Grotesque Zombies Ghouls Eat the Living to Sustain the GOP

When did grotesque ghouls and zombies start eating the life out of the American dream merely to sustain the dying gasps of the GOP?  Answer: As long as I can remember — its been an endless downward moral trajectory starting with Richard Nixon…  It might sound like tokenism, but I have good friends who stubbornly remain life-long Republicans — people I respect…  And they all have one thing in common:  They’re suddenly apologetic about the Republican presidential candidates and the 11th century social agenda championed by their party.  Ordinary Republicans are making comments about how out of touch their own candidates have become. The GOP remains in shambles following the Bush presidency, and they still have no message — so they trot out exhausted old wedge issues to avoid confronting our real national problems — like health care and the economy.

What do the Republican power brokers not get about how hypocritical it is to dictate what people do with their own bodies — and in the next breath claim to be all about smaller government?  In my opinion, the right wing has cornered itself with a collision of their own confused priorities — and in so doing, the 2012 GOP clown-car has been a wake-up call to the entire nation.  The Republican Party are the inmates trying to regain control of the asylum.  Government mandated health care?  No.  Government mandated trans-vaginal ultrasounds?  You betcha.  Gun permits on school grounds?  The GOP is all for it.  This is a political party making no sense sliding into genuine moral decline evoking religion when convenient — but what they really worship is money and power.

During the catastrophic Bush years, I used to hear polite excuses — ‘pardon-us’ kinds of comments as if the entire GOP had accidentally cut one giant collective fart.  Now they’re taking me aside and saying “I’m not voting for that idiot…!!!”  All I can ask, is which idiot?  And what took you so long?  There are so many idiots to choose from…  I have only to assume they mean Mitt Romney.  Romney has demonstrated himself to be an awkward sociopath out of touch with the American people AND unclear about his own motivation for seeking the presidency.  He has no platform.  In fact his campaign slogan should be “Yeah, Dat’s ‘da Ticket.”  The man lacks credibility.  Tapes exist of him contradicting himself from one day to the next depending on whatever position is expedient at the time.

Mitt, however, is looking more and more like the last idiot standing, and he just embraced the Paul Ryan House budget, which is one giant red herring.  Paul Ryan reminds me of the adorable little Boy Scout who helps the old lady across the street and then makes a run for it with her purse.  Ryan’s latest fiscal budget reform was trotted-out in front of the House of Representatives the other day touting THREE TRILLION DOLLARS in TAX CUTS for obscenely wealthy corporations AND citizens — depending on what you prefer to call them.  Romney sees no difference between corporations and citizens, and frankly in the pack he runs-with, there probably isn’t any.

Small wonder Romney endorsed Ryan’s budget plan – Ryan is among the rumored potential running-mates for a Romney presidential bid.   Either Mitt chooses ‘crooked-budget’ Paul Ryan and his head full of weird Eddie Munster hair, or ‘trans-vaginal’ Bob McDonnell with his head full of ‘Just for Men’ ash-blonde helmet-hair.  The decision will be made based on who’s hair best compliments Romney’s own luscious locks, graying at the temples.  It’s time for the GOP to re-brand themselves as the ‘Party of Good Hair.’

All these well-heeled gentlemen worship at the altar of Wall Street — And Ryan’s new plan would allow the uber-rich to do as well or better than they did under the Bush Tax Cuts — A.K.A. — “Welfare for the Wealthy” — but don’t draw too much attention to that…  Up until recently Romney didn’t care about the poor… not until Rick Santorum came-out saying HE didn’t care about the poor either — then Romney’s suddenly became devoted to the poor…  Confused yet?  Let’s hope so.  Romney’s top adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom equated his own candidate to an ‘Etch-A-Sketch’ — you can get him to take-on any one-dimensional image you like — then all you need to do is shake him — and he’s a memory-free blank slate.

I can’t ever remember agreeing with Rick Santorum, but his latest gaff/quote comparing Romney to Obama made me laugh out loud:  “If they’re [Obama/Romney] going to be a little different, we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk of what may be the Etch A Sketch candidate for the future.”  I agree with Santorum, but for different reasons.  We might as well stay with the president we have, because we’ve got an honest leader in the White House with a workable vision for the future.  I repeat – Romney doesn’t even know why he’s running.  Santorum knows why he’s running — he just doesn’t understand why people are running from him.  Santorum is expected to sweep tonight all-unimportant Louisiana Primary which is virtually meaningless.

Sigh…  I miss the GOP Debates.  We haven’t had a Republican presidential debate in a while — and since they’re so heavily backed by the NRA, I say give ‘em all firearms and watch ‘em shoot themselves in the foot on national TV.  It would be a Neilson-ratings extravaganza dream come true.   They could call it ‘The GOP Debatacle’ moderated by none other than Plaxico Burress just to help give the party the illusion of diversity…

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