Mark Zuckerberg’s Stock Plummets Like a Stone as He Screws Everyone on His Wedding Night

Facebook founder and alleged intellectual property thief, Mark Zuckerberg celebrated the public offering of his overly inflated company by marrying his long-time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan.  The wedding surprised guests who thought they were gathering to celebrate the company’s sale on the NASDAQ.  How romantic AND how shrewd of Mark.  Waiting until after Facebook was publicly offered means new wife, Priscilla, regardless of any prenuptial agreement, will never be entitled to go-after any of Zuckerberg’s earnings prior to their marriage vows should she come to her senses and divorce him.  She’ll do well, but not close to half his worth.

In every sense of the word, Zuckerberg’s new wife was royally screwed long before the honeymoon.  People who get involved with Mark Zuckerberg tend to get screwed even if they don’t realize it at first.  The Winkelvoss twins, who hired Zuckerberg as a tech adviser to their new social media concept were screwed when he opened his own improved version while dragging his feet completing theirs.  The twins were screwed by being awarded $65,000,000 settlement over their stolen concept which Zuckerberg developed, initially valued at $100,000,000,000 and dropping like a stone.  Investors were screwed as Facebook stock, already shrewdly over-priced plummetted 11% during its first full day of trading following it’s initial offering.  Zuckerberg is not suffering those losses.  His investors are.  That’s an 11 BILLION dollar “correction” for those of you unfamiliar with fundamental mathematics 101.

We, who use Facebook are screwed on a daily basis by Zuckerberg as he sells our personal private information to companies and individuals to whom we’d prefer not to be acquainted.  Through slimy legal language, our photos and words become wrongfully the property of Facebook — as if morality exists in cyberspace.  Mark Zuckerberg is an amoral young man who only cares about his own sweet world revenge.  It’s not our fault he resembles Harpo Marx, but without the charm or talent.  It isn’t our fault the evil and obscenely wealthy punk con-artist will always be a creep no matter what he does, who he screws or how little anything he does bothers him.

Facebook is a bubble.  Imitators will eventually come along and undercut the market, but it won’t matter to Mark, he’s already shafted countless gullible investors by selling them a whipped-up stock full of leaden air – leaden air which has already plummeted like a stone.  That said, Mark’s got his, and that’s all that matters, proving once and for all that good guys finish last.  For all my disdain of Zuckerberg, I still feel sorry for him.  There’s nothing to like about him, unless you want to get close to his money.  Good luck with that — I’ll pass thank you.  It’s bad enough ‘being’ Zuckerberg’s ‘product.’

3 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg’s Stock Plummets Like a Stone as He Screws Everyone on His Wedding Night

  1. as soon as i heard he’d gotten married, my first thought was: i wonder how he’ll screw her over during the inevitable divorce?

    lately been contemplating the fact that trayvon martin and mark zuckerberg dressed alike. wrong guy got shot.

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