Today’s Texass Bored of Education Entry

Today’s Texass Bored with Education entry comes from David Wiedner of Philadelphia.  David and I have been friends neighbors for years, and at one time served together at the local voting polls before he moved to a different district.  

I’m not going to editorialize about the belligerent stupidity of the Texas Board of Education today, but I will share a link to a site provided by my friend, Deb Regan, who serves with me at our local polling place.  Deb is the minority Republican inspector, and I’m the majority Democratic inspector.  We can respectfully agree to disagree – but then again she’s right of center, and I’m left of center – A.K.A. – the ‘sanity zone.’  Deb supplied the following mind-numbing website:

I especially like the way they felt compelled to caption the photograph of a mountain with the word ‘Mountain’ as if it weren’t already obvious.

I would like to end today’s diatribe with a few “inspirational” words from the contemporary “profit” Cindy Jacobs who missed her true calling as a stand-up comic for Saturday Night Live in favor of picking her nose and reading the results as direct messages from the “lord.”  Cindy “blesses” us today with a modern apocalyptic essay on how gay people are responsible for the Arkansas birds that fell from the sky on New Year’s Eve.  Cindy is an imbecile.  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Texass Bored of Education Entry

  1. Oh you have got to be kidding me! Someone tell me this video is a spoof., NOBODY could be so willingly stupid as to equate the bird die-off with allowing persons of alternate lifestyle the right to serve openly in the military. This woman has to either be on Saturday Night Live or she is one of those bigoted ignoramuses from Westboro Baptist Church.

  2. Um, mush tho I hate to say it, Deihl, I have to put in a correction, the picture on their website is not a photograph, but appears to be a painting, and "Mountains" therefore would be the paintings title. That being said, I feel sorry that the artist could not come up with a more original title, and that the Texass Bored of Education could not find a more stimulating painting. Certainly, they could not have found a less inspiring one.

  3. Yeah, imagination, imagine me proofreading my posts for a change. Wow did I really type that mess? The sentiment is correct even if the spelling is Texas-style.

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