POP Goes the Constitution

The Republican majority in the house is off to a dubiously auspicious start.  First with a well-intentioned “reading” of the Constitution on the floor of the House of Representatives – conveniently leaving out pages and amendments which were either embarrassing or inconvenient.  Several pages got stuck together, no doubt because some Tea Party neo-con was salivating over the parts dealing with slavery in a quiet bathroom stall.  Two veteran House members, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tx.) and Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) skipped the swearing-in ceremony in order to attend a celebratory fund-raiser.  They raised their right hands in front of witnesses at the fundraiser while watching the ceremony as it was being televised on CSPAN.  They thought that was good enough.  It isn’t.  Those same to idiots later cast a vote in the house without being properly sworn-in, making the VERY FIRST ACT of the new House majority to be outside of Constitutional law.  We are at the mercy of morons.

As Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ) was reading the passage about natural-born citizens of the United States qualifying to be president, a “birther” (a group not known for super intelligence) shouted out from the peanut gallery “EXCEPT FOR OBAMA !” – and was removed by the authorities and jailed.  Later when the tanned, drunken, lazy new Speaker of the House, John Boehner was questioned about this outbreak during an interview by Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News, Boehner gave a soft-ball answer about taking the records of the State of Hawaii on their word, but failed to condemn the words of the ‘birther.’  By benign neglect, the Speaker has already failed in a significant and symbolic way to control the crazies who form the crooked spine of the far republican right-wing.

Also during that same reading of the Constitution on the House floor, Democratic Representative, Gabrielle Giffords read aloud the passage dealing with the “freedom to peacefully assemble.”  As we all know, she was later shot in the head while meeting with her own constituents at a “Congressman on the Corner” event where she reaches out to the people of Arizona to listen-to and address their concerns.  As I am writing this, she lays in the hospital with critical life-threatening brain injury.  28 people were shot by a 22 year old Tea Party neo-con who found his inspiration from reading Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf.  His Tea Party candidate didn’t win, so he took his “2nd Amendment” remedies into his own hands and diminished forever the sense of safety and connection members of congress will enjoy while engaging in efforts to meet with and address the needs of the people of their districts.  Federal Judge John Roll died along with 5 other people – a total of 6 dead and 14 seriously wounded.  Among the dead is a 9 year old girl named Christina-Taylor Green.  Christina was born on September 11th 2001, and was featured in a book of the children born on that fateful day.  She had just been elected to her student council and was at the Arizona Safeway grocery store’s corner to listen and learn from her own state representative.  The monster who did this will not have his name appear on my blog, as people of his character derangement do what they do to secure their own pathetic names in history – like all brutal assassins from the beginning of recorded history.  He is someone with nothing to offer but violence.

But I’d like to call out a few names on the honor-roll who need to share in the blame in this horrible incident.  Sharron Angle, (failed Nevada senatorial candidate and loose cannon), who along with Sarah Palin coined the phrase “2nd Amendment remedies.”  Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman and Jim DeMint, to name a few, have all used incendiary rhetoric to insight unbalanced, low-information individuals to be so emboldened as to take this sort of disgusting and reprehensible action.  What we witnessed this past Saturday in Arizona is the polar-opposite of what America stands for.  Arizona is a state that needs to take some serious time to reflect on what they are in danger of becoming or may have already become.  So does the rest of America.

My heart goes out to all who are personally effected by this event.  May the dead be respected, the wounded healed, and the loved ones left to ponder why this happened, some measure of peace.

From this point-on, I’m handing over the rest of this post to Mark Powell to rant to his heart’s content, as a former Arizona resident and recent Arizona ex-patriot who has moved to higher and saner ground.  Mark and I do not agree on everything, but we are able to disagree without loosing respect for one another. 

The following are Mark Powell’s words:

I am not a pacifist. I do not believe in the disarming of all American citizens. In fact I feel that mentally competent, rational adults have a responsibility to protect their families, by armed force if necessary. However the events in Tucson this morning beg the question WHY was this asshole allowed near a gun? He had already been shown to be mentally unfit (even the army didn’t want him) and had many run-ins with the law. Poster child if ever there was one for “not allowed to carry” EVER!!!
Federal officials receive threats every day. Occasionally they get more than threats. So Congresswoman Giffords (whom I support, even before this) and the judge, even their aides knew this was possible. But the NINE YEAR OLD GIRL brought to the event by a neighbor because she had an interest in government? Not a chance of a clue this was in store for her. According to MSNBC she was a newly elected member of the school council with a hunger to learn about how government works (or at least, is supposed to work.)  I can excuse shooting a government official, to an extent. If they are significantly abusive, or harmful, or in a Revolution, (which I fear is coming) However I can NEVER condone harm to children. That is not warfare (sorry Al-Queda, you are not Freedom Fighters, you are just murderers) it is cowardice. Don’t get me wrong, I think his shooting Giffords and the judge is wrong on many levels but they went into the job knowing it could happen. Personally I think that Giffords was working very hard for the common good. The judge I never saw what his career was like, so, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. So this idiot has shot innocents and those who were working for our benefit.
Giffords was one of the few who could step outside the party lines to do the right thing. I know the criticisms leveled about Senate Bill 1070. I HAVE read it. It states that the local police are responsible to enforce federal immigration law in situations where there is a reasonable suspicion that someone they are dealing with for other reasons may be here illegally. It specifically ruled out race as a factor. It was not allowed to be considered. Yet we hear from those who did not read it that Arizona was writing their own immigration laws, and how racist we were (after all, I did live there then) But the law was not about immigration, or even Mexico, it was about empowering the local police to also enforce federal mandate. Giffords was threatened for supporting it despite being a Democrat. She is respected even by those who oppose her. She was working tirelessly, selflessly (which is odd in itself) for the good of ALL Americans, in addition to Arizonans. I hope she recovers to continue her work.

My heart and thoughts go out to the victims and their families. And the (language alert, turn away if squeamish) the fucking asshole who killed a nine-year-old girl, I hope they drag that son-of-a-bitch out to the desert and tie him to a saguaro cactus with green rawhide and let nature take its course. That walking piece of crap needs to die a horrible, horrible death. And I volunteer to administer it!

*       *       *       *       *

Mark hopefully now feels better.  I think the shooter should spend the rest of his young life in solitary confinement.  That’s much crueler than death, while not diminishing our own hands with blood.

11 thoughts on “POP Goes the Constitution

  1. I sincerely hope that this SOB does not inspire copy-cat shooters. We don't need that, America does not deserve that. I do feel better getting much off my chest here. There is no doubt that this individual, this shooter, is a person of deranged and twisted mental state. His YouTube videos show that. I hope his accomplice that's been identified is caught soon to join him in jail. I know that some of what I have said in this blog in the past is a bit "over the top" so let me state this clearly. I do not think we are at the point where force to change our government is necessary. I hope we never do get there. What this person did, was pure sickness and evil, not political statement. He needs to pay the price of his evil. Nuf Said and I won't return to that subject, he does not deserve the notoriety.

  2. If there is, as reported an accomplice, counter to what criminologists originally thought, then there is very real concern for the safety of other officials and bystanders. The militias don't NEED to make sense – they only need to render chaos on whatever they fail to understand.

  3. I've been watching people for 10 years since my typist and his wife rescued me from my tormenting the coyotes in Arizona. In that time I have noticed that freaks seem to come in clusters. They seem to find each other some how. The nutcase that was on this rampage obviously has found a like-mindless looser follower-nut, same as he is. That is what this accomplice must be. One wacko following another. Is the follower wacko under the radar enough, is that how they got the gun? The future is going to be interesting because of this. Hopefully it can be healing too.

  4. This is such a tragedy on so many levels. Giffords is a forward thinking polititian, of which there are too few these days. She is another sad example of too many forward thinking polititians and public figures that end up victims of violence. John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Gandhi. The shame of it is that the real evil figures with names like Bush, Cheyney, Palin, they live forever in name and body and spirit. With professional mouthpieces like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee, the conservative message of preaching guns and god lives on. For some reason it hits home with so many simple minded fools out there and it inspires evil things to happen to good people.

  5. Guns are not evil. The use some put them to is. Remember, murder predates the invention of weapons. Evil will find a way if we do not learn how to protect ourselves, either through arms, or security or finding and treating unhinged idiots like the shooter in AZ BEFORE they act. Sadly, pretreating is not always an option. I am very glad that two brave individuals took the initiative to stop this before it got any worse.

  6. I, myself would never want to own one. I dated a guy who had a gun. His apartment was broken into, and the gun was used to kill someone. There he was left to defend himself legally, because he failed to report the theft of the gun. He never needed a gun, and had he not had one someone may, or may not be still alive – but none of the burden would have been on him.

  7. I respect your choice. I do not think it should be compulsory to own a weapon, that is too important a personal choice. If you feel it is not in your, or societies best interest for you to own a gun, far be it from me to criticize. All I ask is that you do not attempt to enact, or cause to be enacted though inactivity legislation that would prohibit ownership to reasonable, sane adults. Mental health issued such as the shooter, or those of violent nature (convicted felons) should not be included in that right as they have already shown that they are not able to be responsible with the responsibility that goes with owning such a tool. Just as a chronic drunk should never be allowed near a cars drivers seat. And the breath-a-lizer lock outs are not sufficient, there are ways to cheat them and drive drunk anyway. Both guns and cars are equally deadly. We keep those not fit to drive from owning, we should do likewise on guns.

    FYI, learn from my example, proof read your posts LOL

  8. I don't feel any need for a gun personally. A friend came over for coffee the other evening, and apologized for having his gun on him. He's a journalist who's received threats against his life. He wasn't considering slaughtering me, (one of the few who isn't). I wasn't uncomfortable with him having a gun – but I'd prefer not to even known the gun was there.

    A late uncle of mine kept a flashy gun case in his home, which fascinated most of my male relatives – especially one in particular. That relative has developed into a person about whom I wouldn't be remotely surprised to learn was capable of a hate crime. The key element, is the uncle with the guns also introduced racial prejudice and intolerance to his nieces and nephews. That uncle never resonated with me. I always thought he was an ass, and he knew it.

  9. I am sorry that your uncle and that one male relative had to show such a poor example of the modern American male. Not all of us gun nuts are nuts in all regards. I would never under any circumstances do something like what happened in Tucson, nor any form of hate crime. I do however feel it necessary to protect my family from them as our religion has been negatively portrayed by enough media and pulpits that the gun nuts who are nuts are a risk factor. I still would not change my faith one iota for their comfort.

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