STOP…!!! In the Name of Health… Will This Be One of the Supreme’s Greatest Hits or Misses? Think it Oh-Oh-ver…

The last arguments have been made to the Supreme Court about Affordable Health Care, and now nine judges have the health and well-being of the entire nation in their hands.  The same judicial body who thought ‘Citizen United’ was a good idea (and look at what a stupefying disaster that turned into…)  Are nine mere mortals capable of keeping our best interests at heart?  Of the nine judges in black robes (five of whom think corporations are people) qualified to lord over us while determining what’s best for real, living, breathing human beings?  It’s anyone’s guess…  (Note: There are some new judges appointed to the bench, but the conservative/progressive balance remains the same.)  Deliberations will take several months, and we won’t know the decision about the Affordable Health Care Act until the release of an official opinion sometime in June.  A lot is riding on this decision.

For instance, people are now mandated, by law, to have insurance to cover the homes they’ve purchased.  Drivers are mandated to have insurance on the cars they drive.  If the Affordable Health Care Act is struck-down, what happens to the other mandates?  Will a legal precedent be set leaving victims of the irresponsibility of others be left to fend for themselves?  Think of the harm that will be done to innocent people who’ve been impacted by the decisions and negligence caused by drivers and homeowners if they’re no longer required to carry insurance?  Switching gears, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are government mandated insurance-related programs.  If the Affordable Health Care Act is struck-down as unconstitutional, will that cause the foundation be pulled out from under other social reform programs catapulting us back to a less humane society?  Will the poor, the elderly and the infirmed find themselves living in the abysmal squalor we fought to eradicate in the 19th and 20th centuries?

In my opinion the amount of gas emitted by the Supreme Court effecting our daily lives is terrifying — especially when you think of a mental midget like George W. Bush having had the authority to select judges for life-long appointments — four and a half of whom have already proven themselves to be activist-judges leaning in the direction of conservative, backward thinking.  Do we want to see another debacle like the Supreme Court’s culpability in appointing George W. Bush as our president in opposition to the popular vote…?  Therefore by association giving us all the misery we’ve since endured due to the ridiculous ineptitude of the Bush administration.  This IS, after all, an election year…

The single most pressing issue on the minds of every American is the economy.  Where I fault the Republican Party is the fact they’re primarily the ones who got us into this economic mess.  Add to that, the GOP are masters at messaging an agenda that persuades citizens to take positions AND cast votes which are counter to their own best interests.

Where I fault the Democrats, is their failure to make a persuasive case for health care reform to the American public in a way the common person can understand.  People need to realize the burden created by for-profit health care as it has stood for so many decades has been a major contributing factor to the collapse of our economy — and furthermore, it’s been a moral outrage.  We finally have a president who has our best interests at heart.  Obama’s turning around our economy and extricating us from ill-advised financially-draining wars — wars that send back countless people missing limbs or suffering psychological trauma…  In short, people needing health care — and we already know the previous administration in tandem with insurance companies and the health care industry have failed countless war heroes, allowing them to slip through bureaucratic Veteran Administrative cracks.  You only see the success stories on ‘feel-good’ television magazine programs.  I’m glad that soldier has been given a new face, or is running a marathon with artificial legs.  I still maintain it would have been better had none of it happened in the first place — but it did…

I for one don’t want to change course and head back from whence we came.  Think about it…  Nine people can change all that matters in one deadly game of chess — and we’re the pawns.


10 thoughts on “STOP…!!! In the Name of Health… Will This Be One of the Supreme’s Greatest Hits or Misses? Think it Oh-Oh-ver…

  1. The Republican Party may as well call themselves the Spanish Inquisition. They are that backwards, that harmful. And the religious bigotry against other faiths, gays, women, minorities. The hate they show most of us in the name of their death god cult is horrid, and the health care debate and debacle is part and participle to it.

    • Remember four out of the nine aren’t as monstrous as the other five (sometimes it 4 1/2…) The problem is the Bush I and Bush II stacked the Supreme Court with neocons instead of fair and open-minded lawmakers. This one is going to be a nail-biter, but there is the chance that if the Affordable Health Care Act is struck-down someone might be able to find a loop-hole to reintroduce Universal Health Care.

      • And these are the same bought-and-paid-for Judge-activists who brought us the horror of “Citizens United” And some wonder WHY we need the Second Amendment. Tyranny has come to America.

        • It has been entertaining watching ‘Citizens United’ A.K.A. ‘Corporations United’ blow-up in the faces of the GOP presidential hopefuls. Downright funny even.

      • Mush is mush – hehehe. I’ll change the biblical notes. As I was researching, some put the passage numbers before, and some placed them after. It’s all ancient bull pucky.

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