We’re Finally Nearing the Right Path, Don’t Mess It Up by Electing Some Monosyllabic Republican With Good Hair

The United State is — well — in a “state.”  A state of disarray a long time in the making.  Nothing but obstinate Republican obstacles have been thrown in our president’s path over the past three years plus…  When Barack Obama extended his hand, the GOP withdrew theirs.  Not metaphorically — literally — I watched it with my own eyes on C-SPAN.  I’m discouraged to hear people I’d expect to know better saying “I voted for change and I didn’t get it.”  But they don’t give a moment’s thought as to why.  We all voted for change, but what we got was a fierce GOP resistance to change orchestrated by a frightening right wing filibuster-machine every time the president attempted to implement constructive measures to propel us forward.  Meanwhile the ‘left’ unfairly put Obama on a pedestal, and the ‘right’ has been attempting to put a noose around his head and kick the pedestal out from under him ever since.

Those who ‘can’t’ criticize, and it’s become perfectly clear the Republican Party cannot govern nor govern fairly — but they can criticize.  It took a lot of years worth of greed to get this country into our current state of affairs — and we’re not going to pull ourselves out as quickly as we change TV channels with the remote.  The news covers GOP knuckleheads blaming Obama for the economy or whatever ‘kvetch’ of the week test-markets best with the Republican think-tanks.  Say what they will, here is the fact: The impatient American public fails to grasp they’re still suffering the effects of the Bush presidency and probably will be for years to come — and likely prolong their suffering if they foolishly elect Romney.  Don’t underestimate the GOP.  Their genius is getting people to vote counter to their own best interests.

Obama leveled with us from the start in saying our problems cannot be fixed in one term or even two.  It might take several presidencies to back us out of the swamp the Bush Administration stranded-us in.  We didn’t get here over night.   It’s been a constant, concerted effort on the part of the GOP to shrink the middle-class — frankly ever since Ronald Regan’s fairytale about “tinkle-down-economics.”  I do, however, think Obama was naïve in not realizing the degree of racial hatred and constipated immobility the GOP would be willing to stoop-to in order to keep the American economy on the brink of disaster.  And why?  In hopes the voting public would forget how they got in this mess, so the GOP could regain the White House.  It’s a chess game to them.

Obama rightfully hoped and believed there would be some measure of bipartisanship, but there was none forthcoming.  He has not been allowed to govern to the full extent of his talent and abilities.  The president has demonstrated the patience of Job these past few years.  The best reelection hand he’s been dealt is the blithering idiocy of the GOP presidential run-off.  But there are frightening numbers of Americans who will discount and ignore Obama’s accomplishments — even work to reverse them merely to see the next president, no matter how idiotic, be a rich white man.

Obama inherited a nation in profound crisis compounded by congressional gridlock.  Tragically in certain sectors of the nation we still have an incredibly stupid electorate, some of whom still labor under the absurd notion that the Obama presidency is illegitimate.  We have liberals who thought all they had to do was vote for Obama, and everything would be fixed in the blink of an eye.  But did any of those people DO anything to help?  No!!!  Half of them didn’t even remember to vote during in the 2010 midterms.  Nevertheless, so many Democrats want to see Obama get blazing angry.  They want to see him yell with hell-fire.  And what exactly would that prove?  Nothing.  It would only bring him down to the level of your average generic republican presidential hopeful.

I hate to say this, but I’m afraid we might have a president who is too good for his own country.  Obama hasn’t failed.  We as Americans have failed.  American politicians have failed, God knows the banks all but literally failed.  Corporate America has failed.  And we’re all failing to heal the racial divide.  We want our national problems to fix themselves as we sit back and watch ‘Dancing With the Stars’ somehow expecting the world will remain our oyster.  Oysters, if you recall become oyster stew in Alice in Wonderland when they listened to a rich, greedy politician who leads them down the wrong path.  We’re finally nearing the right path.  Don’t mess it up by electing some monosyllabic republican with good hair.  This year the stakes are far too crucial for us to wind-up back in the stew.

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