What Does What Have to do with What?

Like most Americans, I’m glad the constipated House of Representatives finally passed the extension of the middle-class payroll tax cut just in time for the holidaze.  Of course they only did it so they could all leave for ‘winter recess’ – taking-off even MORE time – as if they actually DO anything as it is.  But we’ll take it.  We have to.  Who couldn’t use an extra $1,000 bucks in their pockets in these difficult economic times?

The 1%, that’s who.  

Curious how the Republican members of the House of Representatives keep fighting tooth and nail to preserve the Bush-era tax breaks for the 1% wealthiest Americans – and pitch a fit over extending a measly $1,000 tax-break for the middle-class demonizing the measure as if it were akin to treason.  

“Who’s going to pay for these middle-class tax-buts?” we heard echoing through the halls of Congress.  Odd how we never heard the Republican’s mention that same sort of question when the subject was unfunded wars, or tax-breaks for the wealthiest among us.  Very peculiar.

However, what’s more peculiar, is how politicians manage to cobble-together disparate issues like the Keystone Oil Pipeline proposed to cut a swath from Canada all the way down to the Gulf Coast and attach it inextricably to funding tax-breaks for people struggling to put food on their tables.  That’s how Washington works, AND it’s what makes the average citizen’s eyes go crossed.  What the hell does one thing have to do with the other?

Answer:  NOTHING….

…Nothing aside from porky little techniques of political posturing and shady legislation that can link a bridge to nowhere to funding school lunch programs.  This is the stuff you’d expect from the inmates of an asylum – which is kinda what Congress has become.  There’s no doubt in my mind that members of Congress have more skeletons in their closets than all the ex-convicts employed by the NFL combined.  

People know they’re hungry and wanting for money – but it’s short-sighted to keep putting all our resources into fossil-fuel projects promising short-term jobs and long-range fossil-fuel dependence.  Advanced-thinking people know how hungry and desperate Americans are for work – but not at the cost of destroying our environment for future generations while ignoring the development of alternative clean energy sources.  Alternative energy sources potentially offer even more jobs now and in the future.  This is the same conundrum we see playing-out with the ‘fracking’ controversy – only this time Congressional Republicans have found a way to tie the payroll tax-cut for the middle-class to an oil pipeline project that will disturb the entire continent north to south without regard for whatever will to be mowed-down and bisected by it’s path.  It’s not like we have a history of environment oil disasters or anything…  Oh, right, I plumb forgot about the BP mess in the Gulf, the Alaska oil pipeline spill and the Exxon-Valdez…

In the end, Republicans historically have, and will continue to hold the economy hostage, effecting everything from unemployment benefits to keeping the lights-on in our government buildings – only approving a 2 month extension while demanding all Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthy be made permanent.  It’s deja vu all over again, ironically set to be revisited by Congress on Groundhog’s Day.  This confusing tangle of constipated legislation is intended to prolong the financial agony of the American people – simply so the Republican Party can make President Obama look bad in the eyes of voters who aren’t paying attention – blaming him for the economy – without a thought as to how this disastrous economic climate came to pass.  

In 60 days, President Obama will be placed in the untenable position of facing a 2nd fight with Congress to further extend tax breaks to the middle-class PLUS government funding while having to make impossible decisions concerning the Keystone Oil Pipeline.  In a logical world these issues should-not and would-not be linked, but Washington, DC isn’t part of a logical world.

The Republican Party doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the American people, the middle-class or the working-poor.  It’s all a chess game to those wealthy bastards.  They want to capture the White House as their prize – the rest of us be damned.  And they wonder why American’s have taken to the streets…

4 thoughts on “What Does What Have to do with What?

  1. Honestly, I'd forgo the tax cut in favor of VETOing the pipe line travesty. I can find other ways to make ends meet.
    I strongly feel that ALL current members of Congress should be executed for treason. They are all lying, thieving, greedy traitors, with out a pennies worth of love for America in them. They should be drawn, quartered and fed to the alligators and crocodiles down in Florida.

  2. The Russians during the revolution dug HUGE pits and threw the aristocracy into them so there was no say they could escape – they the rolled-in burning logs and slow-roasted high society to a golden brown.

    As a Quaker at heart, I would never sanction such a thing and I'm not suggesting anyone ever go to such extreme measures, but you gotta admit, grotesque as it was, it was inventive.

  3. Now there's a recipe I never found in my holiday compendium! Crispy roasted aristocrat! Beats chestnuts any day!
    You'd think how the aristocracy fared in both the French and Russian revolution (beheaded vs roasted) I wonder why our rich are so dead-set on pissing on, and pissing off the poor.
    Meanwhile here in Seattle, the police have shown that they are past masters of abusing 87 year old ladies and clergy in their religious finery. Old lady got maced last month, along with a Methodist Minister, another Methodist Minister got shoved face first into the asphalt and punched repeatedly by a cop, then arrested and hauled off, for the "crime" of stopping a man from punching a cop.
    This is the same Seattle PD that a Justice Department investigation states has a history of excessive force in unwarranted situations.
    What is really disturbing is that about 85% of the incidents of excessive force trace to just 20 cops, and the chief of police is STILL saying there is "no problems" and that the Justice Department probe was a witch hunt.
    I am as in favor as anyone for a peaceful protest, but the powers that be seem to be Hell-bent on making peaceful impossible. That only leaves one possibility, and things have gone too far bad, too much inequality in society for our nation to continue without radical change. If peaceful is impossible, the alternative is going to be very, very ugly. I am living in fear of "the other shoe dropping".

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