hear….  With Romney, you have to wonder who’s steering the ship?  He’s like that squeaky clean “Bob” character who appeared everywhere in graffiti a few years back.  Is Romney aware that cameras and recording devices exist and are trained on him to capture his every utterance?  Most embarrassing of all: HIS clips don’t require any “creative” editing.                                                                                        I give Mitt a B+ for courage when he sang “America the Beautiful.”  It used to be my favorite patriotic song other than the Whitney version of “The Banner.”  With Obama the challenge is how to convince certain sectors of the white middle-class, that voting in their own best interests without regard to where they land on the color spectrum will serve them well in the long run.  There’s no “shame” in learning from the Bush years.  What the middle-class needs to recognize is they’ve never been in more competent hands during a time of pestilence and crisis than under our current president.  That’s partly because most of us aren’t old enough to remember the last time of pestilence and crisis.  The “shame” of the situation belongs to the House of Representatives who stand instead for “petulance” and manufactured crisis….  Meanwhile Romney strategists are left reading entrails in braille when it comes to understanding the scope and scale of the American experience.  With that thought in mind, white middle-class America, ask yourself: “Why did the Republican House vote down every single jobs bill introduced?  Most notably the ones they themselves once championed?”  Answer: To keep the middle-class struggling so they can blame Obama for the economy as their premier chess strategy toward regaining the White House.  They want to put Mitt Romney in the White House.

Seriously?  Does anyone really want to see Mitt Romney in the White House?        I don’t want a suit model for the leader of the free world.  When I was a child I used to build elaborate sandcastles and when I was done, I’d place a ladybug to serve as “king” on one of my carefully sculpted towers, but it turned out that each and every one of them remained insects.  That’s exactly the problem the GOP has with selling Mitt Romney.  He’s as believable as the plot of “The Fly” only its the nation crying out “help meeee…!!!”  Middle-class white America, you need to take ownership of your connection to your half of our half-white and half-black president.  Who better to bridge the gap between us as America turns increasingly tan?  Anyone who can’t see that simple reality is consciously choosing not to.  It boils down to one essential question: Which of our presidential candidates best understands the definition of the word “struggle”?  Let your answer guide you in the voting booth this coming November, and bring a current ID if only to irritate the paranoid schizophrenic sourpuss asking to see it; “may Zeus strike down their minions.”

- Dissociated Press, 7/15/2012

8 thoughts on “Zeus Ponders That “Old Time Religion” and Asks Why No One Has Consulted HIM…?!!!

  1. You go Ducks, I think you’d make as good a Deity as any other contenders.

    I have spent the last week recovering from the (thankfully mild) heart attack I had on the 11th. I am going to be taking it a bit easy with politics for a bit because the stress level is getting to me. The Ratpublitards are making me too angry with the rampant stupidity, arrogance, bigotry, disdain for the common man and just plain butt-headed wrongness.

    I don’t know, anymore. I think that caring is becoming a sin, because it alienates you form others, puts a strain on your system. Meanwhile a cardboard cut-out of Mitt would do as well as a candidate as the flesh and blood man does.

    Then there is his horse-abusing dressage hobbyist wife calling us “you people” with all the disdain of Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake” (never mind that Marie never said that, and had expressed real concern for the peasants before losing her head, but I digress). These two are so disconnected with the populace, so out of touch, that they could never effectively lead this nation. Sometimes I think that Mitt SHOULD win, so that things get so horrid, so terrible, so destitute that even the Redneck contingent will rise up with the Progressives, pagans and Christians alike, socialist and pseudo-capitalist trailer trash to throw down the corrupt government, write a new Constitution, and start over from Square One..

    I know how much better Barack Obama is than the alternative. I hate what the Republicans are offering, but the majority of Democrats are NOT much better. Not much. Better, yes, but just owned by a different part of Wall Street. We need something that will get rid of Wall Street, the big banks, the fossil fuel industry, big pharma, big agra, and the monsters like Monsanto. We need to get their money out of running our government.

    No candidate will woo me with how much they can APPEAR Christian. I follow Hephaestus, Dionysius, Ares, Cerridwen, etc, (yeah, yeah, Greek/Celtic even Norse all fit in with what I believe) Yet we still have the politicians bending over backwards to kiss the bibles @$$. Let’s get a good, strong Green Party PAGAN in the running.

    I’d also like to express my sympathy with the millions of Americans suffering in the current drought, while we here in Seattle are getting rained out. Global Warming effects are becoming more prominent, yet the Right will, in the same breath, deny that it is happening, and that we are causing it. (As in “We are not causing the warming we are seeing in the world, and besides, the warming we are seeing isn’t happening either.”) We could power the whole nation if we could put solar panels over 75% of all parking lots and commercial roofs.That EXCLUDES homes, driveways, apartments buildings, and roads. Just think, covered parking at work, and when you go shopping, no longer the dash through the rain or blistering sun from the car to the door, nor the slog through snow and slush. The glaring white (or sometimes black) sea of business roofs you see on Google Maps turned a nice friendly sparkly blue. If you Google Davis-Monthan AFB, zoom into the north side of the base, turn off 45° view (in satellite view) and see the rainbow sparkles from the solar panels the base runs on. (The ground isn’t dead-brown from pollution, effects of the solar panels or because the panels block rain – that is what the ground NATURALLY looks like in a desert) Personally, I would rather see rooftops of solar panels rather than the separate solar farm,and as a cover for parking. (check out Nevada Brewing’s parking lot: http://www.sierranevada.com/about/images/solar.jpg, concept of solar “leaves” that turn with the sun, to keep electric cars charged: http://www.ecoshopper.net/2009/green-transportation/parking-lot-of-the-future-has-solar-panel-forest-to-recharge-cars/, and Google’s headquarters, covered in solar panels: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kxoblzHM9t1qamvu5o1_500.jpg). The possibilities are endless. I saw one study that said NYC could meet 75% of it’s energy needs just by covering business roofs in the 5-Borrough area above a certain size, with solar panels.
    Maybe this drought will bring the impetus to make the changes we need.

    • I loved link number two. I can tell you’re feeling better. You’re feisty. My friend, Joe just got home from ten days in the hospital for a heart procedure. He’s snapping at everyone too. I think it’s part of the recovery process. Continue to heal. Keep heart, no pun intended. And bite your tongue for even suggesting Romney should win – even in jest. It’s too grisly to dwell-on.

      • It was not in jest, it was more along the lines of watching the world burn. I know that if R-Money wins, we are doomed, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, that will bring us to where we throw away this government overboard, and make something new, something successful. It would have all the fun and joy and peace and contentment of a root canal without pain killers, salt in the wound, (and rubbing alcohol) while dropping an anvil on your toe. But like dynamiting a relic building to erect a new one, maybe we have reached the point where that is required.

      • I allude in parpgraah two of the column what inspired the column’s emphasis, i.e. I am responding to several columns and topic discussions on other websites. But I conclude with basically saying that their need be no specially-tailored reach out to any group, but that the GOP needs to be more vocal on moral terms in denouncing Dem policies, responding to unjust attacks and in promoting how conservative policies help the poor and middle class and America generally.More Republicans as a percentage, voted for the Civil Rights Act and there is zero policy basis for any of those groups to be against the GOP if they desire a healthy Liberty-based society and economy based on the respective policies of the Dems and the GOP since the late 60s. The Dems have been better in demonizing the GOP unjustly. The GOP has been a party of wimps afraid of the PC police.

    • Mike“More Republicans as a percentage, voted for the Civil Rights Act” The Civil rihtgs act was actually a Bi-partisan effort, the split was not along party lines but in regions, North and South. While it is true as a percentage more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act the ones that didn’t were from the South. Just as among the Democrats the ones who were against the CRA were from the south. After the signing of the CRA ,of which Barry Goldwater voted against, “Dixiecrats” started to move to the Republican party coerced by Richard Nixon’s southern strategy, which was to realign the southern states to red states. The Republicans went after the south and welcomed the ”Dixiecrats” with open arms and lost the majority of the Black vote. This strategy was continued by both Reagan and Bush. I will stop short of saying they used race to win elections, let’s just say it didn’t look good. This is the image the Republican party has to shake not just among Black voters you right it should be all inclusive. Yes MLK was a republican but I wonder if he would be one today.Black in America Baby……..the revolution has been televised

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