Mitt Romney Wins an Impressive Victory in Unchallenged Primary States, Including My Voting District With an Astounding 7% of the Total Vote

I once knew a girl who entered a beauty pageant, talent, swimsuit and evening gown.  It was held at a local bar.  No one else entered, so she won.  It was a mortifying embarrassment to behold, especially the “talent” portion, as no one really wants to see anyone spinning batons — and local fire code prevented her from adding pyrotechnics.  And so it was last night with Mitt Romney taking another 5 more unchallenged primary states, including my state of Pennsylvania.  In Pennsylvania primaries, voting is party-specific.  When we close down after a LONG day at the polls, we publicly post the local tally sheets as specified by the law.  Duplicates sheets are divided-up between various sources who have competing interests so as to avoid any impropriety.  As Democratic majority inspector of my polling station, I work directly next to a lovely woman and good friend who is the Republican minority inspector.  At the evening’s end there was only about a 7% Republican showing in our district.  But Philadelphia is a very ‘blue’ town.  In other words, Romney won with feint praise.

The biggest pain in the ass THIS election (albeit a small turn-out) was the considerable constipation caused by the new voter ID laws.  It’s ONE MORE unnecessary step in what is already a cumbersome process, understaffed with never enough volunteers.  November is going to be bedlam.  The first and most noticeable problem was people automatically laying-down their ID on the registration desk and then walking away without it.  It didn’t matter how often you told people to hold onto them, they laid them down any way contributing the further nuisance of tracking-down voters to return their identification.  I suspect the greater threat is NOT NOW nor EVER HAS BEEN voter fraud at the polling place.  The greater threat is now going to be identity theft should anyone scoop-up an ID that isn’t theirs.

A sizable number of voters WITH ID were refusing to show them in protest.  This was like a ‘soft-opening’ — people were still allowed to vote.   What most people don’t understand, is generally speaking you know the overwhelming number of your regular voters in your district.  It is NOT easy or feasible for people to vote more than once in any way that would genuinely effect election results.  There was only a 14% turnout for the primary which means only 7% of the 14% turnout were voting for Romney.  Here’s a simple mathematical comparison:  If a district has 1000 voters, and 140 voters actually participate (14%), then in real figures, Mitt Romney got 9 measly votes.  We have 1000 voters in our polling station.

Working the voting polls is a 15 hour day convulsing between abject boredom and chaotic bedlam.  All the polling stations need more volunteers, but no one ever steps forward.  Let’s face it, Americans don’t even value their vote. If they did, they’d show-up and participate in the process either working at the polls or by at least voting.  France’s recent primary had an 80% voter turnout.  Our congested Philadelphia neighborhood had only a 14% turnout.  But lest we forget, the real purpose of the voter ID laws aren’t to prevent voter fraud.  Voter fraud doesn’t happen until ballots reach smoke-filled back rooms away from prying eyes.  The polling stations are clean.  Voter ID laws are designed to discourage and prevent minority votes.  Seniors, people of color and student aged voters.

Philly is a college town.  The more educated the voter, the harder they are to fool.  No wonder the GOP wants to cut funding to education.  This is far from over…

4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Wins an Impressive Victory in Unchallenged Primary States, Including My Voting District With an Astounding 7% of the Total Vote

  1. verified cases of voter fraud in the u.s. are so rare as to be practically a myth. there are more shark attacks in america than cases of voter fraud. republicans should pass some shark legislation if they want to do something useful.

  2. @duckus…How correct you are! At least someone is awake. Thanks for the astute observation.
    @Beihl…Thank you for your service as a poll volunteer. It’s folks like you who help make democracy work. It’s things like “Citizens United” that don’t.

  3. Years ago, I worked the polls in Tucson. I was working nights at AOL, getting out at 2:00 AM. The need to be at the poll at 4:30 AM meant that I went home from a 10 hour work day (we were on OT at the time) had a cup of coffee, went to the poll, worked till 1 AM the next night. All in all, I was awake for 38 1/2 hours straight. Wen I can afford to NOT work for a living, I’ll go back to working the polls. (Let’s face it, with my physique, working the polls is hard enough, working the (brass) pole is out of the question.)
    You are a real trouper to do this (sadly) thankless task. My thanks anyway. I wish we could have the voter turnout here that they get in France. Maybe then we could get politicians who can work for our good, rather than the highest paying corporation.

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