Let Us Sing A Slaying Song Tonight

Alaska is a beautiful state, or so I‘m told.  But Alaska is a state with one spiritually pug-ugly ex-half-term governor.  Sarah Palin may be described as having a physically pretty appearance – but it’s what’s on the inside that matters. 

I was eating my lunch at noon today when I glanced-up at the TV news just in time to see Sarah Palin pull the trigger on some sort of antlered animal, and shoot the poor beast dead in it‘s tracks.  I assume it was a reindeer.  I wasn’t intentionally watching ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska,’ nor would I ever.  I have better things to do even when I have nothing to do.  What I caught was an excerpt being replayed on a station other than TLC just in time to witness the daily news fixation on the Palins. 

Lucky me. 

I also got to see Palin use a baseball bat to club a ’floundering’ halibut to death last week by much the same viewing happenstance.  You can’t get away from the woman.  She’s everywhere at once, killing things, making incoherent comments and inventing useless words.

Some people say she’ll actually put in a bid for the presidency in two years, and all of this media-glut is part of her strategy.  I hear people say her candidacy (should it come to pass in 2012) would insure Obama’s reelection.  Great, if that’s what happens.  But what if it doesn’t, and we’re saddled with that deranged media-whore as  the leader of the free world?  It’s too much of a horror to even contemplate.  Just imagine a president dumber than George Bush…  A president who (if possible) is even less informed…  with potentially worse judgment… while equally inarticulate… and squatting in the Oval Office controlling the ship of state.

It sends a shiver down my spine.

Palin can taste power and money – and the American people have repeatedly proven in the past to be a little slow on the uptake.  But for now it’s all fun and game-hunting.  So, as to boost her ratings, and push her inescapable mediocrity to the nth degree, Palin is joining forces with Kate Goslin, thus enabling the entire nation to tune-in and watch two fully dysfunctional families demonstrate how appalling parenting skills can warp the minds of children. 

The best we can hope for is a national “Palin-burnout” to set-in.  It set-in with me about 48 hours after McCain announced her as his running mate in ‘08. 

For those of you brain-scrambled enough to intentionally take time out of your week to watch ‘Sarah Palin‘s Alaska‘, you’ll get to enjoy ‘Kate Plus Hate‘ in an upcoming episode.  Just what the world needs.  Goslin however,  is dangerous only to her own children.  Palin is potentially dangerous to the entire free world.  Maybe Palin’s next “celebrity” guest should be Michael Vick?  Or better yet, let her go on an animal killing-spree with Dick Cheney.  Then her show might be pelleted by a happy ending.  Now THAT, would be something I would tune-in to watch.

3 thoughts on “Let Us Sing A Slaying Song Tonight

  1. Great 'Toon, Beihl. I love it! The stupidity of a huge percentage of the American citizenry never ceases to amaze – & terrify – me. I am not in favor of a "poll tax" restricting voting to property owners only; but I'd support a "brain cell tax" wherein all potential voters would have to prove they had enough of those pesky little gray things between their ears to enable them to cast a ballot with some semblance of understanding of the records of the various candidates & of the ballot issues requiring voter approval.

  2. Bob, well said. We need an IQ test when people register to vote.

    Beihl. the poor "antlered animal" appears in the picture to be an elk, second largest of the American ungulates, right behind moose. A reindeer is a European animal, in the US we call the same thing a caribou, and they are illegal to hunt. I support hunting as an American tradition, but also insist that you only kill what is going to be eaten or is trying to kill you. To kill that animal for ratings is as stupid as the shooting of two mules done to film Patton. Which was really stupid because they didn't need to really shoot the animals for the scene, but did and then cut most of the scene out of the film. So unless that animal was attacking Caribou Barbie (and who could blame him?) or is on the Palin's dinner table, that is cruelty to animals.

  3. My guess is ratings, as she was beating a halibut to death with a baseball bat in and earlier "episode". I understand hunting too, although I wouldn't personally choose to participate in it. This stunt is for ratings, shock-value and gratuitous faux "machismo". To quote Keith Olbermann "That woman is an idiot."

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