Donald Trump knows Barack Obama Wasn’t Born in Kenya – But Did You Know Donald Trump Was Born on Planet Zavnar?

Donald Trump knows that Barack Obama wasn’t born in Kenya.  He also knows Obama WAS born in Hawaii.  While Trump is an imbecile with scary hair, he isn’t actually all that stupid, he’s merely an opportunist with a failing non-reality TV show.  Sheldon Addelbrain knows the same thing, but his greed and prejudice rule his ‘thinking’ (such as it is) to where all that matters is his endless financial enrichment from casinos full of scantily clad young women.

The devise of painting Barack Obama as an outsider of ‘suspicious origin’ is too easy when pandering to a base who can tell you who won the Superbowl, the World Series and Dancing With the Stars – but can’t tell you who’s the Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader or how power is divided among the three branches of government.  They probably think Diana Ross is on the Supreme Court.  Mention the words ‘legislative body’ and your average voting couch potato is already snoring.  They have no interest in the matters that actually effect the quality of their daily lives.  They know what they see on TV, and if the television set blames Obama for gas prices – why bother with the facts?  Gas prices are determined by OPEC, and Obama has no say over them.  If TV reinforces a subservient role for women and minorities, then the voting public (including some women and minorities) will buy those feted lies even when they’re not in their best interests.

I find it astonishing that Trump has the ‘basketballs’ to still be hawking the ‘birther’ bullshit well after that paranoid fantasy has long since been debunked.  No one cares that John McCain was born in Panama or that Mitt Romney’s father, former presidential candidate, George Romney was born in Mexico as the son of long-standing Mexican residents.  There are always convenient loop holes that apply when the candidate is white.  Neocons see the world moving toward diversity and it frightens them.  What if the growing black and Hispanic populations become educated and outdistance all the people who dress at Brooks Brothers?  They might loose their delicate hold on the nation and be forced to confront the truth about human achievement not being confined to one racial group who believes themselves to be superior in the eyes of their false gods.  Best then to keep everyone stupid for the sake of the GOP’s fragile ego.

The key to backing this country out of it’s collective madness is to get-out the female vote.  Women across all racial and ethnic boundaries need to stand-tall and say ‘enough’ to nonsense and discrimination.  Obama is clearly behind gender equality, and that bothers the GOP almost as much as their answering to a black commander-in-chief.  So, if Barack Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii?  Where WAS he born?  Winnie and Duck traveled the world-over researching some possibilities, and here are some speculative conclusions…

All the following birthplace speculations were provided by readers…

It is time for neocons to face the fact that every time they claim Obama wasn’t born in America, they loose IQ points they can ill-afford to part with.  Barack Obama is a natural-born American who spent much of his growing years abroad.  Get over it and focus on the issues that matter.  Intelligent people lost interest, time and respect for your distracting, non-truthful wedge issues.  Now focus on the economy and bringing fairness to an even playing-field for women and minorities.  It’s time for America to listen to Barack Obama and retrieve this nation from the blithering idiocy of the Tea Party and other mental midgets.  The United States must return to being a peaceful and prosperous nation for more than just the privileged 1%. This birther issues is over.  Enough.

Read it and weep.  Your president IS your president and whether you’re smart enough to understand it or not, he’s the best thing to come along in the American political scene in our lifetimes.



9 thoughts on “Donald Trump knows Barack Obama Wasn’t Born in Kenya – But Did You Know Donald Trump Was Born on Planet Zavnar?

  1. “Now focus on the economy and bringing fairness to an even playing-field for women and minorities.”

    While it is true that we need to focus on these issues, don’t expect the GOP to do it, the attacks on our economy, women and minorities is EXACTLY what they Ratpublican’ts want. The game plan all along has been to cut off the voting power from women and minorities, the poor, and basically anyone who is not a rich white man. And they plan to also continue the attacks on the economy to ensure that those rich white men have more and more of the nations wealth. They won’t be happy with less than 100% of the nations wealth, and us as part of it as we become slaves. That is why their health care plan is “don’t get sick” And their medical treatment plan for the poor is “If you get sick, die quickly and get out of the way of healthier slaves”

    • The GOP behavior strategy is that of a scared group of people who realize their time of dominance is waning. Worried sick about Wisconsin, BTW.

      • Unhappy that the recall of Walker failed, but that’s the Koch Brothers Reich-marks at work. However, the Democrats did get a majority in the state Congress there, so maybe there will be improvements.
        People are so easily fooled into voting against their own benefits, it’s sickening what Citizens United is doing.
        Citizens United, talk about misnomer. That one decision is doing more to split and fragment this nation than the Vietnam War, the Drug War, Civil Rights marches and the current GOP War on Women and LGBTQ combined.

          • Of course bought and paid for, that was the whole point of Citizens United, to allow the rich few to appoint whom-so-ever they wanted to make the laws that keep them rich, and drive the rest of us deeper into poverty, serfdom and slavery. If we cannot counteract this heinous crime, America is finished, and the Tories of old will win, as we go back to the same sort of cruelty and unrepresented barbarism that our colonial period under British rule showed.

    • Yeah, The new Diana Ross and the Supremes! That would be Fab-You-LOUS!

      We definitely need more judges, and less conservative social activists on the Supreme Court, that is without a doubt the biggest hurdle we have to justice. And you KNOW that the cons are not going to step down willingly while President Obama is still in the White House.

  2. The neocons have no problem with destroying this nation to regain power. For the GOP, it hasn’t been about doing what’s right since they were the party of Lincoln. And if Diana Ross would stop getting pulled over for DWI’s we could get her on the bench – hehehe.

    • I’d say since they were the party of Teddy Roosevelt, not all the way back to Lincoln. Something seems to have happened to the GOP during the Harding/Coolidge years. Though Ike did do a lot of good as a GOP President, it’s been all downhill for them since Harding took office and really badly since “Tricky Dicky”

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