GUNS – HUH – What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nuthin’

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know, it’s your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, I’ve heard it all before.  I still wish it was a fashion endorsement for sleeveless shirts.  I’m reasonably certain the framers of the Constitution weren’t anticipating ‘Stand Your Ground and Shoot First’ laws, let alone the magnitude of weaponry now available on the market.   I have lots of friends who choose to own guns and I respect their right to own them only because it’s within the law, and none of them at the moment are waiving one at me.  Most people would be far safer without a gun in their possession.  Trayvon Martin would certainly have been safer AND alive had George Zimmerman not been allowed to own a gun, which no doubt emboldened Zimmerman’s paranoia clouding whatever common sense he might possess.

In excess of 100,000 people are victims of gun violence in America every year.  The African American community comprises only 13% of the nation’s population but close to 54% of all gun-violence occurs within that population.  This is not to imply other races have declared open season on black Americans — there is, however overwhelming statistical evidence that most of that tragic statistic is black on black violence.  I repeat.  Nothing good comes from guns.

We watch young people like Trayvon Martin killed every day.  Killed in a world overwhelmed with gun violence.  The news over the past couple decades has  been full of mass shootings on school and college campuses while gun advocates push the limits for the right to carry firearms — including right onto school grounds.  We look at former Arizona Representative Gabriel Giffords faced with the course of her life unalterably changed forever by an imbecile with a gun.  She and the others around her were killed or wounded by way of a previously banned extended magazine clip — now legal thanks to the infinite lack of wisdom of George W. Bush…  The senseless war in Afghanistan has escalated to even worse nightmarish violence (if imaginable) because of a deranged, war-weary soldier murdering children in their beds at night…

When is enough, enough?

There’s a special gun-chamber in hell for the NRA, who’s sole mission is to extend as wide a berth around gun availability as possible to reinforce their own paranoid need to have firearms by their sides.  100,000+ people are wounded or killed annually for this “right” — which in many states is extended to rapid-fire assault weapons.  Are we serious?  Someone actually “needs” to own rapid-fire assault weapons?  Come on now…  I can’t help but wonder if there’s ever been an IQ study done of strident gun advocates?  I’d wager the results would be comparable to the recent Brock University study in Ontario, Canada that concluded after extensive testing, racists and conservatives scored considerably lower IQ test results than open-minded progressives.  I’d always suspected as much, but since conservatives don’t put stock in scientific evidence, they’re most likely not listening any way.  I’d be curious to know whether people who feel an overwhelming need to own a gun don’t secretly WANT to use that gun(?)   Is there’s something primal within them?  Like an instinct for aggression and a need to render control over others — be they people or animals…

100 million birds are shot and killed every year “for sport,” most of them waterfowl causing no harm to anyone, aside from a little extra dung at the lakeside.  Some people derive satisfaction out of that “sport.”  Real brave of them too.  Another 100 million birds are killed annually by house cats, not for food, but through an instinctive animal pleasure linked to the kill.  It’s my unscientific suspicion, that the less evolved among humankind feel stronger urges to kill, stronger urges to display control over others and languish in more imaginary threats and fears, than do better educated and more thoughtful people.  The constant anticipation of threat invariably becomes it’s own self-fulfilling prophecy.  Unless, of course you’re a sitting duck — in which case you’ve got to look out for both guns AND house cats.  Duck D. Duck is considering switching from a hoodie to full suit of body armor — and who can blame her?

14 thoughts on “GUNS – HUH – What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nuthin’

  1. Well, speaking as a southern girl, someone may have the balls to come in on me, but they won’t walk out with them.

  2. The other side to that argument, with me being a gun owning Democrat. I like the sport. And if you take all the guns from the law abiding citizens, only the criminals (that don’t follow the law) will have them….so I’d rather have one and not need it, than need one and not have it.

    • I just wish more people would be satisfied shooting skeet. Or better still, Hummel Figurines. We could catapult Hummel Figurines into the air and blow ‘em away.

  3. I’ll second the emotion of stlhmod, I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it, which is the status I have been maintaining for 24 years.
    A little education for BOTH sides of the issue, The Second Amendment. The framers of the Constitution were specific, both in the Constitution, and other writings before and after that their intent was that citizens would be able to defend themselves from a tyrannical government, our own. However, they did this in a time when 95% of the populace was already armed, and even the BEST military on earth had weapon technology that was, at best, 5 years more advanced than the general population. (Much of the American population, at the time the Constitution was penned were either very recent war veterans or needed to hunt for survival.) We should STILL have the right, indeed the RESPONSIBILITY to resist tyranny from our own leaders, by force if necessary. Sadly, that would be so difficult with the advanced level (and volume) of weaponry that the US military owns versus what is available to the private citizen, even in the most fevered wet dream of the NRA.
    For the record, I consider the NRA to be too far overboard. There is another organization – Sportsmen of North America that promotes outdoor sporting activities NOT just limited to firearms. They do some work to protect the 2nd Amendment, but also to educate people about the outdoors, promoting hunting (including bow) photography, and community. Someday, when I have the funds, I might join.
    I do believe in hunting, but I also FIRMLY believe that you should never hunt anything that you don’t intend to eat, or that intends to eat (or otherwise kill) you. I do not believe in hunting for “sport” because the animals don’t find it sporting. Like the old joke about “what’s the difference between ham and eggs? The chicken was involved, but the pig was COMMITTED!
    People like Zimmerman who had already been refused for admission as a police officer, had already been charged with both domestic violence and assaulting a police officer should NEVER have had a weapon. Personally, I don’t think he should have been trusted with a Leatherman, let alone a firearm. The latest videos show him being led into the police station less than half an hour after he shot Treyvon, and despite all the press that Treyvon had broken Zimmerman’s nose, I see NO evidence of it. And I have had my nose broken so I know what to look for. The video experts say “It’s too grainy to see if his nose is crooked” BUT that is hardly the most telling evidence of a broken nose. No nose gets broken without profuse bleeding. His shirt and/or jacket should have been covered, and they were NOT. The reports also say that he suffered a bad laceration to the back of his head. In the video, he has VERY short hair. Also from personal experience (I was assaulted a lot in high school due to a false accusation that I was gay) I know that scalps bleed worse than noses. Yet again, NO blood on the back of his head, nothing on the back of his clothes.
    While I am not saying that it is entirely impossible to suffer a scalp laceration and a broken nose without getting blood on yourself, I find it difficult to see a scenario where it would work. The images and information that is available online cannot PROVE Zimmerman murdered Treyvon, but they are suspicious, and there should be enough evidence for the police to hold him, and investigate the event, rather than questioning him briefly and releasing him. THAT is the injustice, that a proven violent man killed a teen, and does not have to prove self-defense.

  4. I own at least 5 hoodies, and all that happens to ME, is people asking where I bought them. I Goldberg’s Army Navy Surplus on 1th and Market in Philly. Geraldo Rivera needs to never say another word out loud as long as he lives.

  5. The only gun I had was a .22 rifle. I bought it at Nichol’s Store on rt38 in Mt Laurel.
    I was in Jr High and paid for it with money I had earned on my paper route. No permit required.
    We used it for target practice in the basement. One day a ricochet hit my brother in the tooth. I don’t know what happened to the gun after that.
    Which brings me to my point– you are much more likely to get hurt by a gun that you own than by one you do not own.
    Years ago I subscribed to the NRA magazine . I may have had to join the NRA to get the magazine, I don’t remember. I like reading ‘source’ material. That way I can read what that group thinks. One monthly column I found most disturbing was entitled something like “I saved/protected my self/family/home from from being attacked/invaded because I had a gun in my house.”
    Cute stories that preach to the converted.
    When I cancelled my membership, I received a phone call from an NRA representative asking why and what could they do to get me to re-up for another year.
    Why- I don’t think guns in my house make me safer.
    What could the NRA do? – They could publish a monthly column detailing deaths by gun that occurred in homes where a child found a gun in the house and killed himself, a sibling. or a neighbor’s kid.
    They never called me again. I doubt they took my suggestion.

    Children Killing children in the state of Washington:

    A gun in your house is much more likely to hurt you:

    • The children Killing children links illustrate to me the frightening lengths people go to to justify guns in the home. –hey accidents happen!–

      The Kellerman link illustrates to me the NRA has the political power to prevent funding research that suggests guns in the home are unsafe.

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